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OK ive got solution for the Theme Store link.

Another question …. how to change name of the menu after scaling to iphone / ipad size: “Main Menu” – its not dynamicly related to menu name in backend so please tell me where can i change it :-)

You can edit code in /js/custom.js

Hey there, amazing theme and highly customizable. Just a question about the imageflow view, I’m unable to see the captions I have added to images even when in lightbox view – but it does randomly appear when I’m viewing the images on a mobile device. What do you suggest?

You can add image title using gallery admin.

Hello everyone. Thanks in advance for all your help so far. I have 2 questions:

1. when i make a new page there seems to be a default light grey color. how do i change that to white? to match everything else?

2. also, i would like to combine text and images on the same page. i see that it is easy to place media below text BUT how do i place images to the RIGHT of text, ie is it possible to have 2 columns? text on the left and images on the right?

Thanks again!

Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom page template for you, we highly recommend to check out: Tweaky

Thanks for making a simple and user-friendly theme. :)

I uploaded my own personal logo, a larger one than the original, which is how I prefer it. But now the flowing homepage gallery eats into the header area.

How can I bring the whole slider downwards?

Also, is there a way to make increase the default image size on the homepage gallery (and have smaller image reflection)? It seems kind of small by default.

I understand the fundamentals of CSS so could you just let me know which section of the code should I edit? Thanks!

My site is at

The gallery lightbox is not translucent, the white is at 100% opacity and in dark style is the same. I need fix it. I have installed the last version and tried to overwrite the files by ftp again. But it not ve solved…

Just purchased and having problems with installation. When uploading the theme to WP it gives me an error stating “The package couldn’t be installed, the theme is missing the style.css style sheet. Theme install failed.”

Hello, I kindly ask you to advice where can I download the latest theme version.

I purchased it quite some time ago, being always able to download updates but it seems something has changed on your Web site.

Thank you for quick reply. regards Marko

Please login with your purchased account

Also, why may status doesn´t show “PURCHASED” anymore?

Please login with your purchased account

Hi peerapong, got a small issue, I can not get my slide shows to work on mobile devices in some areas.. image size is 600×400 and it works on desktop but no display on iphone 5 see the following page the theme has worked well until now I have this issue only on mobile device. Any idea on how to fix?

How did you add slideshow? Did you use plugin?

Shortcode was used from your theme.. it is strange cause other slideshows work on the site same method.. even if I copy another slide show into the page from a working slideshow it will not work on mobile device for that page

Hello, I would like to buy your theme but I want to have your advice before. Please could you tell me if it is possible to present a gallery as a slideshow ? Do I have to utilize the NivoSlide to present photo gallery as slideshow ? Regards.

> jitendraji108 – Suddenly had the same issue with fonts. Peerapong, you explained the cause, but not how to fix. I looked in the folder and my gg file is there, so…what do I do to reconnect it?

Honestly…I want to rate your theme with a high rating as I do love it. But your tech support falls short on the follow through and the ease at which to look up past similar issues. Hint, hint…get a discussion panel going!!

Once my questions are met fully and in a timely manner, I will be happier to rate your themes highly. As it is, I would not pick up another one of your outstanding looking themes due to back end support.

Please address the issues! And if you did a discussion panel, we could help each other or look up already posted issues and solutions and you wouldn’t spend so much time getting frustrated over answering the same questions again and again. Really…just trying to be helpful here and also get my questions answered! Hang in there P, you do good work!

UPDATE: Went into Files and noted cache file is 0kb. Uploaded and overwrote the file and all is well with the font issue.

Hi My home page where the gallery flow is do not load the first time? if I go to a different page and then come back it is there but not the first time? any idea? website

Please check. There might be javascript conflict between theme’s script and plugin’s script. Try to disable all plugins

How I update the last version? Is there any manual to do that?

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

Hi, is there a way to link an image from the flow slideshow to open a page within the site when clicked on (instead of enlarging the image)? Any help would be much appreciated!

I love this theme!! I am having one issue though.. When I am using the dark skin, I can’t seem to get the reflection to show on my images when I am using the flow style gallery. Anyone have a fix for this?

Please login with your purchased account

Can you change the comment.php to support the current version of WP? Wordpress Jetpack is saying that your theme is using the old comment format. Here’s some info. Thanks greatly.

Having several tech issues with the contact form. Followed the (extremely brief) directions to a t. (Filled in email address, added fields, etc.). Doesn’t send an email message to my address, and even worse, when I press send for some reason it duplicates the entire page and pastes it below the send button. Truly bizarre bug. Also can’t figure out how to add a simple sidebar with a bio image. Any help would be appreciated. I have version 4.3 of the theme.

Please also add “Name” field using Core admin > Contact

Much appreciated. Thank you for the help and quick reply! That did it. Now if I could just figure out the widgets option. Trying to add a bio picture at right on that page.

Hi Peerapong,

I have created menus on the top. Let’s call the one of them galleries. When I click on Galleries, I would like to have squares of each subject (ie. music, food, fashion, etc…) be displayed and when the user clicks on one of these subjects it takes them to all the pictures for that subject. Please tell me how this is done.

Thanking you in advance, K.

Hi Peerapong, Thanks so much for your response. Well, I’ve tried everything from youtube to the sites you’ve suggested and am still having trouble. I guess what I need to know is does your template do albums and if not, what plugin would you recommend to use to do this. Thanks again, K.

Thank you for helping me out with Theme update! appreciate it.

One more question… Image Title Text is all of a sudden written in WHITE colour thus text is not visible… How do I change Image Title Text colour?

Thank you. regards Marko

Sorry did you edit theme code?

No, I did not edit theme code… change in Text colour happened after installing latest Theme update.

I will checked the theme and release the update if necessary.