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is there a way to see a live demo of the theme?

In the slide shows effects is present also an accordion effect?

I’ll set it up the Demo as soon as possible.

Acordion effect is not included via the “click way” in the 27 package. It should be configured via code.

Thanks for your comment!!!

Hey Gimondi, the Live demo is up and running. Thanks again for your comment.

Sorry, theme appears noisy and much too ’’‘busy’’’, so much detail and distraction all one one place!

This does not appear to be a theme designed to user comfort, there is nothing focused or balanced in visual design.

Poor use of color, fonts, and white space [ouch].

With no ‘live demo’ it presents bad! -2 points on clean design and layout +1 points for space filling and loudness

Thanks for your comment and overview Peter. I’ll take all your suggestions in account. I really will.

Live Demo will be ready soon.

Thanks for your comment. (oops , second post…)

I’ll set it up the Demo as soon as possible.

Thanks for your comment!!!

Hello again kultus. Live Demo is up and running, you can check it out. Greetings!!!

I completely agree with Peter. The theme needs a lot of improvements for sure.

Thanks for your comment P4tient!!!

Of course this theme will provide long term support & improvements.

it seems very familiar to me, :(

Might be. Community was one of the wonderfull themes I checked for inspiration. This is my first premium theme and I studied a lot of wonderfull themes, including yours.

Thanks for your comment, dropletz.

Do you supply a .psd file with this template? (I’d also like to see a demo) :)

No alasdair. Just the Drupal Theme + Database Backup + Required Modules for the working site.

I’m getting it into the Demo server in minutes.

Thanks for your comment.

Hi alasdair. Live demo is online.

Thanks again for your comment.

nice drupal theme, good luck :)

Thanks designesia. I also like yours a lot.

Thanks again.

Nice theme! Good job!

Thanks Eric for your Purchase & your comment!!!

I hope you enjoy your theme. It’s a pleasure to support people like you,

Great job on producing a drupal 7 theme, I have been waiting around to see something here for over 6 months now !

Thanks flockstudios!!!

I think Drupal 7 is NOWADAY a real alternative. Drupal Team and community recommends it since a few days ago as the current stable solution. Coprorate X is my little piece of sand.

Thanks for your comment!!! :D

This looks like a really great Template, not quite sure where the early criticism was founded on being too busy. The idea is you make it your own surely. If you don’t show its full potential on the advert you won’t reach the wider audience will you. I look forward to trying the Demo. Great Job jagutierrez!!!

Thanks tomjoy for your comment. I really appreciate your overview. I hope you like the Live Demo.


Hi jagutierrez,

I need to contact you but the form to contact you! PS: Does your theme have the option of Newsletter subscription?


Hi th3eme:

You can add it via the SimpleNews Module for Drupal 7. It’s very simple, you can get it from here: http://drupal.org/project/simplenews

As Corporate X is Drupal 7.x based, you can include all the recent features SimpleNews modules has for subscription Newsletters.

Thabks for your comment!!! If you have any other question don’t doubt to ask.

Great job on a drupal 7 theme. Theme is very nice and clutter. I like this theme. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have nice and clear website. Good luck and continue so on. Nice job :)

Thanks bsmajgel for your comment!!!

I’ve updated the Live Demo with a jQuery color theme editor yesterday. Let’s see how does it goes…

I personally liked this drupal theme the most of all those posted on themeforest. The main focus visually is on the images and not so much the content. The layout is clean and simple. Seriously considering. Thanks!

Hi enaya_g:

Thanks for your comment. My first purpose is focus centered on images, as you said. I’m really happy to read comments like yours :D.


Few questions on the theme: 1- Can I add a drop down login on upper corner of page? 2- Can I decrease the margins? 3- Can I use the product page as the index page? 4- Can the top slider automatically roll over the images? 5- How does one add space for advertisements? 6- Can I upload videos in place of the images in the products page?

Sorry for all the questions but would love to know!!

Thanks! Keep up the amazing work—

I’ll answer everyone of your questions here, inseat by mail, so any other user with the same question or doubdt can have it to. Most of your question are specific needs, but Drupal is an awesome thing:

  • 1 – Drop Down Login on Upper Corner: YES you can, but not just by making simple clicks. The header section of the page (the one with the Menu and the Search Form) includes a block area where you can place the login form. Thing is I didn’t do it because Corporate X purpose isn’t focused on visitors registration/login instead on exploring the info as a Portfolio/Corporate site. Anyway, if you want I can provide you an additional support for getting it working as a drow down login.
  • 2 – Margins Decreasing: YES , a little bit of CSS code with Firebug preview and it’s done. If you need assistance, I’ll also provide it. Theme’s CSS files are very organized and commented.
  • 3 – Product Page as Index: YES , and also you can place the Slideshow on it with the images, texts and links you want. Once you get logged in, on the admin/config/system/site-information section you set it as the new home page.
  • 4 – Home Slider Roll over Images: YES , if what you mean is changing them when rolling over the controls instead of clicks. You can set this up very easily. It’s described in the documentation included on the Item, just by clicking “Activate Slide and Pause on Pager Hover ”.
  • 5 – Space for advertisements: YES , but can do it via many ways. By default, theme includes a sidebar block with 2 sample advertisements and a content type where you can create ads that show there with their links, really easy, but only there. Theme also includes 9 Blocks Regions you can use for it. I can also provide you additional support here, deppending on yous specific needs, the place where you need to put them, the size… etc.
  • 6 – Uploading videos for products: YES , you can do it. Some changes must be made to get it working, but can be made. Drupal is very powerfull!!! You can include the Media module (http://drupal.org/project/media) and add videos to Product content type and then, update the Page Product to show it, instead the Image. Again, i can support you by making this.

Don’t worry about the number of questions, supporting everyone is my job and I really enjoy it.

Thanks for your comments again enaya_g.

I allways say to my clients that purchasing an Item is more than downloading a packagge, is also getting the support of the creator of it and as I said on my profile page: “My client’s satisfaction & success with my items is my primary goal”.


Hi jagutierrez,

Sorry, the Theme is [much] more [design + feature] cluttered than the early original!

Please, consider a cleaner minimalist design!

At the moment, for the end user [and the paying purchaser], the current theme ‘noise and extra work’ is high in over load of excess information and poor reading focus. Such over-load of ‘features’ may excite – for a short period, but the end-user is getting glazed eyes and moving on – no second chances here!

Client’s need to enjoy and focus on where the value [content] is – and without eye stress!

Go minimalist design and you will see much better buyer results.

Good D7 code [+1 points] – but poor visual design [-3 points].

Hi Peter:

I haven’t changed the theme since it’s initial release but the IE7 Support and the “demo top bar” for changing theme’s colors. I don’t get what you mean with the early original. I haven’t changed anything on the theme…

On the other hand, I thanks a lot your overview. Perhaps theme design isn’t what many people expects (I’m not a graphic designer by nature), but others (many or few) people like it. You’re right on the overload and poor reading focus. Anyway, I got the “Please, consider a cleaner minimalist design!” idea even if you post it as a normal text instead of a H4. Maybe the default colors I choosed for the theme don’t help to much to get “a clean” idea, most of purcharsers change the color scheme to a clear one such as www.johnwebhost.com that extended it using a “much more” minimalist design based on Corporate X. My initial idea was focus the theme on the images and use text as a secondary resource. It’s the main purpose I conceptualized on this theme.

Clear and minimalist design, as you say, results on better sales. I’m taking into account all your suggestions, as I said on my earlier reply to your first comment in this item.

As far as now, my purchasers are very happy with the theme and the post-purchase support. I’m “newbie” in ThemeForest and Graphic design isn’t my strongest weapon as Drupal 7 customization is (I see you noticed it scoring my theme :D ).

This is my firt theme at ThemesForest and, as I said before, all your suggestions are being taken into account on a second work I’ll release soon. I please, ask you to be one of the firsts on sharing your opinion on it. If you want (and can also), please contact me via the “Contact form” on my profile page so I can mail directly to you about these things.

Regards and thanks again for the comment.

This comment is directed to peterwbowey:

Peter what is the problem here?? If you don’t like the theme simply move on. Like the rest of us. No need to linger and ruin sales.

No need for two comments and using huge bold letters like you’re screaming at all of us.

This theme, in my opinion, is well done. Some pages focus on content with others on images (or video placement)... allowing for multimedia usage.

Peter, how is it you are so confident (and loud) with your opinion when your website: http://www.pbcomp.com.au/ SUCKS.

I commend jagutierrez for an amazing job. Well done. CLEAN THEME .

Thanks for your comment enaya_g.

I’m very happy you like my theme. Really am.

Regards and thanks again.

Hi, I like the theme… please tell me:

a) can I use suckerfish to get drop down menus? b) will it work with ckeditor so that I can format the content – been stung there before?

many thanks

Hi career21:

a) There are a few ways to get a Suckerfish effect in Drupal 7. Check these out:


MY RECOMMENDATION : http://drupal.org/project/nice_menus

The theme integrates with them, as is Drupal 7 based. If you need further assistance i provide mail support for all my purchasers. If you get the Item, mail me for supporting you installing and configuring it if you need it.

b) Of course you can install CKEditor for text formatting. Theme also includes predefined styles for inner-pages text content like headings, paragraphs, quotes, blockquotes….

Thanks for your comment career21!!!

Hi, ok the theme is purchased and installed and I am already gettng error message trying to upload logo:

Warning: file_put_contents(temporary://filepZ9xoJ) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: “DrupalTemporaryStreamWrapper::stream_open” call failed in file_unmanaged_save_data() (line 1896 of /home/connecte/public_html/includes/file.inc).

help pls!

Hi career21:

Te warning you are receiving is a permission related issue. To solve it, follow these steps:

1 – Go to admin/config/media/file-system.

2 – Under the “Temporary directory” heading, set up the path to the temporary folder your webserver uses to store temporal data. Ussually is under your user folder(outside public_html) and is called tmp. This is something Drupal does automatically, if it’s the same than your current path, don’t touch it.

3 – Check out if that folder has writing permissions. If not, set it up to be writable.

4 – Also check the permissions on sites/default/files/ folder and all it’s subfolders. Make them all writable.

It should solve your problem. Please let me know if it works for you. If you have any further question, I recommend you to mail me via the contact form on my profile page, I’ll answer much faster.

Thanks for purchasing. I’m here for support you in every item related question !!!

Happy New Year !!! :)


I want to thank you again for your fantastic customer service!!! I really appreciate your quick response and helping me solve my issue. I’m excited to start digging into the CorporateX theme … seems to be beautifully designed, very intuitive and easy to use!



Thanks Jon for your comment!!!

I hope you get the most of the Theme. I’ll soon get some updates with new features on it, you can download them again due to the purchase that includes the long term updates I made.

Any doubt or problem you have with it, mail me and we’ll get it solved.

Regards and thanks again for your comment. :D