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Awesome Work! GLWS :)

Very nice theme !

Does the layout works with square product images?

Thank You.

Thanks !
The layout works with square product images. If you have any question or problem. You can contact us we will help you.

Very nice theme man, good luck with sales :)

Thank you so much !

Hello, most of theme Prestashop are less good than a theme for Magento, I don’t know why but this theme is really amazing for Prestashop!

Will you put the theme to update in the future? (Prestashop 1.6 etc) Even if you do not sell enough of license?

Thank you :)

We create design for magento then convert to prestashop theme. When prestashop 1.6 release we wil update our themes compatible with prestashop 1.6


When I added Bulgarian language to my prestashop all POS home page modules disappeared. If you change it to english everything is okay

Any ideas?


You need enable them in admin manage modules. If you need more help you can make a ticket

Hi, the template is very nice, i have 2 questions: 1) with Chrome (last version) the template has some problems in visualisation, I need to refresh the page in order to see it correctly, any solution? 2) I need to see the subcategory, the template don’t allow this, now i use the category.tpl default from theme and it’s works, is it correct or i miss something? Thank you for your support. EG

1. We have checked this theme on latest chrome version but we don’t see problem. 2. You can make a ticket and provide screenshots , link of your issue. We will check and help you


Has support version prestashop 1.6 ??

This theme is compatible with prestashop 1.6. You can use for your website


1. Is this theme compatible with latest PrestaShop? 2. For product details i dont see Ratings and Comments. Are they available? Can i activate it from Admin or not? Thanks!

This theme is compatible with latest Prestashop ( 1.6). You can use and manage Rating and comment in admin module. If you want use them we will help you enable, you don’t worry

My web is but the result is very bad with prestashop . What is the problem??’

You can check your email and reply us. We have supported you via email

Hi, I’ve asked you to send me the files for prestashop . because is not working well, like 7 days ago. Do you think we can make this work today?

You can make a ticket We will check and fix it for you

Hi, not sure if you r support is rely working when i submit requests is giving me same ID: #XXXXXX. Also when i try to verify the ticket status is giving error. ..... :((((

after you create a ticket. You need check your email. When we reply you you get an email ( ticket Id)

Hello. I bought a prestashop pos coron template in themeforest. All work fine… the problem is in three modules. Pos Logo v1.0 - Pos Staticblock v1.0 - Pos Static Footer v1.0 -

can’t be installed, the message is : ” The following module (s) is not installed correctly: Pos Logo v1.0 - Pos Staticblock v1.0 - Pos Static Footer v1.0 -“

That is a big problem because the layout of the web is not looking good.

All the rest of Postheme modules working fine.

Please what can I do?

My server data.

PrestaShop – PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze17 Apache 2.2.16-6+squeeze7

You can make a ticket and provide your website info. We will check and help you solve it

I bought the theme Coron – Fashion Responsive Prestashop Theme for the site ( but in the main menu (with the categories “home”, “women”, “tops” ...) the drop down menu has a top space of ??120px (saw the inspection of elements in the browser – id=”popup5” class=”popup” style=”top: 120px; left: 289px; width: 215px; none. I wonder how to edit the margin of 120px, because I can not find where it is.

I already tried creating a ticket, but the ticket number will not appear. Only this message appears:

“Juliana, Thank you for contacting us.

The support request ticket # XXXXXX has been created and a representative will be getting back to you shortly if necessary.

Support Team “

I got it. Thanks anyway.

Hi, we used your theme with presta and but we have some issues with block layered. -price filter doesn’t work properly and fire js error -when we filter by category, item list css is broken -change page in pagination, and list become grid

help please

You can make a ticket . We will check and help you solve issue.

Hello. I want to buy this template. I have a question. Can we show left main menu on product page and category pages?

You can make a ticket . We will help you change it.


Look at my website, why the footer doesn’t work ?

You can open a ticket and provide your website info . We will check and help you fix it.

Hi I purchsed this theme and installed a quick start of 1.5 but wen i ty to upgrade to 1.6 automatically it fails…any solution?

Ok I did open one let me wait for results

You can check your email get ticket ID and follow your ticket

Hi, i bought your theme. but there are some problems. I open a ticket in your support center. thanks

Hi, You open a ticket and follow it. We will help you.

There is a Fantastic support!!! THANKSSSSSS!

Please, you don’t forget rate our theme 5 stars. Thanks !