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Or is there a way to use old wordpress featured images as new featured images? It seems the theme does not use the worpress featured images system

This plugin regenerates thumbnail sizes and might come in handy:

the theme should automatically use your featured images of previeous themes. if it doesnt even once you have regenerated the thumbnail sizes send me a mail with your login information as well as ftp info and I will have a look if there is a bug,and if so fix it myself ;)

Cheers Kriesi


i4 Purchased

Just bought this one – i think it is fifth your theme that we have purchased, guess we like your style. ;)

Overall we would like to thank you for your great effort of creative and hand work + top support that we have received many times.

Cheers, Kim

Thanks a lot Kim!


I have few pre-purchase questions:

1) Can I make the portfolio page the home page?

2) Would it be hard to add comments below the portfolio items?

3) Videos do not have thumbs in related posts. Is it possible to have one and still be able to display the vimeo/youtube frame on the portoflio page (without having to click on an image so that it pops up)?

That’s it! Thanks.

1.) yes works out of the box

2.) not that hard, its just a simple inclusion of the comments system in the single-portfolio file. (you basically need to copy some simple code from single.php to single-portfolio.php)

3.) You can use preview images and then embed a video as well, so it wont be displayed in a lightbox but inline as page content. however the user will always need to click the image once, so it fades out. an example of this owuld be the 3rd image in the slideshow on your frontpage.

Very tempted to buy this one. :-) When on a subpage the parent top menu item isn´t highlighted anymore. Could this be done easily? Is the menu in the sidebar ready to have third level items? Thanks, Bernhard

not that hard, would be a single css rule to the stylesheet:

#top .main_menu .menu .current-menu-ancestor>a strong {
color: #CC7347;

Sidebar is ready for third levels, yes :)

Hello… I want to purchase your theme, because it seems to be the BEST of all out there, up to date in all the current techniques. Correct?

But after two weeks of morning and night studying, testing, and purchasing a couple of themes, I have a BIG problem in relation to Shortcodes that I’m wondering if your great skills could help me with?

I’m wondering if you can make the Shortcode to be inserted in the HTML , but NOT SHOW in the Visual Editor side, i.e. with the Text itself???

TinyMCE already I see does this with some codes, such as “Blockquote” etc.

This is a big problem for me…. It’s bad enough Shortcodes are not following proper Coding practices and being formed as CSS /HTML for most of the codes that easily could be, and inserting in the background/html like they are supposed to be, but me as a Writer wanting to develop a couple of websites in which there will be a lot of writing, shortcodes completely would be a complete bain in a persons existence, be it updating the site, copy pasting, etc. Plus, the whole purpose of the “Visual Editor” is so you can actually SEE the formating of your writing without having to mess with the code.

Anyway, Shortcodes for the majority of the functions are a complete bad practices trend here at ThemeForest. See these posts for discussion of the issue, and also a possible work around or two….

next one…..

Anyway….. Ultimately is it possible you could do something so at minimum for now the code only shows in the HTML section and NOT the Text/Visual Editor section? Even further preferably if possible to actually show the edited look in the Editor? (of course, I know the last likely won’t be possible, since shortcode generators seem to use a simple JavaScript to place the code).

But the first should likely be possible to do right?

Thanks much….. Please, I really want to buy your stuff. I’m even willing to buy now, and if you and your developers are willing to work on the issue to change the techniques, switching most shortcodes to standard coding like they should be, and the rest maybe some plugin functionality or whatever, then I will be a long supporter and promoter of you. If you are willing to break this cycle, meet a new challenge, then you’re a good man and deserve the field and success. Because I can guarantee you, that if you set up a new standard like this, you will ensure your niche in the market for the next period of business.

Please read up, and give me your thoughts? Thank you again.

Sincerely, Allen

Finally! Now I have found a theme that meets all my requirements. Good job!

Thanks a lot, glad you like it :)

Just purchased this item and build my whole site in a day – great theme and very easy to use – even for a relative WordPress beginner.

I have a couple of questions:

1. What size is the slideshow image at the top of the home page?

2. How do you add sub-titles to the main nav bar headings?

3. I want to change the colour of the main header to a light grey, how do I do this?

Thanks in advance.

1.) depends on the slider: if you are using the accordion slider its 630×370, the other slidesshows use 930×370

2.) check out demo video number 6:

3.) add this to your themes custom.css file (in folder .css) or in your admin area at styling->quick.css:

#header {

Hey Everyone, if you got any concerns and want to vote with less than 5 stars please leave me a message of whats bugging you so I can improve the theme based on that knowledge ;)


Thanks Kreisi that has fixed everything for me. Appreciate the help.

One thing, I have now lost the lines btw the nav bar headings because of the grey background – do you have any css code for the dividing line colour!?

Its definately a five start theme for me!

Here you go:

div .main_menu .menu a {
border-left: 1px solid #ddd;

Thanks for voting 5 stars ;)

Just put my 5 stars down.

Ps – does this work with Gravity Forms?

Thanks, Simon

Thanks for voting!

Unfortunatley I dont have a copy of gravity forms, but if there are any incompatibilities I am sure we can fix it :)

So there is no way to keep videos just like they are displayed for “The Third and The Seventh” or “Another Nice Video Clip” and havetheir image display in Related Posts rather than an icon?

I really want to use this theme for a WebTV and I want a picture to show in related posts, but I do not want my visitors to have to click on a picture for the video to appear on the main page in the portolio…

Thanks for your help.

Guess you missunderstood. the mainpage slider is just the only example were I used that kind of embedding. I have added it to one of the portfolio pages:

thats how it would look like with preview image and embedded video. as you can see the user would still have to click the image once, but it wouldnt open in a lightbox

When you click on another portfolio entry now and the “one more entry” posts appears as related you will see its got a preview picture

I just purchased this theme and it won’t unzip without a ton of error messages. It won’t install manually via FTP , and it won’t install via my WP dashboard – in fact, when I try to install via WordPress, it tells me that the theme is missing styles.css and a template, which I think are mandatory files. I’ve tried Winace as recommended by Themeforest and that doesn’t help either. I’ve checked support forums, I’ve torn out my hair …

Do you have any idea what’s going on? I like the theme and I want to use it, but it doesn’t look possible at the moment.


First step should always be to try and re download the theme, maybe something went wrong while downloading. also are you sure you are uploading the correct folder to wordpress? you are not supposed to upload the whole package you receive from themeforest, you have to unpack this folder first and then only upload the “corona” folder. That the folder that holds all theme files.

This instruction might come in handy:

Hi, nice job!

Three questions.

First one, the theme font seems small, could I change it easily?

Second one, I need two pages with portafolio, is it possible?

Third one, images like this ( could be smaller?


1.) of course, just increase the size for the body via a line of css like this. You can add this line of code to any of the themes stylesheets ;)

body {
font: 14px/1.7em "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;

2.) any number possible

3.) the slider adapts if a smaller image is aploaded, yes. just check the fourth slide of this entry:

as you can see the slider reduces its height to fit the image

Oh, forget it, I’ve figured it out. You’d think I’d be less of an idiot after 100s of WP installs! Sorry about that. Awesome theme, though!

thanks, glad you solved it, glad you like it! A good vote is always appreciated :)

The transparent images on the landing page slider in windows seem pretty buggy and not transparent at all. you can see a lot of gradient etc.

Just an FYI

IE 8 does it also and the text doesn’t seem as clean. Seems to just be the landing page slider though.

Also, in IE8 only the 1st item in the dropdown menu will highlight as you roll over it then the light grey highlight stays over the 1st item even with none selected!

You can delete these FYI ’s whenever Kriesi – thanks!

thanks, will have a look at it :)

Same issue, but I guess I did not make myself clear enough.

I do not want a preview image to cover the embedded video.

I want the vimeo frame to display automatically and not have the movie roll icon that displays in “related posts” if I do so.

Is that possible?

no, that wont be possible, the related posts preview only accepts images, since I cant extract frames from a vimeo video there will be no preview image. the only possible option would be the one described :)

what exactly are you trying to make? the page layout? the image?

you have written a post entry. you need to write a portfolio entry to get the layout you are linking to. you can write a new portfolio entry just like writing a new post. if you are logged into your wordpress admin panel instead of clicking the “posts” menu click the “portfolio items” menu

Edit: just noticed you have already written a portfolio entry here:

what you need to do now is simply to enter content. maybe use shortcodes to structure them. (columns for example) you can see here how that is done:

Yes, that works, thank you.

But I’m unable to create a home page with a slideshow. I want to have a home page with my blog and a slideshow, so I’ve created a Dynamic Template, and set the page Blog to show the blog.

I point on Home to show the Blog Slideshow, but it does not work.

Is there some way to do that? Or the theme is unable to catch de images from blog posts to show them on the slideshow?

just so I get it right:

you want a big slideshow on the top, followed by a blog on your homepage?

then make sure to add both to your dynamic template: first a slideshow, then the blog element.

the slideshow will only grab the images of the post/page you have selected. that means for example if you have set the slideshow to point to a page called “blog” you need to upload and set image for that page. They slideshow wont use any other content than the one defined when writing this entry.

Fine, thanks. Now, how can I insert the “Related Posts” to this page?

they are generated automatically once you have portfolio posts with the same portfolio category