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Corpboot - Corporate Website Template

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Website development can be a daunting task and time-consuming, to say the least. However, it does not have to be so as long as you find and use the right template. Fortunately, the answer lies with Corpboot – a website template developed with the Bootstrap framework.

In addition to the many perks that come with using templates from Corpboot, it is quite impressive to note that the templates are hinged on the latest version of the HTML series. For those who have been following the trends, this is the HTML5 series.

With Corpboot, your desire or need to use highly customizable templates can be achieved. This is because of the details created to that effect. You also have templates that are a great fit for a wide range of purposes. This explains why so many businesses and service providers have made us their choice when it comes to choosing a website template.

Here, we are talking about service companies such as those that are into – consulting, lawyers, accountants, digital marketing agencies, economists, executives, psychologists, healthcare service providers, engineers, and all other kinds.

You might also like to know that the templates are designed with layouts that are 100 percent responsive. This is why they look great on various devices – phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Without a reasonable doubt, people that use Corpboot for website creation and development at large are assured quality of the highest order.

One of the many ways to prove this is how it is still compatible with various browser types and that is including outdated ones. Be it – IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge; we are glad to let you know that Corpboot has got you covered.

Corpboot understands and believes in the power of visuals. This is because of how it appeals to people who come across the site and compels them to do the needful. This is why images of your company can be incorporated using their templates; allowing you to use visuals that depict a trustworthy and serious goods or services provider just as you are. You even get the chance of using an unobtrusive animation.

Corpboot also understands how variety is the spice of life. This explains their commitment to offering web design templates in various colors. As things are, users have access to no fewer than fifteen color combinations and six options for homepage design.

In the bid to ensure that your office can be located physically, there is also the possibility of integrating a map. Also, a photo gallery can be used so that previous works can be displayed. This is more like a portfolio section that will do justice to convincing especially your new and prospective clients about your ability to handle their tasks.

Our templates also allow you to display an about page. This page can feature important content such as your business’s vision, mission, values, skills, management personnel information, social media icons, and a lot more.

The design conveys the image of a serious and reliable company, accompanied by discrete animations, a newsletter form, a contact form validated with Jquery, a Google map to show the location of your company, a blog template, a photo gallery, a portfolio to post examples of work, an About Us section with a space to post the mission, vision and values of your company, one section with progress-bar for the skills and four columns to display information of the managerial staff with social media icons. Furthermore, it has a jquery accordion that can be used for testimonials or frequently asked questions (FAQ).

The taste of the pudding is definitely in the eating. So, you should make good use of templates from Corpboot from your website and see how mind-blowing they are.

Compatible with: Visual Studio Code, Adobe Dreamweaver, Sublime Text, Expression Web, Brackets, Aptana Studio, TextMate, Coda and others HTML editors.


  • Bootstrap Framework (v4.6.2 – 2022)
  • jQuery 3.7.1
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • SCSS files for SASS users
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Fully responsive
  • 15 Color Variations
  • 6 Home Pages
  • 600+ Google fonts (used: Montserrat and Work Sans)
  • 650+ Icons fonts (used: Font Awesome and Flexslider Icons)
  • Loading animations
  • Slideshow with fade effect
  • Background video layout
  • Carousel for clients and partners logos
  • Portfolio with Mixitup filter
  • Lightbox
  • Counter up
  • Pricing Page (4 and 3 columns)
  • Skills with Progressbar
  • Accordion panels
  • Team section with 4 columns
  • 404 Error page
  • Login form template
  • Google Maps
  • PHP Contact Form with JS validation
  • Blog templates
  • CSS styles for WordPress calendar
  • Documentation
  • Easy to customize
  • Multi page
  • Social Media Icons
  • WhatsApp Button
  • RTL Support




Demo Photos

Fonts and CSS




Note: Images are used for demo purpose only and not includes in download folder. Does not include a WordPress theme, but you can request a starter version with Elementor Builder via technical support.


Version 2.7

- Corpboot: Updated to jQuery v3.7.1 
- Corpboot: Updated to Font Awesome v4.6.2
- Corpboot: Remove html5shiv & respond.min.js for IE <11v
- Startrap: Updated to jQuery v3.7.1
- Startrap: Updated readme.txt
- Startrap: Remove html5shiv & respond.min.js for IE <11v

Version 2.6

- Corpboot: Updated Font Awesome Free to v6.4.0 
- Corpboot: Updated jQuery to v3.6.4 
- Corpboot: Updated jQuery Migrate to v3.4.1 
- Corpboot: Fix counterUp with Vanilla JS 
- Startrap: Updated jQuery to v3.6.4 
- Startrap: Updated jQuery Migrate to v3.4.1
- Updated Documentation

Version 2.5

- Updated Bootstrap to v4.6.2
- Updated jQuery to v3.6.1
- Updated Bootstrap-select to v1.13.18
- Various changes in SCSS and CSS files
- Fix a issue in about 2 mission-vision tab/carousel
- Added more elements in the elements section
- Updated Documentation

Version 2.4

- Update to Bootstrap 3.4.1
- Update to jQuery 3.6.0
- Added GLightbox to replace Vanillabox
- Minor scss & css adjustments
- Documentation updated.
- Added Startrap as template bonus

Version 2.3

- Change all old domain to the new domain
- Added WhatsApp Button in Elements Page
- Updated jQuery to the latest version supported by the template.
- Google Map Fix
- Documentation updated.

Version 2.2

- Fixed an issue with scroll to top
- Updated Font Awesome to the last version (4.7)

Version 2.1

- Improvements in the main javascript
- Updated the Jquery 1x to the last version (1.12.4)
- Updated the Slick Carousel to the last version (1.6.0)

Version 2.0

- Added: Specials styles required for RTL layouts and a folder for the theme in RTL version
- Fixed: Issue with the slider of Mission, Vision and Values of "About Us 2" on IE9
- Updated the documentation

Version 1.9

- Added: 9 new color options
- Added: a new page template for About Us
- Fixed: responsive issues for video background
- Fixed: responsive issues for navbar in desktop mode

Version 1.8

- Remove unnecesary scrolling animations
- Added: a better table of contents for the CSS
- Fixed: responsive issues
- Fixed: 404 errors
- The code was validated with the Tool and the detected issues were fixed.

Version 1.7

- Update the Bootstrap Framework to v3.3.7

Version 1.6

- Update JS and CSS plugins
- Added new Google Maps JS with API
- Added a php script for the Corpcontact form
- Added others layouts options in portfolio and contact form
- Several improvements in the design
- Several improvements in the html code
- Several improvements in the css code
- Several improvements in the sass code

Version 1.5

- Update to Bootstrap 3.3.6
- Update to Font Awesome 4.5.0
- The property “with:auto” was removed from all button styles
- The name “page” class was changed to “wrapper”, to avoid conflicts with WordPress
- New template for Login form

Version 1.4

- Updated to Bootstrap v3.3.5
- Bug fixes and improvements in the navbar
- Added scss files for sass users
- Several corrections in the CSS and blog pages for better compatibility with WordPress
- Added 3 new colors variations

Version 1.3

- Fixed Bootstrap Nav Dropdowns issues
- Added new element: Alternative for individual staff members (in elements page)
- Documentation update

Version 1.2

- Fixed various minor style issues
- Added new elements (table, blog left sidebar, nav tabs, list with icons and alerts syles)
- Enable Hover for Bootstrap Nav Dropdowns

Version 1.1

- Several corrections and optimizations to the CSS styles
- Styles for WordPress Calendar widget
- New styles for bootstrap dropdown-menu
- New home page with background video

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