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does the new update have a social media icon for pinterest?


great template! love IT!

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

In the “comments” section of any blog post, the name of the person that write a comment is not clickable, and they have filled in with their website. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi, I just purchased the theme and downloaded it to my computer. when I tried to install it in my wordpress I keep getting the following message

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Please tell me how to fix this…

Thank you!

Hi Peerpong on the new update of Core how come the Rotate has been taken off the homepage that is the main reason why i bought this great theme bit stuck now as it does not look like i want it too?

Yes, because the main script of rotate gallery doesn’t support the new version of jQuery which use by Wordpress 3.5

Hi Peerapong, i don’t know if you have seen my question… My flow gallerys doesn’t work no more (in this case the video folio) this is the website look at videofolio page I can send you the access by PM


Please contact your web host.

This file

returns “Internal Server Error” on your server.

Hi. The Rotate Style is not available anymore in the last version?

Can you send me a previous version so I can use the Rotate gallery?

MM Network Solution srl

Yes, because the main script of rotate gallery doesn’t support the new version of jQuery which use by Wordpress 3.5

Please contact me using my profile form mail. I will send the previous version to you.

I have the contact email set up as on the “core” tab in wordpress, but all my emails sent from the “contact” page on my site are going to another address. I have not listed that other address anywhere in wordpress nor with my hosting company. What’s going on and how do I fix it, please?

Hello. i can see you answer the other questions here but not mine. Will you please help me out. i will just post once again. I hope this will be the “lucky third”

“Hey, first of all i have to say, good job with the theme. But I have a small problem with it. I have used social share icons on the gallery sites for a while ago but desided to remove it. Then the other day i wanted to put it on again. But the thing is, it is only the google + and twiter that shows up, not Facebook. What to do?? Please help me!! my site is:

Best regards Thomas Mikkelsen”

Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please.

Hello. I have just send you the information in a mail :-)

Hi peerapong, one q. How to center logo nav and social? Thx

Sorry it couldn’t be done using theme admin. However you can edit theme CSS file to change that

Did you know about Firebug a Firefox plugin? It will help you inspect all CSS and HTML elements, really help if you do a lot customization

The main CSS file is /css/screen.css

Hello, I purchase the theme. look great. Is it possible to slow down the keyburns effect a bit. It’s much too fast for my needs. Please help. Marcusion

and the speaker. I tried this : Open Wordpress admin > Settings > Reading > Front page display select “Your latest posts”. Doesn’t work. Please Help. I don’t have much time.

By the way, the site with the key burns effect work fine on Chrome but not much on firefox and even less on safari. It’s freezing.

Eh, did you forget me?

Hi Peerapong,

is there a way to set the blog as home page?

I tried creating a page, assigning a blog template and to tell wordpress to use this static page to use as homepage. But then I can not get to the second page.

When I have an other page as home page the blog works fine.

Do you support german translation?



1. Sorry currently homepage content is fixed by image gallery.

2. You can edit po file in /languages folder of theme to translate.

Hi Peerapong,

I have a problem doing drag/drop image ordering in the admin gallery section. It works fine before but suddenly the drag/drop is not functioning. Can you advise me on what is going on?


Please login with your purchased account

Loving the look but I’ve changed the background to black and uploaded photos to the gallery and it looks all fine on my browser (chrome) but others are looking at it in the same browser but the pictures on the home page are either along the very top and small like thumbnails, or across the very bottom … why would it be inconsistent? How can I fix it?

Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?


Great theme….few questions: Please advise asap. Contact form on my site is not allowing me to submit any contact emails. Can you take a look?

Second, the fonts on the responsive view for iphone are seeming to overlap each other when I have headers in columns: Can this be disabled?

Thanks in advance!

1. Could you try to remove current contact page and create it again please.

2. Try to reduce h3 font size from Core admin > Font for example to 13px

FYI it seems the site, is now working as the problem was that my computer didn’t have the latest Chrome version and now its updated the site looks fine!

Hi there,

I did end up figuring out how to move the photos over fairly easily using my FTP client. Now I have a question about the photo caption and description fields. Is there any way to have one or both of these show up in the various galleries? I didn’t see any gallery options that display the photo captions. Any plans for this in the future?

Thank you!

You can add image title using gallery admin and it will display under image in lightbox mode.

All of my images currently have titles, yet they do not show up under the images when viewing them in lightbox mode. Can you let me know what might be wrong?

I”m having an issue where the post editor icon bar is missing from the WYSIWYG editor for posts and pages. I have disabled ALL of my plugins and can’t track it down. I just updated to core 3.5.1 hoping that would fix it. But nope! Is anyone else reporting this issue with this theme? Is it a theme issue?

The latest version of theme which fix issues on Wordpress 3.5 is available to download.

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

Hi peerapong, since the update to Release 4.0.0 the video portfolio doesn’t work anymore. Everything else is fine. Only black screen with “Loading Please wait…” Can ou help?

Please login with your purchased account

I’m the developer but my customer bought this theme. I asked him to repeat this question. Thank you.

Hey, Is there any way to change the image number where it starts on the Flow style. Like instead of 3 i would love to make it to start from 2 or 1.

I might be wrong, but i think there was an option before. Please let me know if i can change it.

Thanks Murad

You can disable auto start using Core admin > Homepage