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Hi, Pre-buyer question. I would like to buy this project and use it as CRM, but a I have a few questions. 1. I want to create a sales document and send it as emam in PDF format to the customer, 2. What CRM functions are included in this project?

Thank you


this is just laravel project.

you need to implement all features yourself.


How easy is it to implement this theme to an already setup and running spark application?

if its only about spark then yes, its easy

Hello my name is José Luis.

I have some questions about your theme

- do you have a tutorial to install the theme in Laravel? - is it compatible with Laravel 5.6? - Include sass files?


Hello, its based on laravel so you can use it.

its based on 5.5, will update to 5.6 shortly.

I purchased the templates for use with Laravel Spark. Are there any tips for implementing with the latest Spark v6 or can you refund the license if there is nothing you will support on it anymore? It’d be helpful if there was documentation pre-purchase to state which version(s) of spark are supported. Thanks!

Awesome! It looks like some great updates throughout.

I looked through the documentation but there’s nothing about installation like the prior versions. Do you start with this as the base or is there a way to integrate this into a current project?

V6 changed completely so we started this as base.

If you have existing project, only way I can think of is copying all files into new project manually


Thanks, got that up and working. I appreciate you getting V6 up and working!

Hi just want to let you know. I live the Core Plus template, it’s awesome! Just one thing I notice is that the Granim counters make my CPU spike like crazy. I noticed this also on your demo site: http://coreplusdemo.lorvent.com/index.html

On the repo of granim it does not happen because there is always only one in view (I guess).

Just so you know ;-)

Ahhh! we will see ways to optimize it, thanks for informing :)

I would not at all agree that this is well documented, it seems lacking in any meaningful way. I have no idea which files in the zip file I need to use. I was also under the impression that this was ready for Laravel 5.6, but I only see reference to 5.5. I can’t get npm, bower, or gulp to complete any of the setups as they all fail with errors. Is there better documentation, else I need a refund.

we wrote an article at https://lorvent.gitbooks.io/clear/laravel-spark-skin/adding-external-plugins.html

but if thats still not clear, please post into lcrm.ticksy.com and our team will help you out.


With reference to your Core Plus theme.

On running: bower install: bower cssgram#* resolved https://github.com/una/CSSgram.git#0.1.12

Password for ‘https://github.com':

bower filesaver.js#* ECMDERR Failed to execute “git ls-remote—tags—heads https://github.com/carlos-algms/FileSaver.js.git", exit code of #128 remote: Repository not found. fatal: Authentication failed for ‘https://github.com/carlos-algms/FileSaver.js.git/'

Additional error details:

remote: Repository not found.

fatal: Authentication failed for ‘https://github.com/carlos-algms/FileSaver.js.git/'

On running gulp: Seans-iMac:charitablehumans sean$ gulp

[17:31:01] No gulpfile found

It doesn’t work and this is beyond frustrating.


can you please contact from lcrm.ticksy.com or profile page and lets connect through skype and get it done.


Does this support bootstrap 4 or spark 6?

Yes. It supports both bootstrap 4 and spark 6

Do you have theme documentation?


icreas Purchased

Hello, its based on laravel – its based on Laravel 5.6 ?? best regards


Yes, The package comes with laravel 5.6.


I would like to know if this template/theme covers Laravel Spark 6 version. Could you please update the features and version from this project?


yes it covers spark 6

Copying the files directly into spark post install breaks spark. Is this not compatible with 6.0.7?


it is compatible with 6.x unless they made any breaking changes in latest version.



Bought this and it looks great but can you please look at the support ticket I raised yesterday?

Thanks Martin

Is this still supported? Still waiting for a response to my ticket and email

i have responded to your ticket, thanks

Looks like a good theme – wish I could get a response to my support ticket…

sorry andy, i just responded to you over support.

Is it compatible with Laravel 5.6?

Are the components compatible with VueJS? Are there examples?


its compatible with 5.6 and 5.7

it is only laravel, no VueJS files added to it.

Is it compatible with Spark 7 ?

no, we made it for 6. not sure what has changed it 7, we will check and push an update shortly.


Hi i want to purchase this but I am using spark 7.2 and larvel 5.7 when is update happening?

Hello, we will push update tomorrow.


Hi was this update done?

Hello yes