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I bought your theme and have been happy:

question: Hi, I am interested in your topic, but I wanted to know three things: the first is whether in the future is also planning to release responsive, then you know if you can put in AviaCordion Slider 7 photos or the limit is 5 …. type this:

then whether the portfolio, you can view the categories, and not just have a filter …. example:


hey. there is no responsive release for corona planned sorry. you can also put 7 fotos in the aviacordion

we will probably release the aviacordion for enfold as well in the future which should solve your problems ;)

I also need aviacordion for enfold. When are you planning to release it? :O

problem is that it is not requested very often so it gets pushed back for more requested features all the time :/

Sorry for that, cant really offer an ETA

if i buy corona theme also could you do it ? :)

Hey! Unfortunately the corona accordion slider is not compatible, because it is not responsive

I want to buy this template but i dont know if i can use it with wordpress and MAMP? thks

yes of course :)

Oh my god i just realize that this template is not responsive????

Thats true. It was built in a time before responsiveness became a standard and therefore lacks the proper html structure…

Can you recommend me other theme like Corona but responsive? What i mean is the closest to Corona but responsive

This is our closest theme, since it got all the options appart from the slider (which we hopefully will also add in the future)

Since updating to the latest version of the theme, my website no longer displays the Cufon fonts correctly for my headings.

thanks for the notice, I will take a look at the issue :)

Hi! Was looking into purchasing this theme and had a few questions: 1. Are the background colors customizable besides dark and light? 2. Can you create other pages like Services, About using the templates available? 3. Can a user pin / share portfolio items with their personal network? If not, can a plug-in be used to do this? Thanks!

1.) Not without CSS knowledge, the theme comes with 2 color schemes and if you need a different background color you would need to add it by yourself. If you want a ttheme that can do this right out of your backend and has pretty much all the options corona has I can recommend our latest theme enfold:

2.) yes

3.) not by default but yes, social sharing plugins should work fine.

Is it possible to restrict theme usage via a license key? We offer a service where people can set up a WordPress website and choose pre-vetted WordPress themes, and we have a user interested in your theme. I’m concerned, though, if you just give access to the theme without checking on a license key (we want to be in compliance with your license terms). Thanks!


I am afraid its not possible. If you want to make this option available for a lot of users you can always opt for the extended license which I think would allow you to use the theme in the way you intended as long as the user does not have access to the actual theme files.


It seems this theme is still using the old image uploader and it’s now broken in a way that makes the featured images never work properly.

Seeing as it’s a theme you buy shouldn’t this be n1 priority in fixing before adding more features? :) Or atleast patch the slideshow() function in includes/helper_slideshow.php so that it displays images properly. We’ve updated to the latest version of the theme, our plugins and WordPress. Also made sure no plugins interfere with the theme. Here’s some images:

Thankful for response and help! Best regards Jonathan

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently on vacation and cant test the theme properly. If its indeed an error we will of course fix it ;)

My client has opened a support ticket for this :) I dont have access to the support forums since I didnt do the purchase.

Great, thanks :)


I just updated the theme to wordpress 4.0. But now i wanted to change something in Corona—> template builder but i can not select which page (the options are gone?)

Can you help me?

Greetings Sharon

Hey! If you have updated wordpress to version 4.0 you also need to update the theme to the latest version ;)

But I don’t see an update of the theme..?

Older versions dont have the feature to update right from the backend so it probably does not show up for you because of that. You can download the latest version here:

Good Morning,

I bought the Corona theme and this theme worked OK but now the top menu appears outside the box and vertically. How can I fix this?


Hey! Are you running the latest version of the theme, as well as the latest wordpress version? If not mind updating and letting me know if that helps?

if it doesnt please post a link to your site so I can take a look at the issue :)

Hi. In footer, the Widget “CORONA LATEST NEWS”, is not showing image as clear as it is uploaded.

What is the problem?


You have increased the images container size in your css to 108 * 108 pixel, yet the images placed inside are 3636 pixel thumbnails. Thats why this happens.

You either can remove the custom css rules that increase the size or you open your functions.php file and and pretty much in the top third chance the image array that sets the widget thumbnail size from 3636 to 108*108. If you do that all images that are uploaded from that point will display fine with 108px (existing images wont show fine no matter what)

great answer, thanks !

Glad I could help ;)

Hi, is there any way to change the copyright footer text via the theme options?

Hey! I am afraid since this is an older theme of ours thats not possible. you can remove the backlink in the footer.php file manually though…

Hi, I use your theme for my website and I have updated Wordpress. So I have updated the theme. But now, when I create a new page with a new template with a new category. My page doesn’t appear portfolio of category ? I don’t understand ? Thanks for your help

I am afraid I am not sure what the problem is. Mind describing it with a little more detail and probably add a link to your url or a screenshot?

Thanks for your answer ;-) I actually managed to use another method and it works. I’m sorry to have bothered you for nothing…

No worries, glad you found a solution :)

Is this theme compatible with WP 4.1?

Yes it is :)

Is this theme compatible with WP 4.2?

No reports yet that it isn’t but if you want to make sure please wait a few days until we can confirm that there are no problems :)

Dear Kriesi, is possible to add in the “social bar” on top, over the header, the instagram account icon? (I could substitute the e-mail icon and function…) Thanks a lot Luca

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating our themes and my support team will take care of you ;)

ok! Thanks

Hi, what does this last update does? I don’t see it in changelog. Regards

Updates of the TGM Plugin Activation class (a 3rd party script in the framework) for security reasons and a few smaller bugfixes :)

thanks, so files/folders to update if installed previusly ?

style.css file, folder “framework” and folder “includes/admin”

Hello, I wish download and update my theme Corona. But I met problems… All my theme options and template builder disappear ! How can I update my theme without losing options and templates, please ? Thanks a lot Anne-Sophie

Hey! Please open a thread in our support forum:

Please also add a link to your site as well as the login credentials (in the “private data” field) when opening the thread, so we can take a look at your backend.

Cheers! Kriesi

Don’t buy this theme till they don’t solve some big issue on “add featured image” And since is from 19 december 2014 that isn’t solve and if they don’t solve in few hours I’ll ask the refund of the purchase. Bye

Hey! i am actually not sure what exactly the problem is you are experiencing. The theme received an update 2 weeks ago and everything seems to run fine on our end. if you got any issue please open a thread in our support forum:

Please also add a link to your site as well as the login credentials (in the “private data” field) when opening the thread, so we can take a look at your backend.

Cheers! Kriesi