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Very nice template. I really like it.

wow so neat and clean, awesome work as usual..

Very Nice work. Pre Purchase questions. Is the theme Widget Ready? And will shortcodes work in sidebars.

Thanks and good luck with this.


yes and yes :)

This is good on so many levels. Great name aswell :)

Thanks everyone, glad you guys like it ;)

Awesome work as always Kriesi :) Just a question, is Corona also built on your Avia framework?

thanks and yes :)

Great :) Will use this for a client’s site soon :)

I’m really pleased with the quality of your work. My website should look really nice with this theme ;)

Thanks a lot, glad you like it :) Once you are finished feel free to drop me a mail with the site url, I am always curious what you guys do with those templates :)

Does this theme have the image slider in posts like shoutbox? Thanks, very nice.

yes, each post got its own slideshow :)

Thanks a lot. Buying this for sure.

Awesome.. gold rain

wondering if possible to have a single video on homepage instead of slider.

yes, thats possible

Hi is it possible to change font color?

there is a color option for links and headings in the backend. other than that its just a single line of css that you need to change. If you are not familiar with that, my support team will take care of you ;)

Looks great as always kriesi. Any chance of making the mega menu work on this theme? I need some space for other menu options.


unfortunately the current version doesn’t support it and activating the frameworks mega menu class would remove the ability to use the menu items with subtitles. but maybe I will implement it if its requested often :)

Love this template real nice clean work..couple pre-sales questions: I’m new to WordPress

1. Can I use Google Maps plugin for the contact page?

2. On the Boxed Layout can I use a different color (other than black)

3. Is there a way to link images in the portfolio to audio/mp3 files and play when clicked on the image?

4. On the AviaCordion Slider is it possible to change the caption background color and text color?

Thanks and great work!

1.) of course

2.) yes, an option for that is available

3.) you can add whatever link you like to your images. you can either link to the file directly or to a site with a mp3 player

4.) would require to change you 2 lines of css, but actually its pretty simple :)

Ok, thanks for the response…

Hi, Kriesi! :) Nice template!

Does dark-skin.css color scheme inside pages are dark or white?

Hey! thanks ;)

Not sure what exactly you mean? The dark color scheme pages are dark on subsites if that is the question :)

Corona looks nice! Is it translation ready (.mo/.po files included)?

Yes a po and mo file for translation is included in the /lang/ folder


Couple of questions re. galleries, more specifically videos in galleries.

Can I set videos in galleries to open in a lightbox rather than be embedded?

Is there any way at all to change the current sortable gallery effect so selected category’s items slide to the top?

At the moment if I have 2 items in a gallery that are at the bottom row and the user selects that category, the top, say, few lines are faded out and the user has to scroll down through rows of empty space to get to the relevant items.

Cheers mate,


1.) yes easily possible out of the box, just add a preview image and set the lonk to the video of choice, the lightbox will be added automatically

2.) currently not possible although not a bad idea at all. maybe I will come up with a solution for that in one of the next updates, but no promise here ;)

Hey! really like the theme! Some quick questions… Can I change the color of the header and footer/top and bottom so the page can be completely white for instance? Adding facebook and Twitter buttons to the lightboxes? Can it be done? Easily? How? Am a complete noob ;)

best regards


Both possible and not that hard to pull of. first one is simple. Once downloaded and activated the theme offers a textarea where you can paste small CSS changes on the fly. simply add this for a white header & footer:

#top #header{background:#fff, border:none;}
#top  #footer {background: #fff; border: none;}
Adding twitter and fb buttons to the lightbox is also possible. the lightbox used is prettyphoto which you can get here:

the latest version which was recently released comes with support for those buttons. you just need to download it and replace the jquery.prettyPhoto.js file in folder JS/prettyphoto/js

Hi, I just purchased this theme and like it very much.

But I have a problem. My site already have a lot of posts. How can I setup Featured Images for that older posts?

I’ve tried a plugin called Auto Featured Image, but it breaks the installation.

Is there a way to regenerate or bulk create featured images?