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Thanks a lot and best regards! Kriesi

On the Basic Slider, Can you replace the image with a video?

yep thats possible, as long as the video is from a video hosting site like vimeo or youtube

Hi Kriesi,

Does this theme have a sortable filter for portfolio items (in the demo the filter only highlights portfolio items). If not, is there any chance it will be updated with that feature?

Kind regards, Meg

no sorry, the filter in this theme wont be modified in the near future

Hi, I’m going to purhase your fantastic theme :) I only have one question.. is this theme supported for Jigoshop E-commerce Plugin?

Unless could you help me theming Corona with Jigoshop? See that links…

Theming with Jigoshop

Wrap your theme’s content for Jigoshop:

Thanks :)

Hey! Unfortunately not. If you need a theme which is ready for a shop you might want to take a look at Propulsion:

It is ready for woocommerce (which is also free and basically the same as jigoshop, since its a fork )

The versatility of the contact form of one of your theme’s is very impressive: text input fields, drop downs, radio buttons… I like it a lot! Are these features also built in this theme?

Unfortunately not, this was added to a later version of the framework and doesnt work with corona. Sorry

Hi Kriesi,

does this theme support WPML ? I want to put a language selector on the right top.

Thanks & best regards, Matthias


The theme is not optimized for wpml but all basic functions should work fine. The theme was built with multi language support in mind and comes with a po/mo file for easy translation. If you use the wpml plugin you might need to modify a few CSS properties to make it blend in perfectly…

Support Requests

Please use our support forum for any support requests you have:

Thanks a lot and best regards! Kriesi

Hi, I purchased the theme, but the slideshows are much smaller in reality than when viewed on the Demo. Is is possible to re-size slideshows e.g. 1200px wide by 465px tall? Thank you.

Sorry I am not sure what you mean. The demo should reflect the slideshow of your own installation. could you send me a link to your installation so I can take a look myself?

Can you stretch the images on the welcome or make them larger?

replied via mail ;)

On the home page of my website using this theme I created a single post; below the post there is a large gap between the video I embedded and the bar that separates the widgets I used. Is there any way I can minimize the space between the post and the division bar? What .php template would I edit to do so and what should I change?

Here is an image of the space I am talking about. (Below the words “The Power of Skrillex” and above the white line)-

Thank you!

Could be possible add support to WooCommerce plugin? Just fixing layouts problems?

If yes I would make 2 purhases :) Unless, I can pay you for the personalization… Thanks!

Hello, I purchased yesterday the theme which looks awesome by the way. Have a problem uploading though.

the following message appears on my screen:

Installing Theme from uploaded file:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I have no coding experience at all – first time ever I am building a website/blog. Have I done something wrong?


Seems you are trying to install the wrong folder :) You can easily solve this by unpacking the download folder and installing the real theme folder inside.

See a more detailed tutorial here:

Best regards Kriesi

Hi, is your forum dead, Kriesi? I wait now over 1 week for several issues without any answer.

Some weeks ago the support there works much better – have you changed anything?

ok, since in the forum nobody seems to like to answer, here my most urgent questions, that must be, I guess, for a prof just ridiculous, but I for myself don’t find the file, where to change it:

how can I change the distance between the social links, like the search icon for example, and their items appearing when hovering over them:

Screenshot with description:

I haven’t found anything, where to change the CSS (?), so that the hovering items – like the field, where to type in the search – comes more to the top to the small icons.

The problem at my site is, that when hovering over the social icons, the search field for example, disappears when moving the mouse down, to type into it ==> the distance is to large, see screenshot.


Does this theme support any kind of Captcha integration for the comment section? I don’t want to have a spambot in my comments. If so, I will buy this theme :)

Thanks in advance!

Hey Aleqx! Sorry it doesnt, but I am quite sure there are quite a few compatible plugins out there that can add this ;)

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Hey Guys! Please use the support forum we have set up here for any support questions you have:

If you got pre sales questions please use the contact form on my profile page :)

Thanks a lot, best regards Kriesi

How I can add the icon and links of pinterest account (like facebook, twitter, rss and mail) in the submenu area. Thanks

Hi Kriesi

I have a couple of questions on the Corona and your wordpress templates. I like Corona but I’m looking for a template that enables Sidebars on the homepage (so we can have a sidebar + slider + html shortcodes) etc.. can Corona do that?

I like your UX/UI design and cleanliness in general, you have neat designs, but I’m wondering about which template you’re focusing most of your feature development on. I like Corona but I’d like to pick one that has a lot of feature updates/development in the pipeline.. do you recommend an alternative one to consider as well?

Thanks Ed

Kriesi, Prior to purchasing this fine Template, can you tell me the required photo dimensions for the Sliders an other areas on your template?

I need to pass this info on to a customer prior to buildout, and purchase..

Thank you,


Hi bought corona last month, but for some reason I cannot create a rollover for the main menu. Can you please help.