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Hello I try to make my homepage with Kenburns. Images become too large and they empillent all over each other stretching and I no longer have access to the menu. Is that something I can do? you can see it at: thank you

Voici l’adresse:


I’ve created my site ( using this theme, but I have received many complains that the site isn’t loading on iPhones and iPads?

Since there is no flash, I’m not sure what the issue might be. It works fine on android phones and tablets.

Can you please suggest a fix?

With thanks,


Provide URL of your site please.

I checked your site and can’t produce the issue you mentioned.

Hi Peer , I’m having problems loading the music in any format. It show it uploaded in dashboard … but nothing on homepage.. not even the icon. Simple fix? I appreciate all the updates. Thanks!

Please upload 3 music files formats.

I have the same problems as vinny1218.

Hi may i know how to add logos at the footer? I tried putting between body and html in footer.php. It showed at the side and my image flow will block it.

just resolved it by putting img code at footer in CORE customization. Just wonder what should I do for more images to be added later

Hello, i have update the grid css as you say and everyting on iphone, but i notice that the gallerys doesn’t work anymore, so i put again the old grid css, nothing works, so i reinstall the template that ia have back up before…and it don’t work take a look: i can send you the access by pm. It’s our website agency so it’s urgent, help please!

I checked your site and it works fine now?


Suddenly the slide-bar (gallery-flow) on the homepage is gone. I did a complete fresh install of everything (wordpress and theme), but it won´t show up any more.

Can you please help me with that. qki

so far i tried this to solve the slide-bar-problem:
  • contacted my server-admin, to check i f they were any changes on the server … there wasn´t any
  • as stated above … complete fresh install … everything new … sql-database, fresh down and upload of all files (wordpress and theme), fresh installation: wordpress and theme
  • deactivated all plugins

Peerapong … you are my last hope. I have no idea what´s wrong. Yesterday evening everything was fine and this morning the side-bar was gone. Spookey

just to be exact: i found your term of it on a website where it is working: I mean the SCROLLBAR

Hi, you go to core /theme settings/ blog portfolio, and there you have a button: enable flow gallery scroll bar ;-)

@ flevy

I have to admit: I´M SUCH A BLOCKHEAD. And you are MY HERO OF THE DAY.


Some things are so easy … just one click ;-) and i did a lot of useless klicks the last three hours OOOUUCCH

I don´t know why this setting was gone this morning. And i don´t know too why i didn´t remember that i had activated it at the beginning of my first install.

Every time i setup an new website i go crazy. This is not my thing. Taking photos is much more to my liking.

I have worked a lot with this template, so i know the subtilities :-) but i have my issues too, as my flow gallerys doesn’t work, i wait for the answer that generally isn’t very long to wait here! Have great time with your photos ;-)

Hey flevy … I would really like to help you … but i think my programming-skills are virtually absent. I´ve looked at your website on my android smartphone (SG Note2) with the firefox-broswer. Right now it looks a little bit messy … Sometimes the site is bigger than the phone and you have to scroll around to see the whole thing … for example at “digitale expertise”.... I think this has only to do with your logo-css.

At “campagne publicitaire” the first image shows up in the right condition … but nothing goes on … you have to cklick on the bottom to see the thumbs … then you can click from image to image … i think this is an issue with the new fullscreen-gallery … there is some weird thing with the header in this section … you can move only the header left to right … again i thinkit´s the logo_css Also the pics are squeezed and not in the right ratio.

In the video-section i get a jquery-script error.

Video Demo 2012: One tip for you to get videos responsive … take a look at the plugin fitvids

Good luck for you … Cheerioh … qki

don´t hesitate to ask if i can help you ..

Hi Peerapong, I solved the problem with the dropdown menu (that did not appear), by resetting permission of all the Core folder via FTP. Now it’s ok. I also tryed to fix the problem with Flow gallery on the homepage as described on page support “Flow slide not displaying…”, but still doesn’t work. In fact on my homepage does not work no gallery, except the fullscreen (only if setting directly from the page and not from theme options). How can I fix? Thanks in advance.

Please enable flow gallery so I can test and provide URL of your site please.

Thanks qki, i will try the plugin for responsive videos! now the problem that’s stays it’s my flows gallery (here the videofolio) that doesn’t work! Peerapong please help!!!

I am basically just trying to get the homepage to function like the homepage in your demo, but I can’t even get the gallery to load at all. Nothing.

I can’t access your site. Please disable maintenance mode.

Hey Peerapong. I can see you have answered questions added after me, but not my question, so maybe you haven’t seen it, so i will just post it once again.

Hey, first of all i have to say, good job with the theme. But I have a small problem with it. I have used social share icons on the gallery sites for a while ago but desided to remove it. Then the other day i wanted to put it on again. But the thing is, it is only the google + and twiter that shows up, not Facebook. What to do?? Please help me!! my site is: Best regards Thomas Mikkelsen

Hi Peerapong, thanks for a great theme. I’m trying to change the thumbnails of the images that appear in the galleries. Is this possible ?

Yes, as with NextGEN Gallery, for example. Right now, the thumbnail cropping is really not great. I have photos of people’s heads being cut off…

Thanks. That one didn’t work, but this one worked fine :

I suggest incorporating this as a feature ! :)