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Could you help me please, I can’t see the title of my pictures wean viewing on my Photo Gallery? How can I fix this?

Thanks for any help!

Regards Antonio

I’ve manage to fix my problem!

Hello! I need to know if you can enter short captions or text below the images. Thank you very much!


Yes you can add image title and it displays under image in lightbox mode.

Hi there, I was wondering if you are able to move the positioning of the “gallery flow” down a bit on the page? I turned the image reflection off hoping this would make the page sit in the centre of the screen a bit more but it remains in the same spot and there is all this negative space under it which doesn’t look great. The images that flow are slightly cropping my menu and site name? if you need to see it my web is I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.


Open /css/screen.css find ”#imageFlow” adjust its top value.

Hi, Great theme, very easy has to manipulate, I just have a question, when I spend of the white theme in the black theme pinterest and instagram logos do not change and thus establish themselves in the background, how to modify this error? Furthermore I would like to remove some logos, to tweet… How can it be done? ;)


Provide URL of page which has issue please.

Is this a responsive theme?


Thank you for interesting and yes it’s responsive theme.

I have purchased the CORE theme. Is it possible I can add a custom social media icon or am I limited to the social media icons that are currently provided with the theme in the upper right corner?


To add more icons you have to edit HTML code in header.php and you can disable some icons by removing them in Core admin > Social Profiles.

Hey Guys, I’ve got a little shopping cart icon in the header of CORE. It’s great. Can you tell me how to program the page this icon links to. The Cart and Checkout buttons currently point to my old shop pages. Fitz


You have to add HTML link for that. Please see

How do I uninstall the Dudamobile redirect? when users open my website it shows nothing. How do I have the main website show on mobile phones? Is there a plugin or setting?


It’s not coming from theme. I think it’s one of your plugins. Please try to disable all plugins.

Please help 1) How do I add Google plus icon to the heater (next to facebook and twitter and instagram ) 2) how do I add the calendar and photostream to the blog page (like shows in your core preview) Thanks


1. You have to edit HTML code in header.php file.

2. You can add widgets to “Blog Sidebar” using Appearance > Widgets. Also when you create a blog page, make sure you select “Blog Sidebar” as its sidebar option.

where do i get the HTML code?

Ok i used the current code and changed the flickr one to google plus, i also changed the icon image. now how can i find the image online and update it, (without needing to re instal core theme? the flickr icon now leads successfully to my google plus, i just need to change the image (i over wrote the flickr.png one)

Hi, Love the theme! I’m new to wordpress and coding and have a few questions.

1) Can I have a text box on top of a full-size picture? e.g. screen grab 1 I cheated by making it part of the picture… see link

2) On your sample site the white header is positioned to align with the top of the page/screen. I did look through the code but could not figure out where to make that adjustment. 3) Also, some of your images have a border/size restriction, so that the top edge never gets hidden by the menu bar/header bar. Where would I change this. 4) If I make adjustments to code, does that change the settings for all pages that share those properties? Is there away of making a change to an individual page? 5) if I mess up code, can I revert to a previously saved edit? 6) Can I link from Gallery Grid page to the respective galleries? i.e.. I want to click on a picture on my Gallery Index and for this to be linked to the respective gallery

Look forward to your response. Many thanks in advance!


1, 6 Currently It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

2. It couldn’t be done using theme admin. However you can edit theme CSS file to change that

Did you know about Firebug a Firefox plugin? It will help you inspect all CSS and HTML elements, really help if you do a lot customization

The main CSS file is /css/screen.css

3, 4, 5 Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom page template for you, we highly recommend to check out: Tweaky

Thanks so much for your reply. I will check out Firebug and Tweaky! I very much hope that there’ll be lots of demand for a pop up box on top of a picture :-)

Hi, beautiful minimalist theme! I encountered a bug with no pictures from the galleries being displayed. I do see thumbnails though. From Troubleshooting I tried the script “timthumb.php” with redirect to a 404 page. From what i understood the error might come from some php files set to “writable by others” but i am not sure and do not know which one to check.

Any help is more than welcome! Thanks :)

Got it! nothing to do with the permissions…

hello there, can anyone help. I just purchased this theme and im using the image flow on the main page, but the images that are being shown are the ones that were added a while back and my latest images that i uploaded are at the end. How do i show images from latest. My friend bought a very old version of this theme and there is an option there that shows latest or something like that, but i dont see that in these theme. please help.

I’m also having issue with mobile experience. I tried to different devices and the page loads and then the browsers just closes. This is using safari and chrome. How can this be fixed? is the site.

I also checked on iphone 5 iOS7 and it works but im chekcing on android phones with chrome and firefox and it opens and then just kicks you out of the browser. This is using the samsung s4. Also on an iphone 4 or 4s chrome or safari does the same thing, doesn’t work on iphone 4 or 4s. I also check on my ipad 2 with chrome and safari and that doesnt work either.

Theme goods could you also help me figure out a way to have the latest images shown on main page with flow. As of now its only showing from oldest to newest. I do remember that you had an option in the admin home page section that had a toggle for newest or oldest, but that is not there in this version.

Hello themeGoods, So i was able to figure out the image flow to show latest to oldest now. Thank you. Still having issue with mobile devices though. Ipad 2, iphone 4, 4s and android.

I want to know if there are any options for the Image Flow gallery to show the larger images with shorter reflections or even without any reflection.

Please login with your purchased account.

Sure, I’ll buy it and then I’ll see if it works for me!!!

Oh sorry for miss understanding. Yes there is an option to disable reflection but to increase image flow size you have to edit CSS code for that.

Hello, I’ve got problem with ordering pictures in gallery. As I loaded 105 pictures they appear ordered by name (decreasing: 10,9,8,7 ect.) I want to reverse it and order increasing but it doesn’t work. I do it this way: Galleries>>Edit>>Add New>>Gallery(105)>>and than, in the pop-up window, I move down the site and I set ordering by title and “increasing” option in the gallery settings section. Nothing is changing. I’ve tried also press sorting method in the upper menu of gallery edit window-without result…I don’t want to do it manually (drag and drop) because it takes lot of time…BEST REGARDS!!!!


Sorry currently drag&drop is the way to order images in gallery but I will look for better solution.

hi ksienciu, I had an issue like this too. Automatically the photos are set to be sorted from latest to oldest. if you had images added before uploading the theme its fine. All you need to do it go to your most oldest image and drag it up to make it the second oldest then save. Refresh you site and see if anything changed. This is all done in galleries section of word press admin.

about google plus icon, i used the current code and changed the flickr one to google plus, i also changed the icon image in photoshop. now how can i find the image online and update it, (without needing to re instal core theme? the flickr icon now leads successfully to my google plus, i just need to change the image (i over wrote the flickr.png one)

It’s located in /wp-content/themes/core/about_icon

I’m not sure how to get there, is it online?

It’s in theme folder path /wp-content/themes/core/about_icon

Hello ThemeGood, I’m experiencing an issue with mobile device. People using an iphone 5 I07 and the site loads with main images, but when you click on an image using a mobile device it give an error. The error is “the requested content cannot be loaded. please try again later.” This is when someone clicks on the image to make it bigger. my site is please help to fix this issue.

I also noticed that the theme works on some mobile devices and some not. It seems that the theme works on newer device model and not older. Would it be possible to have an update so the theme works on all mobile devices?

ok, thank you for replying. Can you tell me how to reduce the images within wordpress the ones that have been uploaded already.

To reduce size, I think you have to do it on your computer and re upload them.

Also you can use this plugin to optimise image size.

thank you!

Hi TG,

Great theme, Anyway I am developing a site for a client of mine using your theme but got a small prob… on the main homepage I got my main gallery here… I then went to set up a blog page to show latest posts by going into wp-settings > reading > selecting the BLOG page to show latest posts. for some reason it’s not showing any posts but the gallery on there! How can I change this? just to confirm I want to show the latest blog posts and NOY the picture gallery on this url… Thanks and looking forward to your response. - PD


Thank you for purchasing. Sorry homepage content is fixed with image gallery.

Hello! My contact form does’nt work correct. It sends the mail but not confirmation to the customer.

I read some comments and you always answer “provide URL on your contact page”. But I do not understand what you are meaning. Can you please exlain it? Thank you!


Your contact form still link to your old URL “”. Could you try to remove current contact page and create it again please.

Hey, this was the solution. how easy. thx a lot!!!

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?