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Thanks. I’m still impressed, great theme!

Thousands of options to choose. Sincerely, this is the best theme I’va ever seen.


thanks a lot, glad you like it ;D

One question before I purchase the theme:

I need Portfolio 3 Columns & Sidebar( at the right) as seen at demo + Portfolio single page to have the same right sidebar (basically looking more like single blog post with large image and with the right sidebar).

Is it hard to customize, or I just need to choose right sidebar template page for single portfolio item.


If you want portfolio entries that look like blog posts, basically all you need to do is to remove/rename the single-portfolio.php file in your theme folder, Wordpress will then use your single.php file to display your entries.

I make this but I can’t see the video from VImeo. Why? Thanks

If you want to displaya video from vimeo, youtube or another video service that is supported by wordpress oembed, just click the upload button, but instead of uploading choose the “from URL ” tab and enter the url of the video in there. Once you hit “insert” the slideshows preview picture will change and display a film reel.

Hey mike, did you watch the demo video on inserting images and videos to the slideshow. Should help a lot:

if your doing it exactly that way and it still doesnt work send me your login details so I can give it a try ;)

Hey….. 3 Recommendations.

1. Use the “boxed” layout for the Demo, will be more impressive. The other layout there is simply too much white or dark depending on the skin.

2. Could you make all the “lines” (horizontal, vertical, boxes, widgets, etc.) DARKER …? There will be a better and more attractive “contrast” between content, so it doesn’t run together and all just look white.

3. Also, make all the lighter “texts” a little darker.

Do this, and you will sell even more of these. People want to see impressive, not only the functionality. Your functionality however looks the best of them all. Kudos.


hey, 2 questions?

Is it possible to have 2 portfolio pages, for exmp: 1 with video & audio and 1 with websites & graphics In the video you can only choose 1?

And is it possible instead having a light box on the portfolio images, to just let it go to the next image. (on ipads i do not like the lightbox)


yes for both, you can split up your portfolio categories in any way you like and distribute them among multiple pages (please be aware that there is no real audio option, the portfolio doesnt support directly embedding of mp3 files)

Its also possible to set the images to whatever link you want, link to nothing, to the post itself, to the lightbox, to an external page and so on ;)

“Its also possible to set the images to whatever link you want, link to nothing, to the post itself, to the lightbox, to an external page and so on”

To be clear: what i mean is in the single portfolio item, i want just a plain simple gallery where it fades or slides to the next if you click on the picture.

so it is possible to have just have a plain gallery that moves from picture to picture?

And i saw you can embed vimeo video, would scribd (iframe or html5) also work?

If so, i’m buying :-)

yes, you can set the images to “no link” then there will be no link even on the single page entries.

The theme uses the WordPress oembed feature to embed videos:

Since Scribd is listed it should work by simply pasting a the link into the “upload from url” field just like you would do with a video:

Edit: just did a short test and it works

Please, answer to this, I can’t continue…

I am interested in purchasing this theme…seems to have everything I would like…exept I don’t see “pricing boxes”?

I would recommend to use a plugin for those. I will probably add one of those in the future to my framework but not unless its easy enough for the end user with an all drag and drop system. until then plugins solve this better I think :)

Is there documentation on how to create the multiple portfolio pages? I’ve purchased this theme, and really do like it – thanks!

But my goal is to get my portfolio organized in groups. So I have created a drop down menu with “print” and “web” but can’t figure out how to get my portfolio items to go within the correct group. I’ve set up the categories (which work), and I’ve set up the additional portfolio page (I think). But when I test it out, I get error 404 page not found. What am I doing wrong? If you have a step-by-step directions, I can maybe figure it out?

You can use this form:


Awesome thank you so much for fixing it! I really appreciate it. I figured it was something so basic :) Have a great night.

FYI for anyone reading this author figured it out in seconds :) Read below: The page slug was set to “portfolio” and interfered with the page that is called “Portfolio”. Once I changed it to portfolio-item all portfolios started working again. You can choose any page-slug you like but make sure that it doesn’t match any already existing page or category slugs :)

I will be submitting my 5 star rating. Excellent theme and excellent support. Couldn’t ask for anything better!

glad I could help ;)

Is the theme ready for google fonts?

thank you

I didn’t include them directly since I think its overkill to add 200 fonts but a plugin like this makes it possible in no time ;)

please update to the latest WordPress version. The portfolio need at least wordpress 3.1 or higher to work properly, otherwise the query will fail and instead of showing portfolio items it will show blog entries :)

oh my god, that was all… I was going crazy, nothing worked and I was doing a thousand tests… thank you very much :)

glad we could solve it ;D

Hi Kriesi, why don’t you answer the questions about your another template, Velvet? We need some support, please.

Thank you Ronaldo

Hey Ronaldo, please use the support forum at I usually dont do support here directly on themeforest, only when I release something new I try to do a few support requests on my own until my team got a hold on the new theme, thats why you can see some answers here ;)

Cheers Kriesi

Velvet,Coronas for me are the best themes for all websites, only I don’t know what is better for SEO , togheter is all Right for SEO , but sure that one is better. What is better Kriesi ? can advice me ?

There is not a big difference at all, both themes are coded with high SEO standards in mind. I guess the only thing corona is a little better is internal site linking with its breadcrumb navigation and an archive template.

Looking good Kriesi, well done! So you suggested a Google Fonts plugin but will that create unnecessary burden if some of the Google Fonts are used already (i.e. loaded with link or css) and we pick a different one in the plugin?


The theme itself uses no google font at all (you can choose to use a cufon font, thats what the theme supports) but the theme demo doesn’t use any of those by default.

If you choose to use a plugin I would recommend to completely omit using the themes font functions, that way you wont create any unnecessary burden :)

Fair enough, thanks!

Hello!!! I’m not a wordpress user but really like your theme! congratulations! by the way… is your main Avia slideshow on sale as a standalone? I’ve seen it on but there I can’t see your column/video style like in corona.

Where can I found it?

the avia slideshow iwhich you found is within the theme yes, but its only this slider:

all other slideshows, like the accordion slider on the front page are not available as a standalone version, sorry.

Sick stuff bro, you’ve outrun yourself again :) Awesome work!

Is this theme is localized?

yes, the theme comes translation ready with a po/mo file in your language folder. I have alos submitted it to the wpml team for a translation check but didn’t receive a response yet. But default translation should work fine ;)

same question, is this an easy theme to translate?? i need spanish.. and also, i need to insert little google maps api codes, is that possible?


yes, the theme comes translation ready with a po/mo file in your language folder. I have alos submitted it to the wpml team for a translation check but didn’t receive a response yet. But default translation should work fine ;)

the theme doesnt have s google map shortcode but if you are using any plugins that provide those it should work fine ;)

Ok good! So I have an advice to you to sell more, maybe you can write this in the features of the theme, I have don’t see that info and it’S important when it’s the time to choose for a theme :)

Thanks, it was my intention as soon as i receive feedback from the WPMulti Language Team to update the description ;)