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@ jdrakeproductions

You can change the background color easily from the theme settings panel :-)

@ colorit

Hey I still can’t find background colors. All I see is the minimal or dark style settings. can I do a custom color on the content section below the main slideshow? Either in CSS or somewhere else. anyone?? thanks for the help

I’m considering buying this. I like the grid layout but I’m more concerned with UX.

Considering purchasing. Does this integrate well with e-commerce plugins?


I’ve built a website using this theme and am just putting the finishing touches on it.

Is there any quick way of rendering some parts of the body text using the cufon font? I would rather avoid using header tags to do this.


Hi, I sent you an email as I could not use your forum till I had purchased due to it needing some purchase code, but have not had a reply after several days either, and so I am posting here and hopefully you can answer these questions so I can decide on buying this theme as there is no other way to contact you before purchasing.

1. Are you adding pricing tables / grids to theme? 2. In the top bar: a) can I change the background from black? b) can I add a search box, graphics and other things there? c) can I change the height and larger fonts? 3. Can I make the sidebar cols narrower? If not can I make a single sidebar page using the narrower sidebar that is normally used on the two sidebar pages? 4. I want to reduce the interline spacing on a wrapped line in the drop down menus. How do I adjust that? 5. I need wider bold content area so can I move the blog post’s metadata to be under the title or elsewhere and make the content area wider.


Hello. How hard would it be to make the capations on the slider appear on the top instead of the bottom.

hi there, I am interested in buying the corona WP theme. Are the custom post types which make up the galleries SEO compliant? i.e can the custom posts be individually searched on google and other search engines?

Also, can the custom post types which make up the galleries have sidebars?

Thanks so much in advance for your response



I’ve installed the theme and the theme itself seems to work fine except I can’t save the Theme options.

I get an error message saying “Saving didnt work! Please wait a few seconds and try again.”

I’ve waited, disabled plugins, checked files permissions…

Anyone with similar experiences? Possible solutions?

The theme runs on WordPress 3.2.1

I’ve also posted this on Kriesi’s support forum withous response to date.



I see that in your live preview the theme takes all width in the window, but when I have install it on my web the theme is displayed in a center column in the window.

How can I make to my web looks exactly like the live preview?

Sorry for my english, thanks!

If you need a russian translation, I’d love to do it for you! Price is 60$ or this theme:)


I’m interested in purchaising this item but i need to know the behaviour of the slideshow galleries when there are horizontal and vertical images. I couldn’t find an example in the demo.

- Are the vertical images cropped or they fill the width of the slideshow and it expands vertically to the image proportion?

- Is there a posibility to fix the height of the slideshow so when there is a vertical image it gets centered with blank space on both sides?

- Is there a limit for the number of images added to the slideshows?

Thanks in advance.

how do you add like on your demo page portfolio 2 col. left sidebar the WIDGETIZED SIDEBAR


html version? Thanks and gl for sales!

Finally I managed to install my Corona WP theme through my WP Dashboard (and the dashboard also show that my current theme is the Corona 1.2 by Kriesi), but when I try to visit my domain or to preview this theme, on my site only this message is show up :

FUTURE HOME OF A DOMAIN .COM-HOSTED WEBSITE You are viewing this page because no homepage (index.html) has been uploaded to this location.

What to do about it? My domain is where I try to upload this theme !


Is there any way of making multilanguage the slider captions, the horizonal ruler text and the callout texts? I’m using the qtranslate multilanguage pulgin. I am considering buying another theme of yours (flashlite) and for this theme it would be very important that everyting would be translated. Is it fully prepared for multilanguage use? Thanks for your help in advance!


Best template ever, let me tell you guys :)

Anyway, I would like to know if this template allows to add a section in the home page with news from other sites live with rss. Is any way of doing this in this template in the home page?

Tks in advance!

Pedro Pereira


Another situacion :)

I would like to change the Color on Top Menu (Black to Blue) and Footer (Grey to the Same Blue). Site –

You guys rock :D


Beautiful template, had a quick question before I buy. Is there a version with a spot for ad space? Is that possible.

Cheers, Randy

Love this theme but have had some issues with images disappearing on some pages with different browsers, anyone else seen this? Thanks