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Good afternoon. I would like to know how to install the (Related Posts). On sheet (Single Entry)

Thanks Sorry for my english

Hello i need support for make a blog whitout sidebar, doesn´t work, i need help please

Hey, I have a question

Its possible to have on the home pages, the last post blog?


Hye, Nobody know? On the home page, its possible to have a area with for example the last three post blog under the slider?


Great theme, really great!

One bug; the alt attributes of my slider-images don’t work. Could you fix that for?

Hy, its posible to move the objects in the sorteable portolio to make then visible in one page? Thanks!


I have purchased the theme. Can I adjust the colour of the header background, and keep the background body white?


Thanks for this really great theme!

I would use a large image as a background fitted to all screen resolutions (distortion is not a problem), how can I do that?

Best regards

I am interested to know if this theme works with an ecommerce plugin like woocommerce. Does anyone know?

Hi I have purchased two themes and cannot get into the support forum. I sent a couple of e-mails your way and have not heard anything. Any help is appreciated.


Please help me. I can`t get access to the Support-Forum.

It seems my emails are ignored.

Looking forward to hear from you soon…

Hello! I installed the woocommerce: How do I change the product page using Template Builder? Should I remove page – categories – Product archive! # tab-description thanks

Due you have this theme in responsive?

Hey Dude,

is it possible to get a h1 structure in the theme? I need it for the SEO Plugin

Thanks man!

How do you get rid of the subtitles under the page names on the homepage? (where the heart is, layout examples, etc.)


I’ve added a custom text area via the template builder tool to my frontpage, but instead of the HTML I entered it shows the latest post of my blog. I have been messing with the php but as far as I know I altered nothing about the template builder. What file do I have to look in to to find the source of that text area template widget?

I very interested in Corona theme but i also got the Woocommerce for the shopping function. Is the theme support it ?

Hey I am sorry, only our later theme likes enfold for example support woocommerce out of the box.

Corona might still work with woocommerce but it would certainly require css modifications.

Have you stopped supporting and updating this theme?

Not at all. If you have Support requests please use our support forum:

Updates are scheduled based on the importance of the issue, and we currently got a few themes with higher priority bugs…

Any chance of getting responsive support in this theme? Thanks!

Hey! I am sorry but this is currently not planned…

Unfortunately I don’t know how to make a theme responsive, but I think you could really increase the amount of sales if you would implant this option in this theme. :-)

For now I have to use the WPTouch plugin for my client’s website, thanks anyway for this great theme!