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IPad display problem – Core Minimalist

My current WP configuration - Version of WordPress: 3.9 - Version of PHP / MySQL: - Theme used: Core Minimalist 5-1-4 (Last Version) - Extensions up WP Super Cache, WordPress SEO, Google Analyticator, DB Cache Reloaded Fix, Contact Form 7 Akismet - Host Name: OVH - Website address:

Problem (s) encountered (s):


When I try to view my site on the iPad Air from a friend, the menus are not displayed, while the theme demo displays correctly.

Does anyone would have the solution?



There is not enough space so it pushes main menu down. Please try to reduce your menu items.

Hello !

You’re right ! Problem solved

Thanks a lot !

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?


I’ve never had this problem before but I can no longer adjust the order in which my photos appear. In the past it was a simple drag and drop.

Can’t get it to work now.

Thanks, LOVE this theme!!!


Where can I find which version of “Core” I am using?

Please disregard the last question. I updated the theme and that seems to have fixed all my issues.

Thank you again, I love this theme and the way it shows off my photography, excellent work!!!

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

this theme is categorized as “high resolution no”. What does that mean? In regards to photos or type?


I’ve a problem with enabling captcha. I’ve enabled it but no characters showing up. How can i fix this?

Do i need additional plugin for showing up?

Here is the url :

problem fixed with changing php versions from 5.5 to 5.3, contact form works fine.

Ok great! :)


I can’t seem to get the CONTACT page to work. You fill in the name, then email address then comment and then when you hit send nothing happens. What’s the easiest way of fixing this so people can start sending me messages? I went into the CORE settings and put my email address as the address the message should be coming too. Thanks.


Provide URL of your contact page please.

What’s best resolution to show images full size in thumbnail with image flow gallery style?

Well, you mean 1024×768px?

Yes that’s ok too.

@Kris5toph3r What’s your php version? try to change it Php 5.3

I cannot display widgets. Ive disabled all plugins and tried with just search in the widget. No luck. Please let me know what I can do to get widgets back.

Also. Out of all the social media buttons why did you leave out youtube.


When you create a page. Did you select sidebar for it and select page template as “Page with sidebar”?

please excuse me while i kick myself in the n*tts lol. thank you.

No problem :)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

Where can I go to turn the responsive portion off?

—>Open header.php remove line 42

<—I cannot identyfy LINE 42. Please telle me exactly what to delete. Thank you!! :)

Remove this
wp_enqueue_style("grid_css", get_stylesheet_directory_uri()."/css/grid.css", false, $pp_theme_version, "all");
Hi there – I really really love your theme – I’m searching for ages for a good photography theme which is easy and fast to use but I still haven’t found one. Your theme is very, very close to being perfect! Unfortunately there are some “problems” that I see. I drew a picture of how this theme could be absolutely awesome:

Please let me know if this modification is planned for the future or if it is easily possible to modify this theme to work like on the sketch.

Workaround ideas: is it possible to have/define multiple cover flow galleries? Then you could show one “main” cover flow on the startpage and add links to each picture which then leads to a second cover flow gallery…

I really like this theme!


Thank you very much for your suggestions. I will have a look if I can add it in the next release :)

Hi, I have a customer with this theme and their contact page also doesn’t want to work when done filling out the form. It just does nothing. The link is


Could you try to remove current contact page and create it again please.

FYI, I recently received an email from a company looking to sell me website design. Having purchased and used this theme, the sites they were using as a “demo” looked very familiar. Not sure if they bought an extended license, but I wanted to bring it to your attention. Below is a copy of the email I received:

To, Creative Photographer

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? You will also get 3 month free subscription of Online Image Selling tool where you can sell or share Images/Video online to your clients and also get the print order.

Project budget : $650 only (one time development cost). After one year $100 annual maintenance cost. Project completion time : 7 business days

Please checkout the sample photography website here,

The package will cost original 1,860 dollar after May 3rd.

Even if you need website for other business besides photography, we can build it for you.

We are always commited to give great value to our client. To get started just reply to this email with your Name and contact number or you can directly call us.

Call: +1 630-439-7087 today

Sharpensite IT Group. +1 630-439-7087 S University Ave Chicago, IL, USA

Thank you very much for your help.

Is there a way to have MULTIPLE Video Portfolio Pages with different content on each page? I need this because I’m more into the video aspects of things. It’s very important to me. :)

Hi, Ever since the new Wordpress update we have experienced problems with making changes to our galleries. We can no longer rearrange the image order via drag and drop or numerical entry as well as the ascending and descending numbers are no longer available to change. Is anyone else having this trouble? Please advise. We’ve already disabled the plugins, etc. Do we need to go back to the previous Wordpress version? Any fix?

Windows 8 / Chrome

Thanks in advance


Please update to the latest version of theme. It should fix your issue.

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

hello, i download this them, but i am persian and my language is right to left, can you help me that use this them right to left??


I’m having two problems with my page titles. I’ve sized them to 70 pixels. That’s fine on my desktop. But when the display is smaller, font size suddenly increases. You can check:

Together with that, the page title moves to the right. Also:

I hope you can advise how to deal with this!


Open /css/grid.css find ”.page_caption h1” change its font-size.

Thank you for the reply. How & where do I open /css/grid/css? I cannot find it in the editor nor via ftp.

You have to edit it directly in /wp-content /themes/core/css/grid.css

Hi Themegoods,

Using your theme quite a while with pleasure. Suddenly the flow style stopped working. Our hosting partner did not change anything and tells it has something to do with the theme options. Did not understand that part. Can you please take a short look Thanks.

Problem solves.. it was the same problem as rdereksmith54. Disabled flipbook plugin and now it works again.

Ok great! :)

Are you going to add support for youtube on your social profiles


I will add it in the next release.

First off, love the theme. That being said, trying to use YouTube video as homepage—how do I force it to play HD?

Here’s the site:

Thanks for all your hard work!

hi there

I’d like to ask one question.

How to change the font style ‘Bold” to “Normal” on footer?

I’m using this theme in Korean and the Korean words look so nice but some words I wrote down in English seem like so bold. Especially on footer.

Only thing I know is I should manage this changing ‘style.css’ but I don’t know how to upload even though I already so many things changed on my wordpress web panel.

If I have to do again I’ve already done, it should be terrible.

Please let me know easier and more convenience way to do.


Thank you for your reply

However what I main inquiry was how to upload the css file after I change the things I want. and If I upload the css file with zip file as same as at the very first time when I applied this theme, then the files I managed everything on wordpress are still there? or Will I do everything again?

Again I need to ask something.

How can I add the other social profiles and icons?

1. Just upload css file to your server and replace old one.

2. You have to manually edit code in header.php