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any plans to make it woocommerce compatible?

Yeah sure! We have a plan for integrating WooCommerce in our Core Theme. We will let you know , once after publishing the Updated Version on ThemeForest.

I can’t upload this theme! I purchased it, downloaded it, but it will not upload! Please help!

Please refer this Screenshot for getting a Clear idea of Updating your theme –

How can I enable the ONE page scrolling within your Wordpress Theme? I always get normal links (?page_id=) within my menu when adding new pages…

Sorry for the inconvenience!

After the Theme installation, Go to Settings -> Permalinks and change the Permalink from default to Post name.

Refer this Screenshot –

Thanks for the fast answer. I think you missunderstood my question. I miss the smooth scrolling to a page, when I click on a page in the navigation. Now when I click on a page in the navigation, the page appear as a single page and there is no “One Page Template”, which let me scroll to the other pages.

Please View this Videos for snatching a Clear idea of Setting up One Page in Role Theme -

Send us a video ( using )of the issue that you are facing now!


Love the theme and just what I was looking for. Unfortunately like some others I am also having problems with the LayerSlider and wrong version. I sent an email requesting the purchase code but thought best to do it through here as well.

Could you also include code for Revolution slider as well.

Thanks Mark

We have sent you the Purchase code and Layer Slider file through Mail. Please make use of it :-)

Hi Just wondering do i need to have WordPress license to edit the template? or just with normal WordPress account i can edit the it.


Once after purchasing the template, you can customize it as per your needs! There is no need for any external license!

Hi How do I change the order of appearance of pages in the main index ? I have the contact form at the top and can’t seem to put it in the bottom


wow .. this theme is a mess actually .. sorry I don’t like it at all …

also having the same issue as others apparently, the one page template doesn’t work .. when I click on a page name in the top navigation bar, it takes me to a single page , and it doesn’t scroll like it’s supposed to …

Sorry for the inconvenience anyways ! We are not sure about anymore issues you’re facing currently.

You’ll see that this theme works well in our end. However we’re ready to help with your problems then.

But before that please ensure you’ve installed and setup your theme properly, with our video manuals,

Hi, i wanted to use the restaurant theme, pretty mush as is, but when installed it appears nothing like it, is it possible to have this theme exactly as you have it as the demo?

Its a great theme by the way..

Yes! It is Possible! After Installing your Theme,

(a). Go To—> Core Admin Panel
(b). Click Skins Tab
(c). Pick your Favorite Skin from Available Skins Section and Save it.

Refer this Screenshot –

And then, Import Dummy Data by Clicking the “Import Dummy Data” Button that comes at the top right end of the Buddha Panel!


How can I show thumbnails of all images added to a portfolio item underneath the main image? I can’t for the life of me figure it out!


Sorry. The Core WordPress Theme doesn’t have this option. If you wish to have it on your site, we can make it possible through Theme Customization.

Note: You will be charged for this task @ $15 – $20 / per hour!

Hi Do you customise the page ? If yes what’s the cost ?

Once you purchased the theme….per hour $15.

I am after the restaurant theme and want to keep it simple, the same as the sample one. How many hours do you think it might take you roughly to customise it for me with my own info and images? I also like to know if the web page mobile compatible or not.

Yes of course ! Our theme is responsive and so it will compatible with all mobile devices.

Kindly prepare and have the consolidated list of all your requirements first.

So that, we can take a look and confirm with you on exact cost and timeline details.

Then, please post a job with the brief of your requirements from oDesk and send us a invitation along with that job.

Once, if we both were get confirmed with all the requirements, we can start work and proceed then.

Hi there, for some reason I can’t get child pages to slide along the one-page layout. When you click to one, and then click parent page, the one-page slides back to the wrong page. It’s like the child page breaks the one page sliding functionality. Can this be fixed or worked around? I have set slugs for all. Thx.

Please download and use the updated version (version 2.1) of Core Theme to get rid of your issue!

ff you need to fix the issue with your present version, grab the ideas from below:

(a). Each item present in the Top Menu is the Parent Page. And, every item comes under the Parent Pages are its Child pages. Please refer the Screenshot for more details –

(b). Submenu items should be the child of its top menu! Please refer this image –

(c). And then, You have to change the permalink settings. Refer the Screenshot –

Please Let us know, if you find any difficulties!

Hi there, thanks so much. I don’t have much time to update the theme (we actually just downloaded it last week so should be new version). But I did the three steps you have here and they did not fix the issue. Do you have another idea to fix?

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please make sure whether you are using the latest version (version 2.1) of “CORE” Theme.

If you are facing the issue even with the latest version, then kindly mail us your WordPress and FTP login details via form @ . So that, we can find an exact fix of your issue and solve it ASAP!

Hi. Regarding the pricing table.I would like to know if there is a parameter on the shortcode to set the link for the buy now button. Thanks

I found out! button_link=” ” and button_text=”“

Yeah sure! Please refer the below shortcode:
[pricing-table-item heading="Services" subheading="This is the sub head" button_link="" button_text="Buy Now"]
Note: If you are really like our Theme and Support, please rate the item! We are expecting a 5 star rating from your side :-)


I bought your 2 themes. I am also having problems with the LayerSlider and wrong version. I sent an email requesting the purchase code but thought best to do it through here as well.

Could you also include code for Revolution slider as well.


Sorry. We didn’t receive any mail from your side!

Please mail using the right bottom form @ . Or if possible, share your email ID here!

Hi there,

I just went to change my widgets and for some reason my widgets page seems to be broken as I can no longer see the widgets I already have in place.

That is the website and you can see that I already have widgets in place. But if you login to the admin side and go to the widgets section, it shows no widgets and won’t let me add any either.

Any idea how this has happened?



I am now resolved this, it was a plugin conflict

Hi. We have already worked on your 2 different websites. So, please let us know the license number of the Theme that you have purchased for this website!

And, we will charge around $20/ per hour for fixing your issue! Please let us know, if you wish to proceed.

Hi, I have fixed this now.

I have purchased about 13 themes on themeforest, and several of them are the same theme.

Many thanks

Hello, i am using the restaurant template but i cant seem to change the background (sides of the slider and how do i put the slider in more pages, and how do i change it to a normal NOT onepage setting?

This them is NOT compatible with IE10 the Slider is working but shows a streched picture in every setting and other various settings go wrong. please advice

Thanks for the purchase!

(a). If you have set the slider as full-width, you can easily add background for the slider using slider settings. Or else, you have to write custom css for the slider. And then, add background image to slider-container id in “style.css” file.

(b). You can use the slider shortcode for the other pages!

(c). For navigating to the external page, you should add “external” class in the menu section.

Sorry for the very delayed reply!

We have checked the Core Theme in IE10. But we didn’t receive as slider issue as you mentioned in your comment. If possible, can you send us a screencast (video using screenr) of your issue?


Can you advise how do I edit/change the enquiry form and newsletter signup form? In which section must I refer to?

Hi! I just installed the theme and I did the dummy data as well. After that, testing the theme I got an error that is stopping me to continue.

When I click in a portfolio item, the page cannot be found, it is like the page did not exist, but it is there, we know !

Look, in portfolio editor

Image Hosted by

even trying by the button “View Portfolio Entry” I got the same error then I try by the site….

Image Hosted by

Could you guide me? Help me?

Yeah sure! We feel glad to guide you!

You can get rid of this issue, just by following the below given instructions.

- Enable Apache module “rewrite_module”.
- And then, please update the Permalink structure twice.

Note: If you are really like our Theme and Support, please rate the item! We are expecting a 5 star rating from your side :-)

Thank You !!

Let me ask you another thing!

1)At Portfolio, I only can add images that were previously imported into Media Library ?

2) My client need a site which the theme’s color is different from those we have, could you please tell me which css files should I change?

Note: Done !! 5 Stars :)

Thanks for the Rating!

(a). Yes. For Portfolio, the images should be imported only through the media library.
(b). You can change the page background with the help of Background options at the Theme Back-end.


I sent you an email requesting support and have yet to receive a reply. Also, is there a particular reason you overlooked my inquiry on the comment form issue submitted here?

Extremely sorry for the Delayed Reply!

Thanks for the WordPress details. But, we don’t have permission to edit the files. Anyway, here is the solution for your issue!

Please find the below line in “style.css” file and replace it with the below one!

Old Style:

Line No 414 :

.content .pattern { float:left; width:100%; clear:both; margin:0px; padding:50px 0px 90px; background-position:center top; background-repeat:repeat-x; background:url(framework/theme_options/images/pattern/pattern1.png) center top repeat-x; }
New Style to be replaced:

Line No 414 :

.content .pattern { float:left; width:100%; clear:both; margin:0px; padding:50px 0px 90px; background-position:center top; background-repeat:repeat-x; }

You have to use the “hidden” class in your menu section. Kindly refer this Screenshot for better idea –


Is there a way to list related ‘portfolio’ posts when viewing a post – for example list 2 other posts from the same category?

What is the name of the custom post type? for the portfolio items?

Thank you

Sorry for the Delayed Reply!

Right now, The Core Theme doesn’t have an option to display the related portfolios in the portfolio single page. But, we will consider it for the future updates.

I think what everyone is referring to is YOUR list of icons – that is the NAMING value you have attributed within your theme. For example – The truck icon in your theme is “truck” where as font awesome would have listed it as “fa-truck” please advise. Also – can I suggest you add the icons to the shortcodes. Thanks.

We will mail you the updated version of the Layer Slider. Please make use of it to run away fro your issue!