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Very beautyful

beautiful work! good luck with the sales :)

Thanks guys!

I had worked on this for a month so I really appreciate the comments :)

very clean and modern, great work :)

I really like this design but the layout is messed-up in IE6 .

Is there any chance that this could be resolved?


I am sorry but this theme does not support IE6 .

If you feel its IE6 support is absolutely necessary, you will need to add a png fix for the transparency and create a IE6 -only stylesheet to fix the menu layout.

kumailht, thanks for the prompt reply. Looking at the visitor stats to my current site, 10% are still using IE6 so I really need a template that covers it. A shame as I really liked the look of this template.

Thanks anyway.

Hi kumailht,

I reaaly need some fix for IE 6 too, can you help about this fix, I don’ tunderstand your comment ·you will need to add a png fix for the transparency”.

Please can you help me?.

Thanks a lot.


I apologize for the late reply,

Ie6 does not support transparent png’s. You will have to use a fix like the one mentioned here http://www.twinhelix.com/css/iepngfix/

In addition to that there are some layout issues that need to be worked out.

I might be able to help you out, just send me an email from my profile page and we can discuss it.


Hi Kumailht,

If you have produced an IE6 fix for the previous commenter, would it be possible to post it as an update?

thanks, Fiona.

I am sorry but I dont really support IE6 so I dont know how to fix for it.

I noticed on the “about” page the content background doesn’t stretch to match the content itself. The content has run off the bottom of the background and into the footer. (using the latest Firefox)

Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Great work, beautiful design!

Thx for the heads up! will check it out :)

The content problem also happens in Safari, if you reload the page it looks fine but when the page is first opened it doesn’t stretch.

The fix is simple, I just need the time to get it all done. If you have already bought the theme, you can email me so I can fix it for you.

Who can tell me what are the 10 Different color schemes included?

Ok – i saw the designs in the screenshots page. BTW – does this template have sub-menu?



no it doesnt

Does this template work with WordPress?

I have purchase the theme and installed it on my server. WP 3 .0 says the installation is missing the style sheet. I have done it twice. What wrong?

Its an Xhtml/CSS theme and wont work with Wordpress


I really like your template – you did a great job. Unfortunately it seems as though it does not work with WordPress. But under FAQ ’s above someone had asked “Do you have a wordpress version?” to which you replied “Yes, please email me for that.”

Am I mistaken? If not than I cannot use your template and would like to request a refund on my purchase. Sorry to be a bother.


I have a wordpress addon for the blog section which I can provide you with


I purchased this theme yesterday and spent most of the day trying to get it to work.

I’m hosting on fatcow.com and uploading the files to the file manager. I’m new to this and from the video help from fatcow this seemed like the right approach. However, when I preview the site all I see is code.

Can anyone provide some direction?


Can you post a link to the page.

Please note that this is a Xhtml/CSS template and will not work as a wordpress theme.