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Peerapong, I purchased this last year, my current version is 3.5. It is not giving me an update option. Themeforest is not showing this theme in my downloads folder, I have supplied them with purchase my codes, login info , everything, as requested. It’s been 3 weeks, have not gotten a response form you, or them. What is happening, and why am I not receiving support?

Please login with your purchased account

Hey man, I recently encountered an error with the flow gallery. It doesn’t load anymore.

I read your knowledgebase and checked if /wp-content/themes/Core/js/jquery.ppflip.js was forbidden, and it returns with an internal server error 500. all of the files are there and I tried reinstalling the theme but that didn’t help. Do you know what could be the problem?

you can see the error for yourself here:

Please enable core theme so I can test please.

With the KenBurns homepage style the logo gets all distorted and pixelated on my android phone. Plus, the top nav bar disappears when I flip the phone horizontal (even though i have autohide disabled). Any way to fix these problems? It happens on your demo too, but you can check my site if you want. Thanks! Sara

I am having a problem with the contact page thanks you message. the email goes through but the sender has no idea that message was sent. Site is miachere dot com


miachere dot com/contact

Could you try to remove current contact page and create it again please.

Ok that fixed it, Thanks!


I have a question, On a Ipad the main slider goes very slowly, is there a way to smooth it up?

And where can I rate this template? :)

Hi there.

I’m wondering if it is possible to change the order of the videos on the portfolio page without having to re-add everything in sequence? If so, how do I do this?


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Hi peerpong, The send message button is missing from my contact page? This is a new issue. Hope its an easy fix. thanks, Bonnie

Thanks for the reply. I made some minor changes but nothing to effect the contact form- or so I thought. Which file is this found in as I will replace it with the original theme file just incase something broke along the way. thanks

It’s contact.php please don’t edit any theme code because the issue might come from your code changes and it doesn’t included in general theme support.

thanks for the reply, this file has not been touched. I have replaced it and the problem still remains… I will see what i can do. thanks for your help.

hi where can i set the upload size for Music file bigger my file is 31MB and in core theme settings the file can not be saved

in the php.ini i changed already the uploadsize but still he saved only the 2 smaller musicfiles thx

Hi Peerapong, when I update to version 4.5 my theme doesn’t work properly: in the admin panel the “core” section is busted, and the flow gallery in the home does not work. I disabled all plugins but nothing has changed… Often I find these problems with new versions of Core, I can’t remember how I usually solve. What do I have to do? Thanks!

Provide URL of your page which has issue please.

Hi Peerapong, i have a question :) I noticed that there’s a new security update. Can you tell me which files should I replace to fix the problem? I’ve customized the theme a lot and there’s no way I can can simply replace the whole folder. I use WordPress 3.5.1 and Core Theme 3.7.1

Thanks in advance for your help!

Please replace functions.php file.

thank you :)

hello peerapong is it possible to make a Music Portfolio with for example mp3 files too?

Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

On the homepage in the demo, the third image is the one that is focused when the page loads. On my version, it’s the first one. How can I have the third image become automatically focused when the page loads on my site like in?

you see how it’s the girl in the dress is the first image that is focused?

Open Core admin > Blog Portfolio and Enable Autostart

I just updated theme to most current version and there no longer seems to be away to have the rotate gallery on the homepage. I guess it was replaced by the Ken burns gallery. I really need the rotate gallery as that is what my client wants. How can I get the rotate gallery?

Yes, because the main script of rotate gallery doesn’t support the new version of jQuery which use by Wordpress 3.5

sorry posted it twice.

Installed and reinstalled the theme 3 times and checked it on 4 different browsers and still got the same issues:

- The Flow Gallery does not auto center itself like it does on your demo on homepage. Also doesn’t display the reflection images.

- Music/Audio Button does not display even if “AutoPlay” is select to yes or no and no matter how small is the audio file it still never plays any music.

-Menu buttons display in one single row instead of creating a submenu.

-When installing the theme, Wordpress gives an error stating that it can not install because Style.css is not detected when it’s clearly there. Had to install it through FTP.

Link to the latest installation:

Tried to use the sample xml file and from scrap, still get the same problems. Please advice on how to fix it.

Thank you, Bo.

1. Open Core admin > Blog Portfolio and Enable Autostart

2. Please make sure you upload 3 music files formats.

3. If you are not familiar with Wordpress custom menu below are some tutorials.

4. Please see

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

Just figured the Blog portfolio, you should call it something else in Core Admin, something like Gallery Effects it will help out more people, because I noticed other people had the same problem ;)

Everything else is just great, thank you for the quick response!!!! Deff 5 star rating!!! Will work on my menu now.

It is possible to have more than one video portfolio? With different videos in each one?

Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

I have seen a few requests for it, and you said you would include it in the next release a year ago when replying to Robbybates. :)


How to move the top menu to the bottom of the screen on all pages? I try to change css using firebug, but it didn’t work out. Maybe I should change something in index.php?

please advice.



Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom page template for you, we highly recommend to check out: Tweaky

One last question, how do I create a menu button that would let people be able to change the style of the template for themselves, just you have one on your demo?

Thanks, Bo.

Hi – love your theme!!!!!! I have set post visibility to blog page and the page format to blog. However I would like to display as page with sidebar (had that before I changed to your theme) so that the archive and feeds etc are displayed. I might be a little slow on this but I dont seem to be able to do it. Can you advise pls

Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?