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Dumb question…. I bought this theme long time ago And I was wondering If I have to re-download it for it to be updated?


The latest version (version 2.2) is compatible with WooCommerce Shopping cart and few more attractive features!

(a). Before updating the Theme, please have a copy of your existing one.
(b). Download the latest version of the Theme.
(c). And then, Install it as usual.

Note: If you update the Theme without any Backup, it results to the loss of customization that you have done before on your site!

Please don’t forget to place your useful rating! 5 Stars will be very much appreciated :)

Thank you it worked!

That’s great :-) Please rate our Theme, if you’ve not done it yet!

How do you add a link into the buttons on the pricing tables? I also want to change my most premoium package from “buy now” to “Contact Us” – how do I do this?


Add button_link=”” and button_text=”Contact-Us” properties to the pricing-table shortcode.

For Example:
[pricing-table-item heading="" subheading="This is the sub head" button_link="" button_text="Contact-Us"]
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Hey, I’m not sure if this is a question for wordpress support or you guys honestly, but today I went to my page and my theme was totally different as seen @ Any suggestions on how I would fix this?

found the problem, thanks anyways

We are not clear with your query, so please send us a clear Screenshot/Description of the issue. So that, we can offer you an exact fix to get rid of it!

We have updated the logo size. Kindly check your site

Hi, I do not see the child theme?


Please check whether you are using the Updated Version (version 2.2) of the Core Theme.

I have a divider on the right side of the page vertically how do I remove it?

Can you please send us a Screenshot and your Website URL. So that we can offer you an exact fix!

When I only add 1 Image to a portfolio, the Slider in the single portfolio page keeps rotating the same image, so it keeps blinking every few seconds.If I only add 1 image I would like the slider to be disabled, how could I fix this?

Also, I must be blind, where do I rate this theme?

We have fixed this issue in the updated version of our theme. So, please update the latest version (version 2.2) to get rid of this issue.

If you are not interested in updating the Theme, then please mail us your WP and FTP details. We will fix it.

Note : Before Updating the Theme, please have a Backup of your existing one!


What is the perfect size for a custom image logo? The default CORE one works perfectly but when I try to put one of my own it looks really small….please help..


Thanks a lot for your 5 stars :-)

(a). Go To WP-admin -> Pages -> All Pages
(b). Click “Quick Edit” option on the respective page ( )
(c). Chang the Slug Name as per your needs ( )

Thanks it worked… another question: I Can’t change the color of the title of my posts? there is no option to change the colors on posts… ONLY on the pages? does it depend on which skin you use? thank you

Yes. The Post Title color will be appeared based on the Skin.

Hi there,

I was contacted today by a client of mine whose site I built using your theme. He had forwarded me a couple of emails he received through the contact form on the site that were clearly spam but somehow managed to bypass the required email field. Do you know how I can prevent this from happening?


To get rid of these kind of Spam Mails,

(a). Install and Activate “Akismet” Plugin (or)
(b). Enable CAPTCHA.

Where can I enable captcha from the backend or is that another plugin?


Please refer this Screenshot to add CAPTCHA into your Contact Form –

I haven’t got the contact form 7 plugin installed, I am using the default shortcode enquiry form you guys coded into the site. Or do you recommend using that plugin instead of your?

(a). You can use our shortcode [enquiry_form/].

(b). The Core version 2.0 and above is compatible with Contact form 7 plugin. If you are using any older versions, please update it to the latest one. Because contact form 7 easy to customize forms, change your mail ID, etc.

Note: Please have a Backup of your existing Theme, before updating it with the new one!

Hello I installed this theme on a subdomain to work on it and get it ready. Is it possible to move this from a sub domain to the root without mess it up? :)

Yes. You can easily migrate from a sub domain to the root, without getting an error!

Note: If you are happy with our Theme and Support, please rate it! We hope a 5 star rating from your side :-)

I gave a 5 star rate to this team.

Thanks a lot for the Rating!

Hello, in the first blog page I have it set as “blog template” but when i go to the other pages (2, 3, 4, 5, etc…), the template of the page changes and doesn’t follow the “blog template” setup I did for the first page.

Thank you.

Hi, did you guys get a chance to take a look at the site? I sent you the information you requested, via the contact form, a few days ago.

As we mentioned above, including WP we need your FTP details too! So please mail us your FTP info ASAP!

(a). Don’t choose the Blog page as a Front page. Because this is a Theme with a One Page Template. We have written code based on one page template. And so, don’t choose “A static page” option from Dashboard / settings / reading / .

(b). Please check your site. It works fine now –


How can I create a new page and have it resolve to /new-page/ rather than /#new-page/ it can not be part of the one-page effect.

Thank you!

I figured it out. The new page needs to be added to the main navigation as a link :-)

Oh that’s fine. Please rate our Theme, if you have not done it yet :)

I’ve tried to follow the steps that you guys have stated to me and others to make my logo on the header bigger, but my novice skills obviously aren’t cutting it. Can you possibly explain to me again how to upload and resize a custom logo for my header or else send me a link to a tutorial video? Thanks!

In our Theme, the logo image carries a resolution of 169*40 Pixels with the below given style, (line number: 360 in “style.css” file)
#logo img {max-height: 40px;}
If you use a Custom logo, please adjust the max-height as per the logo size.


Please mail us your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials, including the Screenshot of your query. We will do it for you!


Please do not buy this theme , I send them email 4days ago no reply and i am middle of something to fix my website and they don’t care . I made a mistake and i wish no one do. thanks

Please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located @

So that, we can check and have a clear look on your end. Then we’ll help you get rid of it ASAP !!

What Happen now its been 2 days you didn’t reply my email , can you please reply and let me know what you can do . thanks

Sorry. It is not possible to Revert a Theme. Even if we install any new Theme, you can’t get any updates regarding the Theme from Themeforest. And so, It is best to purchase new Theme from the Marketplace.

I would like to find/use additional icons related to SEO, PPC and Social Media such as the ones you are using in the sprite


and calling with

span .strategy-icon span .help-icon and span .chemical-icon

Please suggest how I may accomplish.

Thank you!

(a). We have used those icons from – If you want use, have to buy those icons.

(b). you can use font awesome icons also –


[bordered_box title="Complete Analysis" icon="icon-home"]

Screenshot – %20sweets.png

The slider-plugins seem to be incompatible with latest version of wordpress. How do i get the latest updates? Sent you an email last weekend but no reaction yet.

Sorry, we didn’t receive any mail till now. So, please share your mail ID here (or) Let us know your mail_ID through the right bottom @ . We will send you the Latest version of Slider Plugins Privately!

Hello, LOVE the theme! Just working on the rev slider. How do I make it full screen like the one shown in demo (using restaurant theme)? Thanks!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you getting back to so quickly! Unfortunately the second link (with grid width/height) won’t work. “error 404” pops up. Can you give me the dimensions or another link? Thank you so much!!! 5 stars for sure :)

You can mail us privately through the right bottom form @

It will take around 2 hours for this customization. And you will be charged around $20/ per hour. You can send the payment via our PayPal ID as following,

Note: For this Customization, we need your FTP Credentials too!

How can I select an author under a specific post? I’m not sure if it’s a wp issue or a theme setting that I am overlooking.

Thank you,

Please Checkout this Video any satisfy your needs –

Hey Guys I updated the theme but the menu and site function went funny, I would like to have it as the live demo, with the older theme, (that I still have ) it works great but the new version top menu adds all the pages and the site doesn’t slide up and down like it should . what should I do?


We are not exactly clear with your query. Please send us some Screenshots of the issue that you are facing at present.

Please just explain how I need to update theme. so it will work like a one page site and scroll down and up. I am using the old theme and want to update it . regards

Download the updated version from Themeforest. Have a Backup of the existing theme ane update it with the new one.

For Settingup the Onepage site -

(a). Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus
(b). If you give “external” as custom class name, just remove it.
(c). Select the primary check box.

Refer this Screenshot –

Hello, looking to get some theme customization work done. Could you please send me an email address where I can send you some things I’d like done to the site. Thanks!

Hope that helped..