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I would also like a menu tweak to avoid the problem noted by chlywly.

Because when you resize to small windows width, there is not enough space for menu so it pushed down.

It seems all but the ‘Pages’ widget works in my sidebar on any page, nor does the sidebar appear when the ‘Contact’ theme is selected.

Is this normal?

Did you select sidebar in edit page?

Sorry, all widgets seem to be working now except twitter?

Any suggestions?

Did your server has CURL library installed? Also did your server can connect to Twitter API ?

The contact form doesn’t seem to be working for me. It says thanks, but then no e-mail.. !?

Provide URL please.

I’m having some problems getting the home page to display correctly. This was an existing site with some page structure already in place (pre WP 3 .0 and the custom menu structure). I’ve installed the theme fine, but when I load the site, I can’t get the home page slider to load. It seems to think it’s just a regular page. I’ve selected a gallery from the homepage in the Core theme menu, but it seems to be pulling the home page from the “home page” that was previously set up.

From the read me file, this seems like it should be easy, but I’ve got something messed up.

Here’s what the home page looks like. I can’t send you to the page because my client doesn’t want the site live until it’s ready for the public, so it has a maintenance mode activated.

Open Wordpress admin > Settings > Reading > Front page display select latest posts.

Hi Pete,

Can you please tell me how take off the reflection from the images displayed in the flow slider, also can I make the background of the fancybox dark instead of white?

Open /js/jquery.ppflip.js line 42 change to = '0';

Open header.php line 215-237 change to

<input name="skin_color" id="skin_color" value="000000" type="hidden" />

Thank you, all sorted.

Thanks for the quick reply. I knew it was something simple I was missing. I have the slider showing up now, but the photos aren’t there. If I switch the home page to the full screen the photos are there. If I go to the rotate, the photos don’t show up, but if I click on the frame for the photo, I can see the full size photo show up. If I have the slider on, which is what my client wants, I don’t get any photos showing up. The scroll bar at the bottom is there, but the photos don’t load.

btw – great theme. Love the design!

Provide URL please.

Hi I am thinking of changing from your Kin theme to this one. But just wanted to ask some questions first:

1. Can you have the home page slider style gallery for the portfolios? Like if I have a Fashion, Commercial Portfolio, can I use the home page slider style?

2. How do you organise the portfolio, is it the same way as the Kin theme where you create a post for each photo?

3. Would it be possible to see the theme’s manual first before purchasing?

Thanks, great theme!

1. It’s not support yet. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers

2. It’s gallery admin panel which is support multiple images upload.

Hi Peerapong,

Can you please explain me how to embed Vimeo video on the home page slider (image flow)?

Cheers Alexis

Sorry, it’s not support that.

Hello Pete,

Can your template Core use ‘Prettyphoto’ slide show which gives viewers small thumb overlays as opposed to current lightbox which just uses the left/right arrow?


Sorry, the theme use “Fancybox” for main lightbox script.

Sorry, only available in Wordpress version :)

Can you have multiple portfolios? Like Web design, Print, Logo, etc….

If so, do they have to be drop downs? Or how would they be organized?

Also can you have an About Us page and or additional pages with text/images?

Thank you

Sure you can do all. You can create pages, galleries and add it via Wordpress custom menu.

Anyone else other than myself that would like the galleries to be able to be password protected!??

Hi. Recently purchased. Like the setup. One little problem. the Menu builder crashes out when adding more than 3 pages to the main menu. I get an error 500. i’m forced to trash all pages and start over. any idea what might be causing this?

Look your error message point to file


Theme’s files

It’s clearly not theme’s file that cause the issue.

i have the default theme up now. take a look and u’ll see it opens fine. when i return the theme back to CORE it gives the error.

Okay, i stand half corrected. it looks like i found the problem. it was not the theme or the wordpress files. The problem came from an SEO plugin. Peerapong, can you note that some SEO plugins will not allow the theme to work properly. (Greg’s High Performance SEO )

Yes chlywly, I would agree with you, I believe that it is very essential and necessary to have the theme be able to work with wp password protected pages, my client asked me about this already being that is a photography theme and they upload galleries for each client.

peerapong, is there anyway to make the pages password protected or do you know of a plugin that would make this work??

I will add it into the future if there are many requests from customers

Is there a way to turn off the image titles in each portfolio?

Also, how do you change the order of images in each portfolio page?

Which portfolio style you use?

You can change the order via Core admin > Blog-Portfolio

From what I can tell the photos from the gallery are not generating thumb nails. If I use the full screen for the homepage, the photo shows up, but the thumbnails below are not there. If I use either of the other two home screens, the pictures don’t show up, which I’m assuming are those same thumbnails that wouldn’t show up on the full screen homepage.

OK. I’ve done that. Uploaded the Core folder to the directory you listed. Reactivated the theme, and I’m still not getting anything in the slider. full screen has the full photo, but no thumbs below it.

The main image flow script is not accessible on your server.

You will get “page not found”

Could you try to contact your hosting provider please. There are some server .htaccess which cause this error.

Contacted host provider. Got disconnected before they told me the issue, but they did something to fix it… all is working great now! Thanks for your quick responses and a great theme!

Hi, Is it possible to disable right click on the images?


Yes, you can add javascript for that.

hi – is there a particular setting to enable the “View Fullscreen” button in galleries? the option isn’t appearing on my site:

thank you for the beautiful theme.

Open Core admin > Blog-portfolio > Enable Autoplay for Fullscreen Slideshow

I have set the sildeshow for “enable” and still no slideshow when i click “view fullscreen”.

Sorry, that slideshow means “Homepage full screen slideshow”

Excellent job!! you are genius!!

Thank you.