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Awesome Work.,:D

Thanks a lot

Great theme! Good luck :)

Thanks for the appreciation

hello! comes home to its original position when there is a bug ie7 menu. help me!

Hi we have updated the template with the fixed ie7 issue.. It will available soon since it is in process queue..

help me. plase…. I got to download it again.However, still did not fix the I really need to troubleshoot

Can you please share the URL of the site!

Nice work designthemes :)

Thanks mani.

I like bg variations :) Good luck…


Before I purchase this theme, as it would be my first HTML Template purchase, can U advise what would be the best HTML Editor to use in editing this theme?

Thanks for your interest to buy our template. We prefer to use Adobe Dreamweaver to edit the HTML files.

You can use open source HTML editors too!

The WordPress version of the theme is available, where you can use the powerful admin panel to customize the theme

I saw the PSD, well great theme in live preview ! Good luck :)

Thanks…we and Buddha themes worked together to get this done.

And… Where is the Wordpress version? :D

We are working on it, will release ASAP.

Thanks for your patience, the WordPress version is available now!

Great theme! Could you be more specific about the release ? It’s more like 2 days or 2 weeks ? I will buy it for sure !!! Thanks :)

hello, anything new today ? thanks :)

We are uploading now, will go for review!

Thanks for your patience, the WordPress version is available now!

Hi, I’m new to HTML and this is my first purchase of HTML template. What file I need to include or amend if I want a working form?

The form is working by default,

You have to change the $to = “”; into $to = “your working mail id”;

in php/sendmail.php file.

The form doesn’t seem to work for me either. Running ubuntu 12.04 if that makes a difference.

Also, I have changed the email address as per your installation document.

1.PHP PEAR module for sending email.

2.You can use sendmail package.

3.If you want to just send mail (without full blown MTA), you can install nullmailer packages.

If needed follow this link

and mail in the details in “Email designthemes” section on right bottom. This is safe! Thanks…

Hi, Thanks for the template.

I have a quick question regarding the logo. I think it may be an IE issue, but I thought I’d ask.

I’m not sure if you’ve run into this problem before, but when I try to use my own PNG as a logo (Edited in Photoshop), Internet Explorer does not show the image. When using the logo you provided, it works fine. I even took the logo you provided, opened it in Photoshop, saved it, and it will no longer work in IE.

Would you happen to know why this happens?


Can you share the URL of the site!

Sorry, I put this project on hold so I never got back to you. I currently don’t have it uploaded onto a server. I’ve only tested locally and only IE is giving problems. Once I upload it, if the problem still exists I’ll message you again with a URL.

Hi, perfect template! Is the Wordpress version already finished?


95% done…final testing is going on, will upload in 2 days!

Thanks for your patience, the WordPress version is available now!

I am also waiting for the WordPress version. Is it available yet?

Thanks for your patience, the WordPress version is available now!

Hello, Great theme, very versatile.

But I urgently need to know how can I add sub-menus to the HTML version. I see the Wordpress’ has them

Please offer your Mail ID. So that, we could send the file (Sub menu for HTML version) via mail.

Sub-menus does not works on IE 7 :3

We have updated the last thread…

Great to know, thanks for the fix!

Checkout the attached file. It includes the submenu in HTML version.

Looks great, kinda lost me with all of the “hover” effects

Those hover effects are done using CSS3 properties… So, it will work on modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera… It won’t work on IE browsers…

The jquery animation for the internal links (menu) flashes and flickers on ios (ipad and iphone). As far as I can tell it is the background image of the first (home) page that flickers in the background as I move between links in the menu.

How can I solve this?

Also, is there a way to adjust the offset. I have noticed I can adjust the offset for the animation but that only means that once the animation is completed it will jump to the standard anchor mark. I want to adjust the actual anchor mark position, given that I have a top nav-bar.

You can see an example here

If I click the menu links on an iphone or ipad the background (top color rain thingie) flickers even though I am not looking at a “page” that have the background, only the home page does.

My background image replaces the montain image in the original template.

I have made some changes mainly to the CSS files but I have had this problem since day one.

Sorry to say that we could not understand the exact issue, which you sent us. Please take a demo video using, and send us the video. So that, we can find the issue and deliver you a solution.

How to change to blue theme. By default it gave a gray theme. But I would like to have the Blue theme as advertised on all the screenshots and demo.

Refer the given video to change the default Gray Theme to Blue Theme, as shown in Theme demo.