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Before i purchase this theme? i would like to ask if the gallery has the capability to group photos into an album or at least?


You can organise photos into gallery and you can have multiple galleries ;)

great thanks!! purchased already :)

Thank you ;)

also i would like to ask if the portfolio tab is just like the Keres theme, where i can group the images in like one album or two, i cant seem to see it in the demo. thanks!!!

The contact form was working previously on my website, however a few weeks ago I have been informed by a client that it has stopped working. When somebody fills in the form and tries to send a message, the page does not refresh, no confirmation message is shown and no email is sent.

Could you please advise on what may have caused this?

Provide URL of your site please.

Please contact your webhost. Your server block contact form AJAX call for some reason.

returns “Forbidden”.

Hi Pete, FYI, it appears that in the Core (4.4.1) theme the captcha within the contact page, when activated, prevents emails from being sent or received. Please let me know if you have same issue or if anyone else has had the issue. For now I have captcha not enabled. Thx, Carl

Sorry I checked your contact page and can’t see captcha?

because i disabled it as clients could not write me as captcha is dysfunctional… I assume this is not a typical issue?

Would love to know the issues with my none working contact page, pleas advise. Thanks

Could you try to remove current contact page and create it again please.

none of ur homepages are working on the demo site :(

Open Wordpress admin > Settings > Reading > Front page display select “Your latest posts”.

Add media doesn’t work in addition to my last post here regarding the links button not function. The Add media button doesn’t bring up anything at all. Please help.

The latest version of theme which fix issues on Wordpress 3.5 is available to download.

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

What size should the logo be? Love your theme btw :)

It’s also depend on how many menu items you have too. I recommend the same size as original one.

Hi Peerparong, I have tried emailing you multiple times during the last 2 weeks with no response? I’m running your theme on, but the automatic picture scrolling doesn’t work and neither does the music? Could you please please offer me some assistance? It would be most appreciated! Thank you!

Like I told you so many time. There is no automatic scroll. Auto start means it starts at 2nd image but not auto scroll.

Provide URL of your contact page please. I can’t find it.

Does anyone know how to fix autostart in flow style?

Does anyone have any insight on how to make the sidebars work? I’ve tried every method I can think of.. We have many sidebars with content. On each page, when you select which sidebar to use.. No matter what is chosen, nothing will display.

We are running the current version of both Wordpress and the theme. Thanks all.

Did you select page with sidebar as page template?

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

Hi, I bought this theme and there are two things that I’m trying to do. I want to have a page with no gallery and just a text box, I don’t know what template to use for that. Also, I’d like to have the header wrapper be transparent, so that when I’m using full size gallery, there’s nothing covering my image (apart from the menu links) Thanks

Please login with your purchased account

Anyone know how to remove or disable the “date stamp” in blog section? Thanks, Carl

1. I have no sound in iPhone 4S and iPad3, how can i fix that? 2. I have used your social profile with vimeo in the adminbox, and now i want ad soundcloud for me, but there is twitter, facebook etc. only! Is there a way to put soundcloud in? 3. How can i use the black and white switch, i use white as standard and if i click black i came to the Core samplepage! What can i do? Thank you

Hello. I purchased the Core theme, but I have an issue getting the Captcha image to show. There is just a ? in the white bar and no random words. See the image (screenshot).

Please help !

Spoke to webhost today. There is no errorlog because the page does not crash, it gives back a binairy result (image). The image just doesn’t show on the contacts page.

When I download and open the file get_captcha.php.png that gets produced on the contact page, It gives me an error that the file is damaged and can not be opened.

Eureka ! got it fixed. You forgot to clear the $word_2 variable in get_captcha.php, you only clear $word_1. I added the line $word_2 = ’ ’; and not it’s working !

There seems to be an issue trying to reproduce music on this theme where is an mp3 or mp4. is there any manual guide on how to fix this?

Please make sure you upload 3 music files formats.

Purchased this beautiful theme, however seem to be having an issue uploading my logo. I have even resized it to the default size of the original core logo…... Is there a step I’m missing? Please advise. As far as the Mp3 issues go, I think I read that you have to upload all versions required of the music such as the mp3, mp4 and mpg ogg etcetera; in order for it to work is this correct. Thank you!!!

1. When you finish uploading logo. Did you click “Insert To Post” button?

2. Yes, please upload 3 music files formats.

I do not have a “Insert To Post” button… I have a “save changes” button and that’s all. It tells me to choose file and I do, and then my only option is to click the “save changes” button.

Hi, is it possible to change fancybox background color, and make it 50% transparent? Thanks!!

You have to edit fancybox javascript code in /custom.js

I entered contact info into the the theme setting for contact, but I am not getting a “contact us” page like the theme example.

Do I have to make a page myself? If yes, how do I link it to the contact form built into the theme?

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

Hi there, nice job :-) ... but … How to remove Theme Store from admin ?