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Hello ThemeGoods! I’ve seen we have a lot of themes and I’ve a special need for a theme. I need a theme to promote models. I want a theme that allows me to create 10 galleries for example, one per model and then showcase one featured image for each model in the homepage (grid for example) and when a visitor clicks in that image then opens a box with 3 or 4 sliders/images for that specific model. Which of your themes provide me that solution. Thanks for replying me asap. Regards

Hi, Yes, could be galleries but it’s better to add portfolios. And then then place them in the frontpage. Which of your themes do you advice me to accomplish that? Thanks

Hi ThemeGoods. I made that choice and I am working on it. I’ve also put a ticket. Thanks.

I have a problem with facebook widgets. I have tried several plugins, I even tried to put codes from the facebook developpers website, but each time the widget is cropped. All my widgets are working perfectly except facebook widgets. I don’t understand. Here is the page:

Thank you


Really sorry, I can’t support on all 3rd party plugins issue. Please try to read its documentation or contact plugin author.

Hi all,

I have any issue with uploading my music. I believe the issue is with the fact the max file upload size is 2mb and i want to upload about 12mb+. Any way to get around this. Bearing in mind I havent got a clue about php files etc


Thank you for purchasing.

You have to contact your webhost and ask them to increase file upload size limitation on your server.

Hello, GREAT theme. I create a gallery which works fine. However, when clicking on “add image” nothing happens so I cannot download images from my computer. Working on MAC, tried with Safari, with Firefox, none of it works. Adding pictures to Media works with no problem. Thank you for you support.

How can I rate it ?

Thank you for helping me rate it ;) Go to Your account > Downloads

Thank you very much ;)

Done ! Cheers

Hi! I purchased the theme a little more than a year ago. The theme is great on computers, but is not responsive on any mobile devices, as it was advertised. Website url: I have tested it on an iphone, samsung and various tablets and the viewport code does not work so the site does not load properly on any mobile device, the image flow covers the logo and navigation bar. Please advise asap as to how to resolve this problem. Thank you! Natascha*


It’s because your logo width is too large and there is not enough space. So it pushes main menu down. Please try to reduce logo width.

What is the ideal logo height and width for it to work both on a computer screen and on mobile devices?

I would recommend the same dimension as theme logo.

Hi out there, I am really new in the WordPress world and have a question – I bought the core theme and on computers everything works fine; but when it goes to mobile-devices, problems start, especially at the I-Phone (probably at the I-Pad too): In my theme-settings I have the possibility:”Enable/disable main menu and footer auto hiding”. So on the hp the sidebars disappear after a few seconds not moving the cursor, and pictures are there full screen. After moving the cursor, the sidebars appear again and you can use the menu then. I really like that, looks nice,but yesterday a friend told me, that if he visits my hp via I-phone, the sidebars disappear, but they don t come back if you touch the screen, so can t ever visit the galleries and stuff. Any idea, how I could keep that “Enable/disable main menu and footer auto hiding “-possibility, because I disabled it for now.

One other thing: the thumbnails are big as I like them – but on the mobile devices they are cut in the half (because too big for display) – any possibility that they are shown smaller on mobiles, but big as now on computers?

my page is

Thanks for reading patience, and would be great to get some support (and please mention that I am a web-page-rookie)

Cheers, gemono

hi, I use you theme for my photography website, I am very satisfied with you theme! have a question about the background color, it worked me almost everywhere to adjust the colors, I just do not get it done to change the background color of a gallery that remains white. can you help me to change the color code? my website is its the area after you pic a image

thank you!


I have changed the color code but it does not work

If I use firebug and I change this code then it works but I can not find where you can change it in the theme html { background-color: #888784; display: block; height: auto; width: auto; }

Please some help! thank you!!!

I checked your code. You changed incorrect line. You changed background attribute of ’.img_frame’ elements.

You have to change background attribute of “a[rel=gallery]”

ware do i have to make that change?

how do i get to the update download?


Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

All of your settings and contents remain the same.

Hi ThemeGoods, and congratulations for your very nice theme. I would like to deactivate the mirror effect in the Gallery Flow. Is it possible ? My website is Thanks in advance.

I found the answer in this forum, thanks

Ok great! :)

I have purchased Core Minimalist Photography theme, and WordPress will not install it because it is missing the style.css sheet. Help! This is my professional photography site, and I really need it up and running soon!


Thank you for purchasing.

Please see

Theme documentation’s located in your downloaded file from Themeforest Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual folder it will help you get through all theme features.

Hi ThemeGoods,

I have a question about this theme. I love the gallery “image flow” view, but before i purchase the theme, i would like to be sure if it’s possible to add a description, or a link to a description for every image (not only a title but a full description; under/above/inside the picture doens’t matter). Is this possible? Or do you have another theme with the image flow gallery where you can add a full description? Thank you!


Thank you for interesting.

You can add image title and description but it will display under image in lightbox mode.

Why when I upload an image NOW it puts it in every single gallery instead of just the one that I want it to go into. I’ve had this theme for a couple months now and now all of a sudden I can’t put an image to a certain page or gallery it puts it on everything. Any ideas? Is there an update that I should do?

Please login with your purchased account.


The main menu can’t be selectable on my webpage. You can see them but you cannot touch them via using responsive page views on Ipad iphone etc. The menu item positions are always seems at the below of the mainpage galery pictures. The same situation appears on the other pages. I checked my website pages with writing the links manually on the browser’s link bar.

As an example, my homepage’s flow style. You may see the page from

How can i fix it? Thank you very much & waiting for your reply. Erdinc

(I had updated the last version of the theme.)


It’s because your logo width is too large and there is not enough space. So it pushes main menu down. Please try to reduce logo width.

I have a purchased the them ‘core’ which I love – thank you. How do I go about making code changes, where do I find the coding? – Love to download a higher res. logo without making it large on the screen, my logo is very soft – any advice?


You have to edit HTML code for logo size in header.php

Well aware of that, issue I have is where do I find the code and how do I go about implementing the change?

Sorry, knew there was something else… how do I go about changing the font in the theme, can you please give it to me in detail please.


You can change header font using Core admin > Font.

If you want to change body font. It couldn’t be done using theme admin. However you can edit theme CSS file to change that

Did you know about Firebug a Firefox plugin? It will help you inspect all CSS and HTML elements, really help if you do a lot customization

The main CSS file is /css/screen.css

Thank you for your response… It is not possible to change the body font from the Core admin panel – unless you have a secret area/button that I am not aware of?

I am aware that you can edit the theme CSS file but I do not know where to go to find the file and change it, would be a good idea to have the ability to do this in the panel like many other themes without having to edit the theme. I have looked at firebug but it does not allow you to save any edits.

Really want to change the font, so any simple easy to use instruction greatly received. Thanks for your time.

Sorry I meant it is not possible to change the header font through the core panel.

The demo version on any mobile device loads perfectly, a scaled down version of the desktop site, but my site ( doesn’t display like that at all on any mobile device. It gives a drop down menu and no social icons are visible, even when I make the logo size the recommended 79×50 pixels. I would like my site to display exactly as the demo site on all mobile devices, isn’t this what it means to have a responsive design, to have the site shrinked down to the screen size of the mobile device that it is viewed from? And, the only way that the site is viewable on a mobile phone is if I make the logo 79×50px but then the logo displays so tiny on the desktop site that its is barely visible. Why is the demo version different from my site on mobile devices? Please provide additional code to fix this problem.

But not the same as the live preview of the site, which is the version we all look at before buying the theme. The live preview of the site from a mobile device scales down the whole site and loads without a dropdown menu and the social media icons are visible. Is there ant way to have the logo size larger and then have it scaled down according to mobile device? Cannot display logo so tiny on desktop site as it is barely visible.

It’s scaled down and has dropdown on demo site too. I just checked it.

How can I have my logo size bigger than demo site logo on the desktop site and then have the logo scaled down to smaller size when viewed on a mobile device?

Great theme, however encountering a few problems. The main problem I have is my logo shows up in Safari and iPhone but not Android or firefox??? Need this resolved asap thank you.


Provide URL of page which has issue please.

I purchased this theme for the flow slider style home page (it looks fantastic), and I have read the comments and followed your instructions. No matter how many times I drag and drop, or reorder the images by uploading them in the order that I want, the slider will play the images randomly. HELP! Please check the home page at I really need this to work. Thanks.


Thank you for purchasing.

Did you select homepage gallery using Core admin > Homepage?

how can i make the top level of a menu non-clickable???

the skins menu here is what i want to do.

custom link for top level of menu set to # ...


Yes that’s correct :)

Hi, How can I add Google Maps to my contact page ? In addition I couln’t find the font that you’ve alreadt used in livepreview.


1. You can use map shortcode. Get sample code here

2. Select default font in Theme admin panel.