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Hi Peerapong,

1- How can I change font size and family for any part of my site? For example, the font size for the child menu is pretty big compared to the parent.

2- I would love to change the default text when creating a main menu. For example, the menu about, when clicked, will show “about” along with my own text.

3. That is it for now :)

Thank you!

1. Sorry it couldn’t be done using theme admin. However you can edit theme CSS file to change that

Did you know about Firebug a Firefox plugin? It will help you inspect all CSS and HTML elements, really help if you do a lot customization

The main CSS file is /css/screen.css

2. If you are not familiar with Wordpress custom menu below are some tutorials.

Hi peerapong! Just a question: Can I insert a little image in the footer homepage? Thankyou

Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.


(I wish the photo gallery ascending respected. Where to configure because station out of order? thanks

peerapong Author 21 minutes ago Flag

You can drag&drop to order images using gallery admin.)

200 photos in each album! Should remain in the order they import. The Order Event! Example



I’m trying to upload photos, but if they are bigger then 1Mb it fails : “413 Request Entity Too Large”

It’s a new error… never happened before.

Can you help me please?

Thank You

Please contact your webhost and ask them to increase upload file size limitation.


FH Purchased


Thanks you for this great template.

I have a question. I try to fix a problem. I need to reduce the font-size of the pages titles.

For that, i found the : h1 { font-size: 40px; color: #797979; } on line 111-115 in screen.css .

When i modify the color, it works, but not for the font-size. I found that those titles also correspond with :

.page_caption h1 { font-size: 120px; } on line 173-176.

I’m a little bit lost on this. How can I fix it?

Thank you,



FH Purchased

Thanks for reply! I never thinked that it’d be as simple as the Theme admin Menu!! My mistake for didn’t check that way!

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?


FH Purchased

Done a long time ago! ;) But don’t care, with a bit less than ten thousands purchases, it’s a best known WP theme!


The latest version of theme which fix issues on Wordpress 3.5 is available to download.

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

Hi Peerapong,

as you can see here: there is no Feature image box in the Portfolio backend.

Please let me know how to turn it on.

Note: I have the latest version of Wordpress and the latest version of your theme. Regenerate Thumbnails is active. I already tried to disable and re-enable all the plugins plus clearing the cache. It’s still not appearing.

“Set featured image” is DEFAULT Wordpress function. If you don’t have it. It means your Wordpress installation is broken.

Please re install FRESH Wordpress and theme. Some files are broken.

Yes but “Set featured image” works on pages and post. So it’s not a Wordpress problem.

“Set featured image” doesn’t work just in your theme in the portfolio part.

Hello, I set the protections for copyright, but if I open a photo and drag it can be downloaded.

Percortesia controls this option because the pictures can be saved. I use google chrome browers

Thanks for reporting. I will look for the solution.

Navigating the demo, and when you browse using the Fullscreen Style for the homepage, the site does this weird thing where it hides the menu and lower nav inexplicably and then sometimes restores it…anyway to turn this off? Also, any way to offset the image from the navbar (some of the top is cut off for every image in the slideshow).


I changed the .page_caption h1 font size in screen.css but it didn’t change the font size. What other file do I need to edit so that I can change the font size?

Open Core admin > Font > Page Header Font Size.

Hi just bought your theme. I have full screen gallery on the home page with the menus dissapearing.

Testing on an ipad I cant find a way to bring the menus back after they dissapear. Is this a bug? On a PC I can just mouse over and they come back.

website is: in case you want to check. thanks.

Is this theme Wordpress 3.6 ready?


Yes with the latest version it support WP 3.6

Hi there,

I recently purchased this amazing theme, all is in order except when attempting to add menu items or move menu items in Wordpress 3.6

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Paulo

Please update to the latest version of theme. It should fix your issue.

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

I love the feature you have for people not being able to save images from my site. Is there a way to have this same function on my blog so that no one can copy my blog images onto their computer? Thank you so much for your continued support!

It’s global setting and should be working on every pages too.

Hello peerapong,

i’m loving this theme and i just implemented it on a new page. There are a few things that bug me though. I really don’t know what the issue is.

Here is a quick list: -When looking at it on an iphone the menu appears in between the logo and the social network links. What is the size limit for the logo? Also my menu is quite big but it should not affect the iphone since it appears as a drop down menu. -When opening a video gallery on an iphone, the lightbox appears at the proper size but the video itself is so big that you can’t tap play. -Again when on an iphone you can scroll sideways with your fingers while on image flow but as soon as you make one bigger you can’t. It would be nice to be able to scroll at a bigger size. Also you can’t scroll up and down if you start your swipe on top of a picture which is quite annoying. -Finally the menu on iphone, if you use the dark scheme, is a grayish gradient and not quite visible on top of the already gray drop down box

Hope there is a quick fix for these little quirks. Aside of that the theme is amazing. Thanks again :)

Hi Peerapong,

Same question again

When uploading a gallery of 300 images how do we ensure the order remains as we want – all files date order and files have been named in numerical order 001 – 300.jpg but the files do not display in order they are uploaded. There are too many files to re-order one at a time by dragging . Surely there is a way either in wordpress or the template to re-order the files to display correctly.

Why don`t they display in the order they are uploaded?

I will add the option for global ordering in the future release.

Hi the button on my contactform is doing nothing. is there scripting to sent included? do i need to set something up? I did add my e-mail to receive mails to..

Provide URL of your contact page please.

Thank you for the speedy response on the menu problem with Wp 3.6!!! Greatly appreciated!!!

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

Hi, I dont’t know why but gallery flow doesn’t work anymore on the site…for example here:

I updated some plugins, perhaps it is the cause, but I don’t know…. Can you help me? Thanks very much

Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please.

I sent via email, thank you very much

Hi! Did you receive the email?

Is there a way to increase the gap between images in ‘image flow’?