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hello. this looks good. I just wonder if you can put this navigation (dots on right side) I am trying to build like this and I need dots navigation as well. Let me know. if you can put this. i will buy it.

Thanks for your interest towards the theme!

Yes! Its possible to add the dots like the reference.

Congrats, looks fantastic :)

Thanks a lot!

Love it!! v1.0 Yes please!! :-)

Thanks for the appreciation!

looks nice, presale question: any possibility you will add ANY navigation in portfolio items ? next prev back ? greetings

Okay! We will update soon, and let you know…

hello guys ;) any chance for update soon ? ;)

Yes! We are working on it.. We will update it ASAP…

nice work and nice design.. good luck!


I’ve bought around 50 theme forest themes, and, a few hours in to working with it, I think this is the best one yet. well done. for anyone who has challenges, watch the youtube videos linked at the bottom of the support documentation. they spell out everything you need to know.

Thanks for the awesome appreciation…we will work hard to produce more better themes!

Hi Armoore,

Thanks again for your kind words. Can you pls rate this item if you have a minute.

Nice! Good luck with sales

Thanks a lot…

How much portfolio items can be displayed on the home page? I see there’s 8 right there. Is it possible to add like for example 60 (without pagination)?

Yes Possible!

I must say it’s one of the best One-Page websites on TF. I bought it just to look on the backend and im nicely surprized. Even biggest dumdum will know how to handle it :) great and intuitive. Well Done!

Thank you. This type of comment helps us to enhance our work towards the next level..!

No problem. Waiting for more great themes.

Kindly rate the theme if possible :)

Hi guys, may i ask for xml demo data for template? Thanks a lot

After installing the theme,

1. Just, Log-in into your Admin Panel

2. Click the “Import Dummy Data” Button

3. Automatically, the dummy data will get imported

thank you :)

Kindly rate the theme if possible :)

Hey I cant get the theme to work like the demo please help me I would rally site my site to work just like the demo…... tried every thing I this

Okay I got the theme to do what I wanted it to do Just cant find where I put the link for the buy now buttons for the pricing tables ? any ideas

and I would like to know how to inter great mail chimp with the newsletter signup ….

Extremely sorry for late reply..

A. Use the below given code to change the “Buy Now” Button Link and Text.
[pricing-table-item variation="" heading="" subheading="" button_text="" button_link="" button_size=""]
Please use:

1.button_text = TO change the button text value( By default , button_text = Buy Now) 2.button_link = To set link to the button 3.button_size = small, medium,large,xlarge

B. We have used shortcode to add newsletter signup form. So, you can replace it from the page into mailchimp code (get the form code and place it here).


I’ve just downloaded this theme, installed plugins (layerslider, revslider, videojs), installed theme, imported dummy data. New posts / pages etc appeared in admin.

In frontend there is logo, top bar and menu only. None of menu item is working (I click on menu items and nothing is happening; firebug shows no errors).

Attached documentation says: “Install the dummy data which is included. This will ensure the posts/pages get laid out properly with the correct page templates. Go to Tools > Import > Wordpress. Browse the SpaTreats downloaded folder and locate the ‘Dummy Data’ folder which is present in ‘SpaTreats Docs’ folder. Select the XML file and upload it. Be sure to click “download and import all attachments”. No idea what is this.

My page is on my local machine only so I cannot give you an access. Please advice how can I make this theme set up?

My wordpress version is 3.5.1. No other plugin installed. Just a fresh installation.

Please try to install the plugins manually.

Get more details of managing your plugins, from


After ZIP download I see directories:

core-wp-theme documentation plugins PSD

I tried two ways to set it up:

1. I copied core-wp-theme to wp-content/themes/. Menu still not working, no other data in Frontend but menu.

2. I copied all those directories to wp-content/themes/Core. Still no success, menu not working, no other data.

I tried reinstalling wordpress from scratch. No success.

Also, this video is not up-to-date I cannot find nor theme directory in ZIP file I downloaded from themeforest.

Waiting for your feedback, please.

1. Please find the theme in core-wp-theme folder, from the downloaded zip file.

2. Check whether the menu, posts & pages are created in your local wp.

3. Change the permalink from “Default” to “Post name”.

4. Go to “Appearance->Menus->” And choose “Menu” in Theme Locations Primary menu drop-down.

Also, make use of this Video Package –

All was done but point 4. There is no Primary Menu selected by default. After importing dummy data “Top” menu is created. I selected Top menu as Primary Menu and theme is working fine now! Please attach this information into documentation or fix theme.

Still not sure whether to copy core-wp-theme to wp-content/themes or all directories to wp-content/themes/Core? What about attached plugins? Install it or it’s installed automatically somehow?

Kindly, Share your FTP details and Wordpress Credentials through mail. Use the right bottom form for mailing.

Nice Theme I just have a few quick questions.

1. How do you determine the order of the pages?

2. On the main page in the demo, Is there a short code to insert a regular image that has the rounded spin effect?

1. To determine the order of pages, please view the below given image. (Screenshot)

2. Here is the Shortcode to insert a regular image that has the rounded spin effect. (Txt file)

Do you use google fonts? I so, how can I use Latin Extended (latin-ext)? I want to stick to Oswald but I need latin-ext for a number of signs in the sites language

Please find mytheme_appearance_load_fonts() in register_public.php file, which is located in Maintheme(core)/framework/register_public.php.


$output .= "<link id='menu-font' href='".esc_url("".$font)."' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>\r";

Replace it with line no : 347

$output .= "<link id='menu-font' href='".esc_url("".$font."&subset=latin,cyrillic")."' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>\r";

Hi, designthemes for some reason, the shortcodes are working right for my site :( when i try to do [one-fourth last] in my post, “last” is not getting generated in the final html.. therefore it messes up the layout. can you help me PLEASE..? thanks, Jason

Ya sure!

Please try the below given Shortcodes.
[one-fourth]Content for 1/4 Column here[/one-fourth]
[one-fourth]Content for 1/4 Column here[/one-fourth]
[one-fourth]Content for 1/4 Column here[/one-fourth]
[one-fourth last]Content for 1/4 Column here[/one-fourth]
If same error continues, please send us your login (FTP &Wordpress) details.

Use the Right bottom form, in

I’ve sent you a message. please help.

Love it….can the background images be changed to something custom?

Yes …each and every page background image can be easily changed.

HI There,

I’ve installed the theme based on your documentation but for some reason the sliding is not working on the wordpress. The site is

and at the theme dashboard, there’s this message:- Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description __MACOSX Stylesheet is missing.

I’ve look at the file, it’s all in there tho. Please help.


The sliding works fine in your website. We have checked it in all browsers. Please refer this video link.

Excellent theme. The service items on the front page – Are you able to have more than 4? Same question on the services page, can you have more than 3 service item?

Is there a preview for the backend management?


1. Ya, you can have more than 4 service items in Front page (and) more than 3 service items in Service page.

It takes Half an hour for each queries. We charge $20-$25 for this customization.

2. Back-end Management preview is available from

This may be good for the group

how to create a new page and not have it be part of the singe page layout. How the Features page is on the template. So I can have a menu button for page. But take you to a separate page. I understand that its not the point of the theme. I only want to do that for 1 page.

2nd is how to change the icon images on the first page (Work flow) and the services page. The icons named “clock”, “pen”,”mail,”help”,”strategy”, and “chemical”. I can’t find where those icons are hosted. I downloaded the kit form but didn’t see them in there.

If you could offer any assistance on achieving those 2 things that would be great!!

I sent an email as well if you would like to respond there.

How do we change the icons?

We have made them using Shortcodes. You can find it by installing Dummy Data.