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Hey! Great theme

I am interested in purchasing this theme for an architecture firm project.

Is the main navigation bar fixed? Is it possible to center it or shift it to the right?

Also, can I enlarge the logo on the header?

Are there any links to the sites that are running this? I’d love to see how people are customizing their sites!

thanks in advance!

This is the third time I’ve posted this in the support forum and you’ve skipped over it every time.

I purchased this theme because of how it looked on a cellphone. I removed the line of code you said and now I’m getting this:

Warning: Division by zero in /home/kaitlyn/public_html/wp-content/themes/core/header.php on line 40

Warning: Division by zero in /home/kaitlyn/public_html/wp-content/themes/core/header.php on line 40

If I keep this line out, the error message goes away, but it still isn’t looking like the regular website on my iphone.

wp_enqueue_style(“screen_css”, get_stylesheet_directory_uri().”/css/screen.css”, false, $pp_theme_version, “all”);

Please help!

It’s because you remove it incorrectly so it causes the issue. Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please.

Thank you. I love this theme, that was my only issue! I emailed you my account info.

How to center the menu?

Sorry it couldn’t be done using theme admin. However you can edit theme CSS file to change that

Did you know about Firebug a Firefox plugin? It will help you inspect all CSS and HTML elements, really help if you do a lot customization

The main CSS file is /css/screen.css

Hi, peerapong.

Your Core theme is great.

But I have one a little problem with… contact form. ;-(

Can you help me ?

Could you ask your webhost for errorlog of your contact page please.


I solved this problem with a contact form. In my case, of course.

But thank you for offer.

Hi again, many thanks your last tip worked a treat, however I have one problem. When viewing the site on the iPhone the gallery flow on the home page goes over the logo when the phone is held in landscape mode. Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks again

Hello, Question My website is How can i configure the pictures to have the same height and also increase each one’s the dimension ?

The video background in the demo gives itself some major top padding, and pushes the video about 1/3 down the page so I can’t see the bottom. Is this just a demo error or will it happen for me too if I buy the theme? We were really hoping to use the video background.

(I’m using FireFox btw.)

My contact form is not working..

Hello Peerapong!

I have purchased your theme and set up a site for a photographer. I would like galleries to be password protected. In the Visibility options it allows me to choose Password Protected, so I did. Then I entered the password. BUT when the gallery is chosen and same password entered, it says it is invalid. The only other fix has been to create a page and link it to the gallery and password protect the page. I prefer NOT to do this, since it is an extra step and not necessary. Also, the password protected page allows us to enter password once but after that, it is never asked for again. I even changed the password, logged out, used a different computer, and it didn’t ask for password. Please advise on these issues so I can keep the website moving along for my client.

Thank you much! Angelina

Please login with your purchased account

Home page does not update my photo edits. I uploaded a photo. I then rotated the photo via the photo edit tool. I then updated the photo and the Homepage will not update the image. The photo gallery will update however the homepage still displays the old image. Take a look at and you will see the last photo is rotated 90 degrees. However on the Homepage it is not rotated 90 degrees. thanks

My contact form is not working..

Sorry.. Its a plugin problem.

Thank you peerapong..:winktongue:

Hmm Its WordPress SEO Version 1.4.4 | By Joost de Valk | Visit plugin site. causing the problem.

Do you know of any fixes?

There are javascript conflict between theme’s script and plugin’s script.

Really sorry, I can’t support on all 3rd party plugins issue. Please try to read its documentation or contact plugin author.

Hi Peerapong,

Is this theme fully childtheme compliant?

Sorry I am no expert on child theme but this article might help you achieve that.

The rest of my site looks good on mobile devices.. but the blog text it giant and users cannot scroll to read it or resize it on the mobile devices.. any fix?

Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

hello where (dark.css?) and how can i Change the dark Background with a “bg.jpg”? thx

It’s in /wp-content/themes/core/css/dark.css

Quick question..How do I create a drop down page when I hover over a page tab on the home page?

If you are not familiar with Wordpress custom menu below are some tutorials.

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

Hi Peerapong, I have uploaded three music files in the requested formats, but the music still wont play. My site address is Please help. I believe the problem is with the .ogg file.

No you didn’t. I checked your site code.

Open Wordpress admin > Settings > Reading > Front page display select “Your latest posts”.

Sorry, but I did everything correctly. Can you tell which line of code to edit please. Thanks.

I checked your code and YOU DIDN’T Open Wordpress admin > Settings > Reading > Front page display select “Your latest posts”.

Hello, Question My website is How can i configure the pictures to have the same height and also increase each one’s the dimension ?

Can you help me peerapong ? Very thanks ;o)

Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom page template for you, we highly recommend to check out: Tweaky

But I will add it into the future if there are many requests from customers

Hi there! We updated our site to the latest theme but are experiencing problems with the gallery order. the order seems to have reversed for the images. However one gallery shows in the proper order and the old ones are not. Is there a way to fix this?

Also, there is a problem with the blog page. All of the images are massive and the sidebar doesn’t seem to be working. Should the images on the blog page resize automatically?

The site is

Thank you!

Thank you!

1. Provide URL of page which has issue please.

2. Please install and run this plugin.

1. This is the gallery page that we noticed that the order is now reversed.

2. Which plugin?


1. You have to create a page and attach gallery to it instead of directly link to the gallery.

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

2. Sorry this one