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Of course you can also have html content/youtube or other video in the popup lightbox?

Great job!

Yes .. We have used Pretty-photo jQuery Lightbox in this template. So, you can give YouTube, Vimeo and QuickTime movies, inline content, and much more.

Please refer,
<a href="">Light Box</a>

Great job!

Do you plan to add small admin-panel for this template ?

Thanks for your appreciation. Have a look at the WordPress version of Core Template, from

Is there a way to make a button ‘scroll’ you to a portion of the site just like the navigation does? I’m trying to make a “View Our Work” button that will scroll me to the portfolio section of the site.

For the smooth scroll, you may have to write the jQuery script. If you wish, we will do it for you and send you the script.

For the smooth scroll, you may have to write the jQuery script. If you wish, we will do it for you and send you the script.

I sent you a message asking for the script when you get a chance. Thanks

I’ve got the same problem. The same mode for all links to reach a portion of the site would be better. I would be glad, if you send me the jQuery script too. Thanks a lot.

Kindly, place the “smoothscroll.js” file in js folder and add the below code after jquery.js, which is at the bottom of the page.

<script src="js/smoothscroll.js"></script>

Use the class “smoothScroll” in the button anchor link for the smooth scroll.

For Ex : If you wish to scroll to the portfolio while clicking the button, use the below given format
<a href="#portfolio" class="button small yellow smoothScroll"> Portfolio </a>

Here is the attached file –

Wow, great. That works fine. Thanks

Where has the Live site gone?

Thanks for your appreciation :) Surely, we will implement this feature in our next update.

My one problem with the template is that a dropdown-list is used for navigation on mobile devices, be a perfect template if a Hamburger Menu were used. Great template.

We will implement it in the future update of this template..!

hey, I have a question regarding Navigation and URL, for example,, about is a child page of home, however, I’d like to have shorter URL, such as I can make this happen set about is as “no parent” page and then manage Navigation in menu setting. but it comes one issue, now when I currently page, all the rest main Nav. is not working properly, it becomes like, it doesn’t go anywhere. Any idea we could fix this?


Right now, we can’t achieve the request regarding Navigation and URL. We will try to make it possible in our future update!

Hello, I have the same problem as user “davidrinnan”

It’s appear only on iPad on any browser.

“The jquery animation for the internal links (menu) flashes and flickers on ios (ipad and iphone). As far as I can tell it is the background image of the first (home) page that flickers in the background as I move between links in the menu.”

Any solution for this?

Sorry for the Delayed reply!

This issue happens due to the “visualNav.js” file. Please check the below url in iPad. If you didn’t face any issues, please let us know. So that, we will update the one page js as in the WP version.

hello, sorry but it does’t work on iPad. It switch sites but nor scroll.

We will check this issue and fix it ASAP. And, let you know once after getting the issue fixed.

This template looks brilliant. I just have two questions… is it possible to change the image/shape behind the page to something original?

Additionally, I am looking to import my tumblr feed. Does this template support widgets, so that I could make that happen? Thank you! :)

Thanks for your appreciation :-)

You can possibly change the image/shape behind the page (background) as you needed, if you have compelling enough knowledge with HTML/CSS codes.

And you may know that many queries plugins are already out there for Tumblr feeds. So you can use any one of them as follows,

Hope you know that this is just an HTML5 template, and not a Wordpress theme instead. So please note that this template will not support any widgets to use with.

Or if you’re interested with Wordpress version (theme), you may easily get it from,

Wonderful, thank you for your quick response and helpful information!

It’s our pleasure to clear your queries :-)

I love this template and have already purchased it. Great job! :)

I need to show only one item from a list of items in the blog Carousel. Where is that setting done? Is it in one of the .js files? Pl. guide.

Thanks for the Purchase and Appreciation!

Our Core Theme Blog section carries two column and three column only. And, there is no option for a single column blog. We will implement this feature in our next update, which can be excepted by the end of this month.

If it is urgent, we will customize it for you @ a cost of $15-$20 / per hour!

Note: If you are really like our Theme and Support, please rate the item! We are expecting a 5 star rating from your side :-)

Hello Designthemes,

I have a few questions in regards to the blog page/pages on this html theme.

1- I saw in the WP version that you had a landing page for the blog (2-cloumn & 3-column) Is there a landing page for the html version?

2- In the html version, the single post page has the right side bar with the “categories” and “archives” lists. Are these working in the html version? Do they sort out for example “Recent News” under categories?

3- Is there an easy way to transfer all my old blog entries to this html version? Or do i have to do it manually? I have 5 years worth of blogs to transfer…lol.

Thank you so much in advance.


Thanks for the Interest on our Theme :)

(a). No. We didn’t include the Landing Page for the Core HTML version.
(b). For the HTML version you have to add “categories” and “archives” as static, and then you should provide the links for the particular post.
(c). You have to add all those posts manually. It is not possible to transfer every post, as WordPress does!

Note: Purchase the WP version ( ) of this template. Because, it suits well and satisfy all your needs!

Great Theme, well done.

Thanks for the Purchase and Appreciation :)

If you are really happy with our Theme and Support, please rate it! We expect a 5 star rating from your end!

Its possible to add a slider in the top?

Hi., Yes, with the help of the following plugins, you can add the sliders on the top of this Core Html template,

Looking forward your purchase happily :-)

Hi, I’m working on the portfolio and there is a part with a + on each icon to view a gallery. What I find is how to put my pictures in these galleries.

Hi., Thanks for your patience anyway!!

Kindly check whether you have replace the “prettyphoto image” path, if not please replace it with your original image path.

Check the screenshot for reference:

hi! Want to add an external link in the menu. I add an external ref in the

    inside one
  • so I can point another website outside the theme. If I add it, it destroys the Parallax effect in the entire site. Thanks for supporting!

Hi!., Please mail us your site FTP access logins via the right bottom form located @ So that, we can check and have a clear look on our end. Then we’ll help you get rid of it ASAP !!

It is not in production environment, is there any other way? Dropbox with the files?

Hi!., Send us your files through dropbox via the right bottom form located @

Dear Customers,

We will be on Holiday for Next 3 Days! Thank you Very Much for Understanding…Team will be back on Monday.

Dear Customers, We will be on Holiday for Next 2 Days! Thank you Very Much for Understanding…Team will be back on Friday.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

How do we go about getting support for this theme?


Just post your questions here as you have done now.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Thanks, having trouble with the simple php form. I cannot get it to send. I know the html side is good, and have tested the server side with a simple php echo script, so the array is being sent but the form sendphp form does not work.


Kindly, mail us your domain name and FTP access login details via the right bottom form located @ So that, we can check and have a clear look form our end.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Hi, I’m having some doubts on menu config. Actually I’m setting up the one page template. I’m using just a single page, like in VC Demo. The problem is with the portfolio section. Once you navigate in a portfolio page the menu, which is a custom menu button, with #section, you cannot go back anywhere. You’re stocked in that page. Any suggestion to fix this? And another issue I’m experiencing is that the map is showing up just on Safari and Chrome. I cannot see any map on my iPhone and on Firefox. Any suggestion to fix this?


Please try disabling the external plugins, other than the theme recommended plugins and check the issue.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Can U please help me set up the menu for the one page template? It’s not clear at all from tour docs. I’ve paid lot of money for this template and you’re not helping me at all. You’ve just set to deactivate plugin. But that’s not related at all with some configuration not explained in you docs or video.


It seems that the menu issue is already fixed in your site. We can now go the inner pages and come back to other pages in the menu items. Please have a look.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.