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One of our customer purchased Corporate-x theme v2.22 for his Drupal sites. Our customer would like to upgrade Corporate-X theme to newer version.

I am interested, is it possible and how to upgrade Corporate-X theme from version 2.22 to latest version (v 3.0.28) without install whole Drupal application from scratch

Our customer currently have several live Drupal sites so described installation process in documentation is not an option (building Drupal site from scratch)

We need to be able to upgrade theme without big impact to live site and its data.

Please advise.

Kind Regards

Hi there AdnanGRM:

I´m sorry but Corporate X is not upgradeable from 2.x to 3.x

We have made so many redesign and concept changes that it is not possible.

The only way to go is by migrating their content to a fresh 3.x Install.



Thank you for explanation and info I appreciate it.

Kind Regards


Love your theme very much. However, I’m running into a problem editing the theme. On your page, it says you have “palette color switcher” installed; but I seem to be unable to find it. I saw your documentation for an older version, and to change the colors it says just open the Theme settings.

Any help would be great. Thanks!

Awesome – thanks so much for the amazingly quick reply. Will do it now and let you know.

Worked like a charm. Thanks again

Great!! Thanks for the feedback! If you have a chance give us a rate! :)


I liked your theme and I m thinking to buy that just few questions I would like you to answer

Do I need to do any programming if I buy this theme as I have no experience and I assume it’s just drag n drop kind of stuff

Secondly with social media links on bottom how can I link them with my own pages at social media. If I give an update will it be automatically publish on all for example linked in face book or twitter


Hi Nazimrafique:

Thanks for asking! About your quesitons:

Do I need to do any programming if I buy this theme as I have no experience and I assume it’s just drag n drop kind of stuff

It will deppend on what you need to do, to be honest. If you only need to change the info you see on the demo, then you won´t need to do any programming at all. Now, if you start to deeply customize it and extend it with new components, maybe you will. Here you can find some useful videos of the theme backend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMX8dkm1IPs&list=PLtB1ktcnJ7IWdaTei5XvRBIGalGoMcpu_

Secondly with social media links on bottom how can I link them with my own pages at social media. If I give an update will it be automatically publish on all for example linked in face book or twitter

The Social Media module has a backend that allows you to change each of those links and even add more.

If you have any other question, please do not hesitate in ask again.


hi there

loved the font u have used in ur template whats the name


Hi Nazim:

Sorry for the late response, I haven´t seen your message.

It is Open Sans Light.


Hi there.

I purchased Corporate X 3 today, and cannot seem to get the installation successful. I have installed it as I would a fresh drupal installation, but the layout and functionality in the site is not working. Please assist. Regards


Hi Morg3nstein:

Thanks for buying!

Please ensure to select Corporate X in the step #3 described on the Installation Instructions. (http://demos.doublemthemes.com/corporatex/documentation/3/) I suppose you selected the “Standard” Drupal install.

There are 99% chances may have jumped that step. :)

Let me know.


Hi DoubleMThemes

I see there is no demo of the “Faceted Search” feature. That is a critical decision requirement.

Perhaps you could document this feature. It will help my purchase decision :)

Hi there Peter:

Thanks for asking. Just a mistake, Corporate X does not includes any Facet API feature. Just correcting it on the description.

Thanks again for yor interest!!!

Hi,Is RTL supported?

Hi there Hoosoohoo:

No it’s not. Sorry for it. Happy New year 2015!!!


Drupal 6 CorporateX theme had 6 different color sets. I just upgraded to Drupal 7 and only see 1 color set. How do we get more color sets?

Hi there Mina:

I have 2 mails from you but you didn’t mentioned the URL I asked you for.

Please let me know.


I replied with URL. Still no response…

Hi there Mina:

I answered your mail a couple of hours ago.


How do we change the title of the Contact Us page?

I have 2 webforms already. But I’m looking for different maps to appear on each one to represent the two different locations on different pages. Is this possible? If so, how?

4 days later, and this is still a pending item….

Hi there Mina:

Sorry for the delay but there was the weekend in the middle.

I don’t know if Location Map module allows to do so by default. Still, you can just copy/paste the Google Maps API HTML code of the extra map you want to add and place it in a new Block.


How do we change the icons for the home item pages (e.g. Who we Are,What we Do, etc.)?

When I go to “Browse all fonts” all images look like broken links. What is wrong and how can it be fixed?

How do I flip the icon color? For example, the default icons in your theme are white, but because I made my background white, it blends in so I need to make the icons black like in this URL: http://fontawesome.io/icon/globe/

4 days later, I figured it out… so nevermind and thanks for your help….

Hi there Mina:

Sorry for the delay but there was the weekend in the middle.

Add this code to the file sites/all/themes/corporatex3/css/style.css

.view-home-items .views-field-field-fontawesome-string { color: #333333 !important; /* SAMPLE DARK GRAY COLOR VALUE */ }


How do we enable drop-down menus from the main horizontal menu?

4 days later, and this is still a pending item….

Hi there Mina:

Sorry for the delay but there was the weekend in the middle.

Just set the Parent Menu item to be “Show as Expanded”. It will enable it as a Dropdown item with all the sub items.


What would cause the Our Services blocks on the front page to skip over a block space and just leave it an empty space?

Hi there Mina:

Already fixed. Sent you the CSS code for it:

.view-services .views-row:nth-child(2n+1) { clear: both; }

Just ensure to add it to the file sites/all/themes/corporatex/css/style.css


I tried this font but it does not work. How do I make it appear? Does it need enabled? If so, how do I do this?

It is this font: “fa fa-question”

Hi there Mina:

If it is a brand new font, Font Awesome guys upgrade the package frequently. Just ensure to upgrade it on the folder sites/all/themes/corporatex3/


compatible with 7.3x? thanks

Hi there Nicforest:

Yes it is. The latest version included in the downloadable package has Drupal 7.34.



I love the theme but I don’t use Drupal.

Can I simply use html and css and write my own php code or is it written for Drupal only?


LOL that won’t be allowed. Marketplace Rules… :)

It’s ok Jorge ;)


If you have doubts about buying this or not or your not sure about the support, I encourage you to go one and do it. I wasn’t sure what to do and their support totally kicked my a s s.

Incredible support, great code.


Hi, Great theme. I encountered two issues. 1) Panels module is not working(cannot be enabled in the module list page) as a result of a lower version of ctools(incompatible with version 7.x-1.3 of ctools) but i have tried downloading the latest version of ctools 1.5, the ctools cannot be enabled/disabled(i guess drupal thinks it’s the latest version so won’t let me disable it to be able to install the latest version because ctools has a lot of dependencies). So i’m kinda stuck. 2)I have tried adding custom styles to the style.css and the less files but no style is applied. I also got css injector but the styles are not showing up on the site. So i am not sure how to apply styles to the site. Any advice? Thanks

Hi Chimmypixels, Damn… sorry for the late response. I’ve been away for a long time and now I’m slowly getting things back online. About your questions:

1) You can do a drush up and it will solve your issue.

2) Ensure to setup the Filesystem temporary folder in Drupal, the LESS parser comes with the theme but this is a requirement for custom CSS.


I purchased the theme and requested support and still have not received a reply… It`s been 5 days.

The services block on the home page is broken, if i edit the current existing terms that make up the home page services block, everything is OK. but as soon as i add my own term the terms all pile up in one corner of the screen and also become child elements of the pre-existing service items in the block. I don’t even understand how that is possible with views. There is some sort of unorthodox less rule or weird preprocess that is happening because I cannot add terms to that vocabulary without the styling completely becoming botched.

The only thing I have changed on the vocabulary is the name of the vocabulary and the URL patterns (auto-generated) also changed the path of the view page. I don’t understand how that could affect NEW nodes for a block though. Super confused.

Please get back to me ASAP I have screenshots, source code of this bug. I have a deadline so I would appreciate a reply considering the product purchased apparently comes with 6 months support..

Hi Edmontonejuice:

Sorry for the delay! We are experiencing issues with our support staff. Could you please send us the URL to inspect it to support@doublemthemes.com?


Hello. I am very interested in purchasing this theme, but I have a concern. Is your theme current? I mean by that, would it be compatible with drupal 8? Thank you in advance!!!

Hi catqueenbb, It is only Drupal 7. Thanks for asking!

Hi. I have purchased this theme.

The drupal codebase is about 2 years old, and everything updates OK except the md_slider module. Drush can’t update it. I’ve paid for the module as part of the theme, so how do I get the md_slider module update?

This post ( https://megadrupal.com/comment/13229#comment-13229 ) on MegaDrupal’s site says to contact the theme author for support.

Cheers, Marcus

We have found another problem: given that the Drupal distribution of this theme is 2 years old, it has several security vulnerabilities. Having updated these to make the site secure there are now errors, including one where the theme settings page cannot be changed and submitted – it results in the “white screen of death” with PHP errors in the logs. Can you please advise how to deal with this? Logs and info can be provided.

Hi Marcus. I’m really sorry for the long delay. I missed the notification :( The package is updated with everything now.