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Are the images in the slider included with the purchase of the theme?

I’ve purchased the theme. Please send me information on images

Thanks for the Purchase :-)

Click here for the image links –

Thank you!

Hi, did you receive my mail on parallax? Awaiting your response, Thanks

Sorry. We didn’t receive any mail from your side! Please send it once again through the form at

I can not get the contact form to work – when i create new contact form (in plug in called contact form 7, it is too dark for the theme and the text is not readable)

However the enquiry form looks great – how can i edit that form?

Thank you so much, I will try this! I will definitely give your theme a great rating ! Its a beautiful theme, and your support is very great!

Thanks a lot for your Appreciation :-)

Apart from money, we feel happy by hearing these kind of words too!

Thanks so much for your quick reply – Ive used the shortcode and the form shows up, however the colors of the fields (such as name, phone number, your email) are not readable, and are too dark for the theme. can I edit this in the stylesheet?

Maybe a dumb question.. Installed dummy content, what page is HOME page with entire one page website? All I see are individual pages and no HOME page. Help doc is limited at best.

Please follow this Demo Video’s

After installing the dummy content, Set the Permalink ( ) and Menu in the Menu Section.

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I am having 3 issues:

1) I have a question – when i add images using the “rouded_image” shortcode provided in dummy content for a four column page, the images turn out “oval” and not “round” of the 4 images I added 3 are oval and 1 is round. Please see screenshot:

2) Also, how can I implement the dark brown boarder around the images the way that Portfolio section allows it? See screenshot:

3) Is there a way to get rid of the “project details” section in my portfolio? I’d just like to keep the information on the individual portfolio item page without project details. See screenshot:

(a). Please use square shaped images ( with the same width and height ) to get the perfect circle image. For example: 204*204.

(b). Use the below Shortcode for getting the rounded image with a border:
<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-18" alt="services1" src="" width="204" height="204" />
(c). For the form issue, please use the “label” tag for the labels. For Example:
<p> <label> Your Name (required) </label> <br /> [text* your-name] </p>

Thank you so much everything worked! I love your theme!! I am giving it the top rating!! thank you SOO much!

Thanks for the Rating and Appreciation :-) We are here to guide you in the future too!

Mailing you again here. When the layer slider is in use, the anchor points get messed up. When you click a child page, and then click a one-page parent page, the anchor lands too low – it lands the height of the slider. Anchor points need to be adjusted for the slider height. I sent you url. Please advise.

Hi, when “show slider” is active anchor points are off on body pages when clicking back to top pages. Please advise of the fix!

Sorry for the delayed reply. Please get back to us with your WordPress and FTP credentials. So that, we can have a look at your issue and fix it ASAP!

When I try to upload the file “” on my Wordpress dashoboard, I get an error message saying “Wordpress Failure Notice” then on it asks me, “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” I need this site up and running ASAP, please let me know what the issue is.

Sorry for the inconvenience :(

(a). Extract your “” and copy the folder.
(b). Go To WP ( folder ) -> wp-content -> themes -> paste the copied folder.
(c). After completing the above process, navigate to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes. The theme will be appeared.

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Thanks for your response, I really appreciate the assistance.

Is it safe to update to WordPress 3.8?

Sorry. Our Core Theme Back-end is not compatible with WordPress 3.8. But if you use it in WP 3.8, the front-end will work properly and there will be some minor design issues in the Back-end.

Note: We will update the Theme ( with WP 3.8 compatibility and WooCommerce integration ) by the first half of next week.

Thank you for the reply. I will wait for the update.

We’ll let you know, once after the theme gets updated!

Thanks for the reply, I had to load the theme through Filezilla. I’m trying to re-size my custom logo, any suggestions?

Please replace the below lines in “style.css” file. Just adjust the margin & max-height of your logo.

Line No 355 :

#logo { float: left; margin: 10px 0px 0px; padding: 0px; }
Line No 356 :
#logo img { max-height:55px; }

We trimmed the extra space of your logo and attached below. Use this one, instead of your current logo.

You can re-size the logo by increasing/decreasing the max-height of your logo in the “style.css” file

Line no 356:

#logo img { max-height: 40px; }

Thank you very much!

Sorry. It is not possible to customize the Theme as shown here – . It consumes a lot of time for customizing it, and it affects the One Page Navigation too!


I’m looking to purchase only one theme of these six. Is it available in that way?

Sorry. It is not possible to purchase a single theme out of six.After purchasing the entire package, you can select your favorite skin with the help of our Buddha Panel ( Theme Back-end ).

When I try to change the font for H1 under the Typography tab in the Buddha Panel the page fails to update. I was able to change the fonts one time, now its not working. I’ve tried it on multiple browsers on 2 different computers, any suggestion on how I can fix this?

Typography works fine! Please refer this video –

Make sure that you have switched Disable Typography Settings field as “NO”.

It worked fine for me up until yesterday. Any changes I make on the Buddha Panel won’t work, the page just loads endlessly. I’m wondering if there is something wrong with my Wordpress page, I’ll look into it. Thanks for your response, you guys have a great support staff.

Yeah sure! Please let us know, if you find any difficulties!

Hi I have just purchased this theme and downloaded the new 3.8 wordpress. But i am having trouble installing the theme. It’s not installing it. Even when i drop it directly into the ftp it doesnt appear in Themes.

Even suggesting to download 3.7, wordpress won’t let me continue untill I update.

How am i gonna use this template?

Thank you

I sorted it. Thanks

The Videos are not Blurry! You can set the Video Quality as shown here –

Here is the Revolution Slider Documentation link –

Please Check it out and let us know, if you still find any difficulties!


is it possible to show a page which is located in a submenu within the main onepage. at the moment pages in submenus are rendered as extra pages and are not included in the onepage view.

regards and thanx for your help moritz

Sorry. Submenu pages are not applicable for the one page view!

Can you give us a hint where in your code or in which file we can found the coded decision if a page is shown in the onepagetemplet or on a own new page?

One page navigation is written in “Theme_directory -> framework -> register_public.php” (inside the class my_menu_walker). We guess that, you can achieve it by customizing that codes.

I need assistance, I am having the upmost difficulty setting this theme up, your youtube videos go blurry half way thru, so cant even see what your trying to explain.

I am trying to set up the revolution slider and menu.


This thing is buggy, every time I change a background of a page, the pattern etc, I view the page, the changes appear. Then when i refresh the site, it goes back to how it was before I changed it. I don’t get why.

We didn’t get this issue while checking it from our side. Please make sure that you are using the updated version (version 2.2) of the CORE theme.

If the issue continues after updating the theme, then please send us your site’s WP details privately through the right bottom @ . We will check the issue and let you know the fix!


Is there a way to have multiple galleries on one page, using a shortcode for each gallery? This is so I can separate each gallery with a heading and intro text.


Sorry. At present, our theme don’t have an option to use any shortcode for the gallery section. But, you can achieve it by creating multiple pages using the portfolio template, and you can show it in the one page ( as given here – ).

I apologize in advanced for my ignorance on the subject, how would I add a header image so I can create a spot for advertisements? For example Pretty much how there is an area to the left for the Company logo as well as room to place an advertisement of sort. Thanks for all of the assistance, you guys are great!

Also, my page is not loading correct on mobile devices. Any suggestions on how I would fix this?

(a). Go To Buddha Panel -> “Responsive & Mobile” Tab
(b). Switch “YES” to make your site Responsive

Refer this Screenshot –

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Like it, very nice! Where are a list of icons?? Thanks

Thanks for the Purchase and Appreciation!

You can use font awesome icons! Get the Icons list from here –

And then Follow the below process,

(a). Select any icon and get its class name ( )
(b). Go To WP-admin -> Pages -> Respective Page. And, place the font awesome icon class as shown here –
(c). Update the Page and see it in live ( )

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Hello, I recently purchased your beautiful theme package but am having some trouble uploading it to my blue host site. I’ve downloaded and unzipped and choose the file and for some reason it will not download. I’ve downloaded a free “tester” theme to see if it would work, and it did. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Thanks for the Purchase and Appreciation!

You can the upload theme in two different methods:

Method I: (i). Don’t install the entire download .ZIP package, rather than the actual theme. The downloaded package includes documentation, child theme, etc. And so, unzip the package -> find the actual theme file -> install the theme.
(ii). Find the “style.css” file, located in your actual theme directory folder.
(iii). Checkout this video –

Method II: (i). Copy the actual theme directory folder.
(ii). Go to Core (wp-folder) -> wp-content -> themes.
(iii). Paste the above copied theme directory folder.
(iv). Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes -> Activate theme

After the theme installation, set menu and permalink:

Menu –
permalink –

If you face any difficulties, please mail your WordPress and FTP details. We will install the theme for you!

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