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I’m interested in using your theme but can I check if it supports wordpress 3.5? I think there was some removal of timthumb and if your theme uses it I don’t think it will work.

Yes it support WP 3.5.1 and it’s no longer use timthumb.

Hi, I have some questions: 1. Could I change the homepage music? 2. Can I use a shopping option and how? May I install Jigoshop plugin or pricing tale plugin or a contact form to a gallery side of Core? 3. can I make more galleries? Some pw protected and some standard, too?

Thanks. I love Core theme. Valerie

1. You can upload music using Theme admin.

2. Sorry I can’t guarantee on 3rd party plugins but I think you have to edit CSS to add these plugins.

3. Yes you can do that.

Hi Peerarong, Thank you for you for your support so far; One last troubleshooting help: I can’t seem to set up the contact correctly, please take a look: When I press the send button nothing happens. I’ve disabled all plugins, so I have no idea what the conflict is.. Any ideas?

Could you try to switch to default permalink setting please.

Great, its fixed, thank you very much.. so there is no way to have a custom permalink and the contact working? Again, thanks so much for all your help with troubleshooting..

You can but I think there is problem with your server .htaccess setting and you have to contact your webhost for that.

I have recently purchased your template and love it! This template is so much easier to put together than others I have worked with. I just have a few questions. Firstly, I cannot get my home page to use the full screen mode. I have selected that option in the core-homepage-slideshow style to fullscreen but it is still coming up as thumbnails. Homepage: I am also having a hard time having my galleries show up in the flowstyle. I check that box on my page and when I click the option to visit site, it is flowstyle. But, if I open my website up in a new window, the galleries load as thumbnails. Also, in my galleries the flow style is not reflecting my images onto the bottom of the screen. Galleries: Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you! Rebekah S.

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Please help

I am having some issues, and my site is live now and would like to get them resolved. 1) I cannot figure out why my “published” page will not put the photos in the order in which I have ordered them from the admin page on my galleries. Any help would be appreciated 2) Why the clickable arrows do not show up on the full screen gallery when being viewed from a mobile device. 3) Why will embedded vimeo videos not play from the blog on a mobile device? Thank you for your help in advance.

Hi Peerapong

How can I change the colour scheme of the light skin? I have to go into the coding right? But which bit do I change? I don’t like the white and grey and want to change it slightly Also how do you change the font of the content, I can change the headers, titles etc fine but it’s the page content I can’t change…


Hi another quick question, what is the highest resolution i can have my pictures show, like in full screen? i want more detail on my images and right now they don’t look good in my homepage.

Oh yeah, is nice that we can turn off and on the titles on images but maybe in a later update you can add this to galleries. that’ll be pretty neat and definitely helpful for when doing password protected galleries.

I would recommend image at 1024px resolutions.

autoplay of audio does not work for any format. All audio plays ok when I click “Listen to….” from within admin. MUST have audio start when browser brings up site.

Please make sure you upload 3 music files formats.

The video portfolio does not seem to work on iOS devices!!.. The video isn’t playing on iPhones. How can i fix this please? This is extremely important..


iam not a pro and only have a little understanding in html and coding. using core theme for wordpress and i want to know how can i change my starting site into a normal site without flow,rotate, fullscreen or video background. want to use a galery on a other menüsite. cant find a thing to change this under core preferences.

take a look:

other troubleshooting: if i change something in the core preferences and save it i always have to rebuilt my contact page. everything is gone in the contact form manager.

thanks alot for your help Marcus

Sorry homepage content is fixed by image gallery. Static page is not support.

It looks to be working fine on iPad, I think thats good enough for now.. incase you get an update for it to work on iPhones, please do let me know.

Thanks again!

is there any way to have sound autostart with static homepage and keep playing when user goes to gallery? if not how do i change code? THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom page template for you, we highly recommend to check out: Tweaky

Generally speaking, if it’s not in the demo then it’s not in the theme.

I can’t find the link to your support website / blog so I’m posting here, I like a lot the kenburns slideshow for the homepage, but I need to adjust the speed of the effect, what file do I need to edit? thanks a lot

You have to edit javascript code in /js/kenburns.js file.

Is there a way to add small social share buttons like pinterest, facebook, twitter on the images when they view them on the website?

Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

I am having trouble with my homepage. When I type in my website address it comes up as my site with a “404 not found2”. When I click on ‘home’ then my homescreen appears. How do I make my homepage my homescreen? My website is

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Very interested in getting this theme because of the neat ken burns way of showing your portfolio. But my photos are mostly portrait orientation instead of landscape. Will it still work well? Are there any routines for face detection so the photo pans around the face? Or am I stuck with having it pan around the exact center of my photos? (ie i shoot people, so usually the face isn’t in the center of the photo)

How do I disable the contact form through the theme? I have created a form through the Contact form plug in because I need custom fields but when I remove all the fields from the “Core” settings, I still see the “Send message” button. How do I remove or disable that OR create custom fields on the Core contact section?

Then you just need a normal right? When you create a page select “default template” as page template instead of “Contact”.

I am on a job for a client. And is it possible to have this theme in multiple languages in the easy way? Want to start with 2 languages.

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I am having trouble with my homepage. When I type in my website address it comes up as my site with a “404 not found2”. When I click on ‘home’ then my homescreen appears. How do I make my homepage my homescreen? My website is

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Is it possible to change home page content from the gallery I see in demo to a page with a nivo slider, columns, etc? And then I use the gallery style in demo’s homepage on another page?

Sorry homepage content is fixed by image gallery.