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Hi just at a total loss as to uploading this theme to wordpress

Any help will be much appreciated


Please see

Theme documentation’s located in your downloaded file from Themeforest

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

Great theme.Can you tell me where to find the css and php files for mobile. It works great automatically on ipad but I have some layout and styling issues on mobile that I need to correct. Thanks.

Did you know about Firebug a Firefox plugin? It will help you inspect all CSS and HTML elements, really help if you do a lot customization

The main CSS file for mobile is /css/grid.css

Hi, thanks for making this wonderful theme. Absolutely love it!

I have managed to get gallery, homepage flow, etc working except the video portfolio, I have followed the instructions, videos and your previous comments again and again, but still no luck.

Each my portfolio has vimeo ID, feature image setup (little thumbnail photos showing up at portfolio level). However, when setup a new page with video portfolio attribute, I get the blank page with “Loading…Please wait”.

Can you please help? Thanks


Could you try to unzip the file first because there are many folder in the file ex. manual, theme, license info.

Then you will find /core folder, upload that folder to /wp-content/themes via FTP client. Once you uploaded activate theme via Wordpress admin.

Currently, you have /core/core… which is wrong folder.

Correct one should be /core

Is that a multilingual theme?

You can edit po file using POedit app in /languages folder of theme to translate.

Is possible in the gallery flow, centralizing the pictures? not starting the first one in the right in the home?

You can enable it using Core admin > Blog Portfolio > Auto start.

Hello peerapong, what size must be the main image of each blog post? (if it’s too big, colors change

Where can I change the blog form comments?


Blog featured image size is 625×350 px.


So I sent a couple people to my website to test it out, kind of like a focus group if you will, they all said the same thing “I love it, but when you go to the page that’s fullscreen, there’s a strip with your logo that won’t go away and blocks a chunk of the image” they also mentioned that an inch or two of my images were being cut off compared to the thumbnail (for ex. a bride dancing with her hands in the air; in the thumbnail, you can see her hands; fullscreen, with the strip gone, her hands are cut off to the wrist).

Is there a way to change it so the strip isn’t so difficult to remove?Like have it automatically fade after 2 seconds.

How do I change the problem with the cropping? I’m a real stickler for cropping everything perfectly in camera, so the composition works, so to know that people are seeing my images without all of the information because of a double crop is really alarming.

Thanks so much,


Open Core admin > Blog Portfolio > Enable/disable main menu and footer auto hiding

Hi, I bought your theme, I’m using Gallery Fullscreen template and I have two questions:

1. when I have pictures in vertical alignment, thumbnails are resized with changed proportions of picture. How to tweak the scripts to crop image to thumbnail size but without loosing proportion.

2. In Fullscreen gallery with larger amount of photos I can’t scroll the thumbnails – some are simply out of the screen – how to fix that, so the users can preview all thumbnails and click selected images?

Cheers and thanks for this great theme!

Thanks for your reply – will try that. Can you please advice also regarding scrolling/displaying of all thumbs in Fullscreen gallery?


I have a new problem with the drag and drop function in WP. It seems to happen with the Core Theme. I can’t drag and drop anything in my menus anymore(apparance/menus). When I click on a menu tab it opens a wide and weird blank tab and i can’t move it to order my menu.

I had not this problem 2 month ago…

Any Idea? (I have tried to deactivate my plugins but the problem still occurs)


Take a look to this link to see an image of the problem:

Nevermind, i was just on an old version of Core. Update was the key

Hello I am getting a php error with this theme. I have seen a few other posts like this and you recommended contacting the web host as it may be incorrectly configured. So I contact my host and they said it was OK that it was a Wordpress error. I tried installing a fresh copy of Wordpress as well as updating the theme files to the latest version and I am still getting the error.

Here is the error I am getting…

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/data/6/0/144/27/470190/user/478998/htdocs/tmp//sess_d4752955c119dca902daf727ac35df0c, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /data/6/0/144/27/470190/user/478998/htdocs/williamoliver/wp-content/themes/core/index.php on line 8

The theme has worked great for a while now and I am just now getting this error. Any help you could offer would be appreciated. Thanks.

Nevermind, I had removed some folders that had outdated files in them, and accidentally deleted the ‘tmp’ folder. Thanks.

Seems to have problem with my contact form!! please make a test and see what happens, also cant send emails!! Thank you!:)

Also have the same problem with Thomaskarg!!

Please also add “Name” field using Core admin > Contact.

Hi, it’s me again. I have a small issue with the main page flow. It doesn’t work everytime, it is sometimes blocked with an eternal “loading please wait message”, and i must reload the page to run it correctly.

I have read the troubleshooting page (

Points 1 and 3 are ok, but i don’t know how to check the second point (“Check if file path /wp-content/themes/Core/js/jquery.ppflip.js is not forbidden on your server”). How do you check it?

url :

Your help would be very appreciated,


Provide URL of your image flow page so I can test please. It’s a single image flow

Could you enable image flow gallery so I can test please.

For anyone having a problem with their contact page not sending, this plug-in solved my issue at least (no, I’m not affiliated with it in any way, it just might help).


Hi Peerapong, where I can change the Menu text “CORE PHOTOGRAPHY” text or Icon(PNG).

thanks Hakan

Please login with your purchased account

is there a way to make gallery images clickable toward links and not to just zoom in? maybe to blog posts?

and can i order the images in the gallery to make one show first?

1. Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

2. You can drag&drop to order images using gallery admin.

sorry about that i reposted this question and didn’t realize i totally already did :)

sorry about that i reposted this question and didn’t realize i totally already did :)

thank you!


How can I access/change the meta description on the homepage?

Settings > General allows me to change the site title and tagline, but how can I change the meta description that appears in Google searches?



You have to edit header.php to change that part.

Hello, do you have this website design available for Shopify? Otherwise would you consider selling the code for the front page slider in the Shopify Liquid format? Thanks, JA.

Sorry it’s only available in Wordpress version.

Thanks for your reply anyway! Any plans to make it available in the future? Cheers!


How do i organize the order of my gallery and home page images ?

Because when i upload them they automatically stay in the order they were uploaded

i want to be able to upload images and organize in the order of my choice


You can drag&drop to order images using gallery admin.

Hi … where is the gallery admin ??? i cant find that thanks

Wordpress Dashboard > Galleries.

Hi! I bought your template and it’s just great! Love the design!!! a) Just have a problem within the blog, especially with the size of the pictures. Sometimes they are too big and shift the whole site. Can I somewhere adjust the sizes of the blog pictures, so that they still have the same size / appearance like on your site: ? b) Secondly I would like to know if there is a possibility to adjust the background color of the blog entries? I would like to have it just white! c) Thirdly I would like to link the pictures on the main page ( with some menu items, so that the visitor can be directly go to the relevant menu item. Is that possible? Thank you so much!!!!

1. I checked your blog page and there is no blog content?

2. You can drag&drop to order images using gallery admin.

Theme documentation’s located in your downloaded file from Themeforest

1. Now, the link is working: . You can see that the picture size is the problem. 2. It worked. Thanks! 3. I can’t open it. Can you send it by mail? Looking forward your answers! THANKS A LOT!

1. Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please.

3. Theme documentation’s located in your downloaded file from Themeforest

hi can you help me? 1. “image flow” mode – 3rd image is focusing. how to change this 1st image focusing ? 2. I use IE8 your sample site – some have buffering.. but Crome , Firefox, Safari has not buffering.. how can i fix this buffering at IE8?

sorry.. my not good english TT_TT

1. You can disable auto start using Core admin > Blog Portfolio.

2. What do you mean buffering?