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This theme is AMAZING and so easy to work with! Great job! Left my 5 star rating. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the photography theme.

Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

How do I universally change the font size and type for the body of posts / pages? Also, is there a way for the Corona Latest Portfolio widget to only display the title of portfolio items vs. both the title and the time the portfolio item was created? Thanks!

the font size is located in the style.css file at line 165.

you can remove the time of the portfolio widget by adding this line to your css/custom.css file:
div .news-time{display:none;}

Good afternoon,

Your theme is amazing, great job done! I have a question however, does the theme support Google Chart & Google Map?

Thanks in advance. Cordialy, Jonathan.

Hey I would recommend to use a plugin that supports those features, since they are not included, but should work fine if added with a plugin ;)


Great looking theme…love all the options..Going to get this too for a new project. I actually have a few others of yours. Quick question…..Does the theme come with a lime? ;)


With a lime? Language barrier ahead ;D

My 3rd bought themeforest template. I was looking in creative > portfolios, bought found this in business. Best features: Dynamic Template, and it looks like custom post type! this template is very flexible.

Thanks, glad you like it ;)

Hello Kriesi !!

Great Work as usual. Wish you a ton of sales. I just purchased and installed the theme.

The only problem I’m having right now is visualizing the theme in my iphone, the footer is showing in the right hand and not at the bottom of the page, so is like having the page split in two columns.

Is this a bug, css problem or the theme is not iphone/ipad ready ???

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hey! Checked my demo on an iPhone 4 and it works fine for me. Is it only your site which doesn’t work on your iphone or does the same happen on my theme demo as well? If it happens on the demo as well, which version do you use?


Hi, we purchased the Corona theme and have an issue. I tried to register on your support site with the ThemeForest License Key but keep getting an error on your registration page. Submitted two contact tickets.

Here’s our issue with Corona: When we place videos (plural) in the Accordian Slider on the home page evertyhing acts all funky. It seemd that the lightbox example in your demo would work just as easily for a video like in other areas on the homepage. But the adminstrative options only lightbox the original image in the slider, and force the video into the slider itself, rather than an option for the video in a lightbox.

You can see the issue at – play the videos in the slider and see what happens.

Please, Please, Please help us. Thanks… Brian

Hi Kriesi,

The lime question was just a joke…just trying to be funny….

You know…Corona beer always is served with a lime….

Thanks again for the great themes!


HI Kriesi!

Thank you for a fantastic template, one of the best I have used to date and a big THUMBS UP to you!

I have one question, I am trying to alter the link colour on the built-in Twitter Widget, can you possibly tell me which CSS file I need to alter to do this as I have hunted through most of it and I’m confused to where the TWEETBOX CSS is located\\?! :o(


Hi there, my host will only let me install WP 3 .2.1…but when i try to upload the theme it says the theme is broken. Any ideas?

sehr schön. werden es für eine seite von nem projekt verwenden

clear 5 star template!

Our company recently started using this theme, and we love it. One thing that has been asked if there’s a way to make the horizontal sliding banners (that shift on hover) to work on an ipad? I’m sure there’s some significant coding changes that’ll be needed, from a JS and CSS standpoint, but if anyone has attempted it let me know. I think the main issue is the banners don’t shift since there’s no hover state on an ipad.


So I just bought and downloaded Corona, and I’m a little confused. On this site:

Under the Home tab, it shows that the caption-slider, piecemaker, aviaslider, aviaCordion Slider, and Basic Fade slider will all be available with the purchase of it.

I must be missing something… because I can only use the aviacordion slider… the caption slider (and the reason I purchased this theme) is unavailable?

Could I get some help please?

Thank you, Chris

Whoa, sorry for commenting too early. I just discovered that it is changed under the pages section. (Sorry – new to this)

Thank you for a great product, Kriesi!

Hi, I would like to know how WPML would work with some of the “custom text” area we can add when we create custom template using the template builder. I have started using it and will now need to translate those boxes as well.

Or should I create pages for those entries and translate them?


thats the general idea, yes. The wpml plugin has its limitations when it comes to the super complex custom tempaltes so I would recommend to create pages :)


Feel free to ask me and my dedicated support team at my support forum at

The reasons I have chosen to use my own forum are quite simple: Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible that you dont even need to wait for my response, because its already there.

Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, while I am busy with other tasks.

MY biggest complaint about this theme is the way in which images are resized. If blog images aren’t similar in size to the images in the demo, they appear distorted and crudely resized. This is ugly and very impractical.

hey! that shouldnt happen at all. if you have images uploaded before the theme was activated it might of course be that the correct thumbnail size is not available (since wordpress creates those thumbnails on upload)

you can regernerate all thumbnails by using this plugin:

just install, actiavte and let it run once. that should fix any of your image issues ;) Cheers


Hello Kriesi:

I have some questions, I was asking in the support forum but is taking more time than usual (I recognize I get fast answers most of the time:) )

Im using an online quoting and trip builder tool (third party) the installation process is very simple in html, but as wordpress is .php im kinda lost.

I need to know how to show an specific div tag in an specific page, in this case the GET A QUOTE page , and I need to make the div and the javascript tool appear just in that page.

I pasted the code in the loop.php page but obviously is not working.

Where should I put it ?

I also need to get a rid of an error that appears everytime that I open the Home or portafolio, and was not appearing before when I pasted the div tag in the footer.

Here is the link to the manual of the software in case you need to take a look.

And this is my question in your forum in case ou want to answer over there. And this is my site

The theme and your support is fantastic !

Thank You !!

Hi! Thanks for the great theme! I just want to know if it is possible to enable “Custom Fields” in portfolio items editing page. I don’t see “Custom Fields” in the Screen Options on the top…

yep thats possible :) open your themefolder.

open file register-portfolio.php in includes/admin folder

change line 31 from
'supports' => array('title','thumbnail','excerpt','editor','comments')
'supports' => array('title','thumbnail','excerpt','editor','comments','custom-fields')

Thats it ;)