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Hello, lovely work you have here, it’s my first buy from your portfolio and I’m happy.

I only have one small question: how can I remove the reflection in in the ImageFlow slideshow? Can you point me to the specific file and code line number, please?

I’ve searched for the code in all the .js files and I seem to be either blind or too tired.

Thank you and congratulations for this valuable piece of work.

Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please

Any suggestions on how I can get the Social Media Icons to appear on the top right?


You can add custom img HTML to Core admin > General > Top right content

Also, what is the font you use in the demo page?

Thanks again :)!


Thank you! This is the best portfolio theme I’ve seen thus far :)! Is there a LinkedIn social media icon? I don’t see it in the folder..Is there anyway you could add one? Sorry for the trouble. And once again thanks for the great theme!

Is it just me or are the talk and comment bubbles not clickable – ie when reading a post there is no way to click to the comments? weird.

If I buy the theme is that easy to add?

Contact me once you purchased, I can help guide you on that.


What i sthe HTML code to have the social icons in that top right corner please.


This is the one I used in live demo site.

<img src="wp-content/themes/Core/images/about_icon/facebook.png" alt="" /><img src="wp-content/themes/Core/images/about_icon/twitter.png" alt="" /><img src="wp-content/themes/Core/images/about_icon/flickr.png" alt="" /><img src="wp-content/themes/Core/images/about_icon/wordpress.png" alt="" />

hey.. thx for the great work.

i bought it saturday.. everything works great not only the homepage slideshow “flow”. the other two work.

can you help me?


Provide URL please

Hi, I too am having the problem with timthumb.php, I have looked at your suggestions about permissions but this did not fix it. I see by one of the posts it can be solved with edits to the htaccess file, can you please tell me what they are? Need to get the homepage slider working.


.htaccess is rewrite rule setting by your server, only your hosting provider can change it so try to contact them.

Prior customer who has this issue, contact his hosting provider and issue solve ;)

Great work!!! But the same problem as manuelribeiro84. The “Flow” doesn’t work :(

Provide URL please

on top i can’t get the © symbol in the footer.. it is not on the homepage but i wrote in down @ the footer content.

thx 4 help..

Hello again, when I enter a gallery description and press update, it disappears and does not show on the gallery page

Did it show in gallery admin?

Try to disable all plugins. if you still have the issue, Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please and describe your issue in email.

You site URL , not provider URL …

Could you try to unzip the file first because there are many folder in the file ex. manual, theme, license info.

Then you will find /Core folder, upload that folder to /wp-content/themes via FTP client. Once you uploaded activate theme via Wordpress admin.

Currently, you have /Core-v1 which is wrong folder.

well done.. but it dosn’t work.. my new url i make a complete new one with your discription..

Like I told you. You upload the wrong folder.

Currently you have

The correct one should be

Hello, I am still having the problem getting the flow slider on the home page working, I have been in contact with my hosting provider and they didnt know what I was talking about???? I am using this theme on an existing site so need to get it online ASAP , your help will be much appreciated.


So what’s your issue?

I need to get the flow slider working on the home page setup, I have emailed you my settings. Or can you please just explain to me whaty I need to ask my hosting provider to do as they didnt know what I wanted done when I contacted them,.

I will reply in your email.

it works!!!! thx alot! now i have a new problem.. i can’t get a portfolio in the mainbar :D

but the slideshow works!

There is the theme’s manual in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

I wish my slideshow would work! I have another issue, the cufon font is showing up for the h1 tags but not for any other h tag, any ideas>?

Try to add class=”cufon”

<h1 class="cufon">...</h1>

Great theme, but ‘password protect’ for galleries does not seem to work?

It’s not support yet. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers

Hi, is it possible to remove captions from lightbox photos that come up on homepage gallery?

Which gallery style you used?