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Hello fellow Core users,

I am wondering if any of you have the Captcha working on the contact page in 4.4.2 (latest) version. My get_captcha.php is not giving errors, but also does not produce a valid captcha image. Result is a Captcha dialog without image.

Hello i have a problem On setting up core template. My web developer said that he can’t set the gallery page and the video portfolio page to ”image flow” what can we do. website we use the template you can reply me direct on thanks.

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

thanks for reply. we allready did everything that manual says. we still have problem changing our gallery/ video portfolio from 4 columns or whatever other page template option to galery flow. please we have problem reply asap. thanks very much.

do you have any checklist that we can follow?

Hi in version 3.4 it was added “option to disable thumbnails in fullscreen mode”. Why has it been removed in versions 4.x . I asked this question some days ago and got no answer for it regards

Yes, it’s removed since you can disable auto hide menu and thumbnails using Core admin > Blog Portfolio

That´s not really the same function. I don´t want to hide menu but want to hide thumbnails, as it was back in version 3.4

I’m having issues viewing the theme on mobile devices. None of the images in my galleries show up when I try to view it on a Smartphone. Neither iPhone nor Android works. Is there a plugin that can fix that or is that an issue with the theme?

You can check to see it on your phone:

No, I don’t use any mobile plugins. But I tried that now and didn’t change anything. I discovered something: The problem is only when I’m in the “View Mobile Site” view on my phone. It is fixed when I scroll down and select “View Full Site” though. The gallery pages don’t load in the mobile site view.

THAT’S NOT TRUE. You use several plugins and one of them replace mobile layout of the theme.

Try to disable all plugins.

Ah! Apparently Jetpack was messing with the mobile site. Sorry, I didn’t know that they automatically enabled mobile optimization. Thank you!

I realy need a help to fix a problem in my website (CORE template). Before install this template, my page blog was working normally. I installed Core Template, read the documentation and I configured settings + read. To better understanding, check it

Look my website – page blog with problem

I wish that was like this I already have some posts, but is doesn’t show. tks a lot!

Wordpress 3.5.1

When you create a page. Select page template as “Blog”.

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

I fixed it >>> I deleted the page blog and I created again… Tks for your attention…

Flow home gallery not working. I have read your manual/index.html and have followed those steps. All the other gallery options are working fine when I select them but the flow one just sits at ” loading please wait ” Please assist.

Please contact your webhost. This file

returns “not found” on your server.

Hallo, my big problem is : The start side is with 3 Columns. But the footer is always on the left side and not in the center. Is it possible to fix it in the center?

Thanks for reply

I checked your site and footer is centered?

Hi, as it turns out – it isn’t only my flow home gallery (as above) that isnt working – none of my gallery items are working – they display as little broken image icons. I haven’t changed anything apart from the basic settings in the theme options…help please.

I replied your previous comment and please don’t duplicate post the same question.


Really like you theme on a Desktop. Is it also possible to use sth like photoswipe for mobile? I’d like to switch the pics with the finger and not to use a lightbox.

Thx 4 reply

Is this a theme that can be used by someone who as no knowledge of website building or will I need a website designer to get my site up and running?

If you have basic knowledge of Wordpress then you should be fine.

I’m considering purchasing this theme, but I have a question before doing so. In the gallery pages, is it possible to have several groups of images with individual related messages.

ex. several different group: each having 6 image each + an individual message.


You can have multiple galleries and you can add image title to each images.

Please, need help I already upload music on my website CORE THEME but the player doesn’t appear on my home page heeeeelppppp! there is a code or something to be able to see the player

Cheers Thinkgrafic :nerdy:

Please make sure you upload 3 music files formats.

Yes I did, but doens’t work here my website

Sorry homepage content is fixed by image gallery. Static page is not support.

Open Wordpress admin > Settings > Reading > Front page display select “Your latest posts”.


On my website I am unable to make add media and images to my blog. I am aware that I am using an older version however I want to keep my current layout. Is there a way to fix this problem and keep the layout dimensions the same?

Sorry you have to update to the latest version for WP 3.5+

Hi: I set the password just like what you told ,but still not working ,can you give me a hands pls

Hi Peerapong, Right now I have the selected FULLSCREEN for the homepage slide show style, and I have selected FADE for the transition effect. My scroll bar at the bottom of the page is static, it does not actually SCROLL. Is there a way to make it scroll? I have about 25 images on the homepage slide show and I would like the user to be able to scroll on the scroll bar to click on the image. Thanks.

I can not get the sidebar to show up in the About page of my website. I have it also on the Contact page to show you that is shows up there. I even made a new sidebar in the Core admin and called it About as the Page sidebar is just not showing up. I can’t get any sidebar to show up on the about page and I’m not sure why. Can you help? I’m at

When you create a page. Did you select the sidebar for it?

Yes. I selected the “Page” sidebar, and I tried the new sidebar I made “About” sidebar, neither show up. What’s even more strange is that now only half of what’s in the “Contact” sidebar shows up (custom social icons show up, recent tweets don’t show up.)

Hey Peerpong, Fab theme – one small issue I cannot fix is the FB social button is missing on pages, the G+ and Twitter one are showing just not FB?!

Sawasdee Ghrap Peerarong. Thanks for this nice theme. I am using it now for 2 days for my photography and its looking nice. I ran into one problem which is that the audio is not working for me. If i upload a audio file in mp3 and press save, it wont play on my homescreen. It only shows this speaker icon but no sound. Pls help. Thanks Steve

Please upload 3 music files formats.

I see. So to be able to play it the music file needs to be uploaded in 3 formats. OK thank you.

Background music is working now. But have you noticed that the quality of the sound is so bad it almost becomes not usable. Could you pls do something about this. Thanks Steve

HI! I have enabled the show image title option under dashboard/core/blog portfolio, but my image titles still don’t show up. Is there a way to solve this problem?

Did you add image title using gallery admin?

Also please make sure. You updated to the latest version of theme.

Hello, we are really happy to use your template !

Our site :

Responsive Design works fine on iPad Horizontal Mode, but just 2 problems on IPad Vertical Mode :

- The Title Font Size is too hight - There’s an empty column on the right for pages like this :

I hope you understand me, I’m french ;-)

Thanks for you help !



You can see iPad screenshots here :

When the iPad is horizontal, it works well,

but when it is vertical, there are two problems (red indications on the screenshots) :

- Font size of title is not the same (too high) - An empty column appears to the right of content of the page and formatting is not good…



1. You can change page header size using Core admin > Font

2. The right side area for widgets. When you create a page you can select sidebar for it. Then you can add widgets to sidebar using Appearance > Widgets.


I understand but you don’t answer my question.

Why, for the same page, it works when the iPad is horizontal and when I return it vertically, formatting is wrong ?

Header size is correctly defined in core admin, and I want to remove the widget column (like gallery pages) ! There’s something wrong with the code that defines responsive. What are the files that define it please ?

Do you have an ipad to test this page :