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Peerapong, I am very dissatisfied that you have not answered my previous questions (page 303) regarding when the issue with the logo position will be resolved? It is not acceptable to say that it will be fixed in the next release, and then give no indication of when this might be! Nor is it acceptable to take money for a theme which has different functionality to what has been advertised in the live preview! There are many people experiencing the same problem with this and you have failed to resolve it or give any indication as to when this might happen. I have complained to Theme Forest and requested a full refund. In the meantime I now have the massive inconvenience of needing to find an alternative theme that will meet my needs which is not what I need when I have a launch deadline to meet!

It’s already released in the latest version of theme v5.0

Just deactivating and activating the theme again deletes all theme settings you have made before?? You’ve got to be kidding me!!

How can I make all the content of my contact page to be mandatory like you have set up with “Name, Email, & Message” ?

You have to edit javascript code in contact.php file.

I have never worked with javascript. Is this easily done. What is needed

I updated to V5 and found the Theme Settings GUI ugly and not as user friendly as V4.6. Also my gallery no longer loads on the home page? So I have returned to V4.6 as I have found this to be the most stable of the releases :/

Well there is no change on v5.0 on that part so I don’t think it’s different UI from v4.6

So after I install this in wordpress & activate it I just get a blank white screen – even when I try to go to Wordpress admin I just see a white screen.

If I delete the theme wordpress becomes functional again.

I am working on a clean Wordpress install – with just the the standard Wordpress files – I have not altered or added anything.

What to do ?

Could you contact your webhost and ask for errorlog please.

This seems to be the culprit :

AH01215: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in /home/sites/ on line 15

- I have put “x”’s where my website name is for privacy reasons

It’s conflict with one of your plugin. For quick fix, open functions.php remove line 901

Is it possible to create a child theme? If so, is there documentation somewhere of which css and php files control what? I do not see this information in the accompanying manual which actually covers very little.

I would like to remove several of the social media icons and add an rss icon but there doesn’t seem to be that capability in the menu. Also I am not sure how to created a gallery page which will have thumbnails of the galleries included themselves. While I realize customization might be needed for some of these issues, it would greatly help if there were more detailed instructions regarding what the theme is capable of doing and would also be nice if there were searchable help for common issues.

There are no options to select which social profile will be shown and which will not. The only option is to enter your information each social media profile. Which .php file contains the social media list and I will just delete out the ones I don’t want showing if there is no better way?

Leave blank if you don’t to display them.

Thanks. It wasn’t clear that the entry options by default all have a # in them which makes them show up. Removing it made them disappear. Is there a way to make an RSS icon show there (I noticed you do have a .png of an rss i the core files)?

Hi, Mobile responsive menu suddenly stopped working when the browser is resized. Could you tell me how it can be fixed please? Site: Thank you, Martin

Please don’t edit any theme code because demo site works fine so the issue comes from your code changes.

Hi, could you tell me which code is responsible for this mobile navigation so I can get the mobile functionality back? Thank you

The main CSS file for mobile is /css/screen.css

Hello. I tried to update to v 4.8 from v3.5 many times and each time it crashed the site, giving me a Fatal Error – something about the authtwitter file which is in the CSS folder of the theme I believe. It even prevented me from accessing my Wordpress admin. The only way I could revert back was to delete 4.8 from FTP. Any ideas?

It’s conflict with one of your plugin’s script. For quick fix, open functions.php remove line 900

Just tried updating to 5.0 and got this same message: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in /webroot/b/e/benny003/weddings/www/wp-content/themes/corE/core/plugins/twitteroauth.php on line 15

Please see my previous reply.

Hi, I´ve read all the how to´s, troubleshootings, manual, and such. I saw that some custommers got their homepage with Flow working. Can you help me? Theme works fine, all the galleries too, just the Flow style doesn´t show up, keeps loading and loading on the homepage… I´m running WP v3.5.2, with Core v5.0, and the test site is: tks

Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please.

Sent you the details. Please keep in mind the folder instructions. Thanks

Hello peerapong. The theme still doesn´t work. The only reason I´ve bought this theme was because of the Flow style gallery (still images and videos). Have you looked into it with the info I sent you?

How do I remove the “Core Photography” logo in the top left hand corner ?

You can upload your logo using Core admin > General > Logo

Hi, I get the following error when opening the Core panel in admin:

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /homepages/1/d436742801/htdocs/temp/wp-content/themes/core/functions.php on line 407

Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /homepages/1/d436742801/htdocs/temp/wp-content/themes/core/functions.php on line 407

I have installed the most recent version of the theme. Please advise. Thanks

Please contact your webhost and ask them to enable “URL file-access” on your server.

Thank you, that fixed it. I have another request to you via email, I am willing to pay to have the issue fixed. I hope you can help.

Upgraded from 3.7 to 5.0 with no issues, other than all the settings being lost :/

The Fonts settings don’t seem to apply when the window is resized to a smaller width – they still remain large. What do I need to edit to fix this?


Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

Hi Peerapong, I have downloaded your theme before and i found it can make my overall website’s outlook be more fascinating. I did upgrade my software days ago to version 5, but unfortunately i have some problem now that the ‘contact pages’ somehow doesn’t work properly like before. Even after i had fill in all the data and email address required and hit the ‘send message’ button’ still nothing happened and i can not proceed to the next step. Please provide any helpful information for me so i can take action and fix this problem.



Could you try to remove current contact page and create it again please.

Hi Peerapong, thanks for your feedback.. :) And now my contact page can be used to send email.


You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

Had this theme for a while now and it still works great. The only thing I still have a problem with is the fullscreen gallery. The browser always zooms in/crops the images and they don’t resize to the page. Reading the updates page it looked like this issue was fixed in v4 but it’s still happening. I have v5 and an updated wordpress and no plugins.

Any idea what the problem is?


THanks for reporting. I will look for the better solution and release the update soon.

Quick question.

For your landing page, Are each of the images a separate post?

No it’s not ;) and you can upload multiple images using gallery admin.

Using Core -> Music I uplond an MP3 file for playing in the background but it doesn’t play on my website.

Core Theme Setting does show a “Listen Current Music Option” which does play the music.

The “Home Background Music .mp3 file” option shows “No file selected” despite me having earlier uploaded with this option.

Please upload 3 music files formats using Core admin > Music

Hi Peerapong… a nice and good job.

I’m trying to make a gallery with whole photos uploaded to the site for displaying them in homepage… something as shortcode [gallery].

But this template only links galleries to homepage…

Any idea?

Ignore the last post – I have it working now

I found a odd bug. Apparently NextGen gallery occasionally has issues with responsive themes. The issue I am having is related to the process of adding a gallery to a post / page. Assuming you are familiar with NextGen when I try to pick from a list of galleries to insert, the dropdown menu disappears when I hover over it. I’ve even tried this on a fresh install of wordpress with only this theme installed and it still doesn’t work. Since this is not an issue with all responsive themes I think it merits some investigating.

There are javascript conflict between theme’s script and plugin’s script.

Really sorry, I can’t support on all 3rd party plugins issue. Please try to read its documentation or contact plugin author.

but on ANY other themes it work!!! so you f@!#$up something in newest version of theme, becouse in 3.3 everything works fine :) and this is too big plugin to IGNORE

and YES i contact plugin autohr, and he said, contact theme autor becouse “he broke something in theme no issues from other”