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How fast can you get the word press add on to me once purchased?

can you please help me upload this theme on my site. Does it still not work with wordpress? If not, how do i upload it? Thank you.

Hi mate

Great theme. I’m struggling to modify the CSS so I can have a fullwidth one column layout. Can you advise please?


I have tried editing #content but this obviously affects all pages. So I tried to create another id tag, but it doesnt seem to work.

Not to worry, figured it out! Thanks

when I install the theme on to wordpress it says that the css stylesheet is missing. what should I do?

Since this is an xhtml/css template, it will not work as a wordpress theme.

What is the font used for the logo?

“Adobe Caslon Pro” is the font used for the logo :)

“Adobe Caslon Pro” is the font used for the logo :)

Preview is down with a 404 error!

Sorry about that, I am shifting servers and took the page down temporarily. It will be back up ASAP .

The preview must be back up again :)

Hi! I seem to be having issues with the contact form. I defined the email address in the php but that is all I did. is there any additional steps I need to take to make this form work? When you hit send nothing happens. thanks for your help! Kris.

I have sent you an email with the possible reasons :)

Hello, I’m having the exact same issue as the last commenter with the contact form. Could you send me the possible reasons why that’s happening? Thank you!

Please make sure a ‘contact.php’ file exists along with your ‘contact.html’ file just like in the theme download.

Yeah, they both are there. I just took the ‘contact.php’ page from the ‘dark’ folder (because I knew I there was no way I changed anything in it) and uploaded that one instead. Still no luck.

It still seems to result in a 404. Can you confirm that the contact.php file exists? http://www.mmillslawoffice.com/contact.php

Hi! I’m having a similar issue with my form. Can you help? When I hit submit, I’m getting the same Success message, not a thank you message, and no email.


The link doesn’t work anymore. Do email me if you need any help with this.

I figured it out. I didn’t have the JS folder uploaded. Thanks so much.

I’m really really interested in the “wordpress” add on for this site. Please advise!!!!

I figured it out. I didn’t have the JS folder uploaded. Thanks so much.

This theme does not work very well in IE11 and I presume the earlier versions as well. The PNGs do not show up, and neither do the backgrounds behind the three columns on the front page. Any ideas?

@sgupt Can you email me a screenshot of the problem? I’ll help sort it out!

Hi Kumailht,

I have email you several days ago and have yet to receive a reply. Anyone know how to have a slider instead of a picture at the homepage?

Thank you.

The theme does not have a Slider built in.

The template is customizable so you can implement a custom jQuery Slider library. But you will require some development knowledge.

Corporate theme:

in your functions.php file, since PHP 5.2, you can remove the whole lot and just replace it with:

function ValidateEmail($email) { return (filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)); }




Do you have a Wordpress version of this theme?


Sometimes when navigating from page to page on the site, the entire page does not load correct and a refresh is required. This happens regularly and needs to be fixed.

How do I fix it?

Please email me a screenshot of the problem so I can dig deeper to figure out how to solve it. Thanks!

I think it may have been cache related…