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Hi, my wordpress is installed in a separate folder, however I’m using htaccess file and index file in root folder. Everything is working fine, except for the menu on the one page template. The menu item are still pointing to the sub directory and therefore the pages can’t be displayed. Can you please advise?


Kindly install the Default Theme one more time. And if the issue continues, then please contact your hosting provider.

When I upload the zip file into Wordpress, I’m getting a page asking if I really want to do this and “please try again.” Do I need to open the zip file before I upload my theme into wordpress?

The Theme can be installed in 2 different methods, as follows:

Method I:

(i) Don’t install the entire download .ZIP package, rather than the actual theme itself. The downloaded package contains documentation, child theme etc. So, unzip package and find the actual theme file, and then install the theme.
(ii) Actual theme directory – Find style.css file is located in your actual theme directory folder.
(iii) Watch this video –

Method II:

(i) Copy actual theme directory folder
(ii) Go to Core(wp-folder) -> wp-content -> themes -> Paste the copied theme directory folder
(iii) Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes -> Activate theme

After installing the theme, set menu and permalink as shown below: Menu –
Permalink –

Note: If you still find any difficulties while installing the Theme, please send the WordPress and FTP details. We will install the Theme for you!

Still having trouble installing this theme. Installed it once, but couldn’t configure the menu to link to content below, so tried to reinstall the theme and start over. Now getting the same message as above. I’m only attempting to install the Core theme zip file (core-v2.2-theme is the title of the zip file), but it’s not uploading properly. Would appreciate any help, thanks.

Please mail your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials through the right bottom form @ . So that, we can install the theme for you ASAP!

Hi I want to change the icons in the Services page with the ones I’ve bought. I don’t wanna use any default icon or font awesome icons. how can I do this?

Try the following process for using the custom icons: (a). Place your icons in the images folder
(b). Give your icon class name in shortcode -

 [bordered_box title="Help Develop your Business" icon="custom-icon"]
(c). Using the respective custom-icon class name, you can call the custom image.

Thank you for your reply. Im gonna try it.

Another question, I made this theme rtl and made many changes to it so it fit my purpose. Now I wanna update it to your latest release. How should I do this without messing with the current structure and changes ?

Follow the below given instructions :)

(a). Have a Backup of your Theme first.

(b). And then, do those changes in your child theme.

(c). After that, update our theme and replace the files (or maintain your customized files) in the child theme.

i have installed layerslider plugin and made a slider. After that i went to the theme options and selected the slider but it is not appearing on the hompage. Im using the one page template. Please take a look :

Hello, I’ve sent you an email.. did you recieve it?

We haven’t received any mail from your end recently!

Your WordPress admin details are not valid. So, please provide us the exact WP details for fixing the issue!

Note: Please don’t share your website credentials here. You can send us privately through the right bottom form @ . Kindly, remove the comment from here (change your FTP details ASAP) and mail us your Login info privately!

The core core/framework/sendmail.php] script is a huge security hole. Will you fix it. It’s an open door on my server for everyone to send mails.

Thank you

Okay! Thanks for acknowledgement.

So, have you found a fix for this file? Thanks

At present we are working on our Theme Updations. And so, we will try to implement it in our future version.


Can you tell me how to add an additional social icon in the footer? I have added the Twitter, Facebook and Youtube that you provide, but I need to add Instagram.


Please follow the instructions as shown in the Screenshot –

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Thanks for that. I managed to get the icon working with no problem.

It Sounds Good :)

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Hi I installed the updated version of the theme today and everything is fine expect the slider. I cant get it to work. It wont show. you can check it here :

You have not enabled the slider from the WP-admin -> Core -> One Page template -> Slider. We have enabled it (refer – ). .

The Slider is getting displayed on your site now –

I spent 4 hours going thorough the codes for this :)) Thank you for you help

Hope your query was resolved!

Hi, I have 6 categories created, and each one of them has at least 1 portfolio page linked to, but just 4 categories is showing up on portfolio page. How can I fix this and have all categories created to show on main portfolio page? Please help

Hi just want to let you know that I figure out the issue I was having and it is all fixed. Thanks

Hope you have find a fix for it :)

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Hi, I need help with another issue.

I need to remove the default pattern (crosshatch) in the Spa skin. Any new pattern I select on seperate page formatting just overlays the new pattern selection on top of the default. Very annoying. How do I get rid of the default pattern without it being overwritten when I update/upgrade the theme files in the future?


(a). Go To WP-admin -> Pages -> Respective Page (we used Therapists page for example)
(b). Move to the Default Page Options Metabox.
(c). And set the Pattern, as shown here ( )

The Result will be as shown here –

For changing the Pattern BG,

(a). Open “style.css” from “wp-content/themes/core-2.2/core-2.2/style.css”
(b). Go To Line no : 416
.content .pattern { float: left;width: 100%;clear: both;margin: 0px;padding: 50px 0px 90px; background: url(framework/theme_options/images/pattern/pattern1.png) center top repeat-x; }
Remove the Background image, with your custom one ( )

Note: You have to do it for all pages.

I need help with the portfolio page. I didn’t want the large image and I replaced .bx-wrapper img { width:100%; display: block; } with .bx-wrapper img { display: block; }, but still shows a large grey box behind the image and extended to the right too far.

See here:

You can see a selection of buttons I need to appear on this page beneath the feature image and the text.

How do I fix this?


Please checkout the Screenshot, and confirm whether you are expecting for the same!

(Or) Kindly send us a Clear Screenshot of your query!

Yes, that is exactly what I’d like. How do I set that up? Thanks

We can achieve it only through the Theme Customization! Please mail us your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials via the bottom right form @ . We will do it for you!

Hi designthemes,

I have a problem with the mobile-menu with external links. It doesn’t work or doesn’t go to the correct page or link. It only works for scrolling part of the menu. I think it has something to do with the javascript MyScrollto function.

<select class=”mobile-menu” onchange=”MyScrollTo(this.value)” name=”dropdpown”>

I also tried it with your site, it doesn’t work.

Hope you could help us resolve this. Our site is

Many thanks.

Hi designthemes,

our client asked us to remove the scrolling so I guess you won’t be able to test the smooth scrolling.

First of All, Thanks for the Purchase and Appreciation :)

(a). We have checked you site ( ) in Firefox and Safari. But it loads well as same as the other browsers.

(b). And while navigating from external page to about page, it doesn’t stop at the slider section, where it goes to the about us content.

(c). Related to the slider section in mobile view,

When i choose “Home” (slider section) in the menu nav, it scrolls up but shows the lower half of the slider. You can change it with the help of following Screenshot.

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Oh Its fine!

Note: If you are happy with our Theme and Support, please rate it! We expect a 5 star rating form your end :)

Where can I get an instagram icon that match the other sociable icons? I already read the post above on how to add it to my site, just don’t know where to get the social icon and the hover icon for instagram. Thanks

We have checked you website on all responsive modes. But, we can’t find any issues as you mentioned. Please check your site in the following URL,

Hello, I just purchased this theme and i want to ask are there any additional icons pack apart from the ones in the live demo? And if Yes where to find them. Thank you

And also where to find the services type shortcode?

No. Our Theme doesn’t carry any additional icons pack apart from the ones in the Live Demo.

Ok I’m a little frustrated with your theme…

A few problems:

1. Can’t figure out how to change the colors of the top menu and the contact form/newsletter boxes

2. I changed the hover color for menu buttons but it’s not working. Same with the submit buttons for the two forms

3. There’s space above the revolution slider and I can’t figure out how to get rid of that.

4. I’m STILL having problems making the logo bigger. I’ve followed the instructions that you posted above and they don’t work.

Please get back to me asap on these issues.

For Changing the Border color of Team images, try the following instructions:

Default Color:

(a). Open “style.css” file from “wp-content/themes/core/skins/spa/style.css”
(b). Go To Line no : 65
.team-wrapper .rounded-image span { border: 6px solid #523d28; }
Hover Color: (a). Open “style.css” file from “wp-content/themes/core/style.css”
(b). Go To Line no : 592
.team-wrapper:hover .rounded-image span { border:6px solid #c4c1ae; }
Change your border color as you wish!

(1) & (2). Follow the instructions, as shown in the following Screenshots.
Submit button –
Menu Color -
(3). Checked the site and we can’t see any space above the slider.
(4). If you use a Custom image logo, please adjust the max-height as per the logo size.
In our Theme, the logo image carries a resolution of 169*40 Pixels with the below given style, (line number: 360 in “style.css” file)

#logo img {max-height: 40px;}

For Changing the Header Background:

(a). Open “style.css” file from “wp-content/themes/core/skins/spa/style.css”
(b). Go To Line no : 20
#header { background: #573519; border-bottom: 1px solid #3b220e; }
Change the BG Color as per your website look.

If you wish to change the Header BG often,

(1). Remove “background: #573519;” from the above line
(2). And then change the BG Color in the Buddha Panel, whenever you wish.

This is really a strange theme , my experience with this is not good , i went with sub pages rather than one page layout and that really caused lot of trouble , i dont know why but i have to redo css changes every time i make even a small change in pages


the mobile menu doesnt work , i resized my browser screen and i got a mobile nav , i clicked on pages and subpages and it doesnt work

so then i tested the demo you have on ur server , click on cart , order recieved etc it wont work even there

so now , i need a fix to make this menu work , anythign you can help me with here

Please mail your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials through the right bottom form @ . So that, we can check the issue and fix it ASAP!

How do you hide the slider button in the mobile menu like it’s hidden on the desktop menu?

We are not exactly clear with your query :( Do you meant that, you have to remove the slider section in the mobile navigation menu?

If Yes, you can achieve it from WP-admin—> Menus. If No, then please send us an exact Screenshot of the issue.

Hello, I am having issues with the blog page where it lists all the blog postings. The first page of the blog looks fine, but when i click #2 and above the pages look different – its the revolving slider and not the vertical list. I would like to have all the pages to look the same as page number 1. How can I achieve this?

Thank you!


Please mail your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials through the right bottom form @ . So that, we can check the issue and fix it ASAP!

Ok, I sent you an email with the information. Thank you in advance for your help.


Can you please email me the demo file for the Multi-purpose theme? That will make my work incredibly easy.

Thanks very much in advance, Akanksha

Hi.. Please ignore this message. Just read the instruction. My bad :) Thanks, anyway

Oh that’s fine :)

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I’m working for a client who purchased this theme but I can’t seem to get it to work properly in my development environment. I’m sure I’m missing something very obvious. I was able to load the dummy data just fine but nothing shows up on the homepage and the links from the menus don’t seem to work. If I copy/paste them into the address bar they work no problem but just not on the master one-page.

Thanks! Sean

I also can’t seem to get the skins to work….I really think I am doing something stupid or missing an obvious step to getting this theme to work properly. I apologize if that is the case.

Thanks in advance! Sean

Please mail us your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials through the right bottom @ . So that, we can have a clear look at your query and offer you an exact reply ASAP!

Please mail us your WordPress and FTP Login Credentials through the right bottom form @ . We will have a look at your issue and offer you a solution ASAP! and also please confirm the purchase code of your product.