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ok I am using Windows hosting, but I’ve already been told I should switch it to Linux; the PHP version of my hosting is 5 and PHP 4 is no longer supported or offered

Hi. I want to know if you can make this theme for wordpress and how much it will cost if you do it. Thanks ;) Bye

hi, thanks for purchasing, but sorry, at this time i’m not taking any more freelance projects.

Hello, This is a great template, but I am having trouble with adding new tabs to the nav. The nav. is drop the added taps. I need to find where can I check the width of the nave in the Style.css.

Pls Help!

hi, well the menu is styled from 2 files 1. is the style.css ( .main-menu class and .sf-menu) 2. then the color specific stuff is added via style-XXXX.css where XXXX is the color mode you chose and they are added via the #navigation id.

however there is no preset width for it. it fits in the “two-third-last” cols fine as it is, if you want more items i recommend you put the menu above the logo and search bar spanning accros the whole width.

Hi, great template! Just two questions: 1) How can I change the FAQ page so that the first answer is not automatically expanded? 2) As I have a restrictive smtp server wich requires auth, what I need to change in the related php files to add smtp auth parameters? Thank you very much!

hi, can you mail me directly please, some mods will be in order i think to achieve that.

Hi. just a fast question. any chance to make work the search button in the homepage? thank you, Ivan

hi, it’s a html template, the search would need backend programming to be active.

Thanks a lot. Last question. I have two problems with send-quote.php, even with original file.

1. The subject of the email that I receive is “Contact Form Submission from $firstname $lastname”, and not the real firstname and lastname. 2. most important, emailed text shows “Chooser1: chooser1_1” and not the real name of chooser1_1.

thanks for support

Hi, yes you have to set the value of the choosers to what you want them to be.. value=”chooser1_2” can be any text you want.

Hi there. Does the gallery include any kind of pagination? thanks in advance.

Hi, no it’s a simple one page gallery, pagination would req. programming or some java.

Hi There, great work…I cant seem to get my contact form working…Changed the mail address but nothing coming, through anything I am doing wrong. Thanks, Tom

Hi, thanks :). it can be anything but i suspect it’s the host, is it linux based? if so does it allow for the mail command to be run thru php.

I don’t think so checked, the control panel and it says PHP5 version is allowed…Never had a problem before with host as I always use php with my contact forms….thanks in advance

Hi i checked the send.php in that URL it’s something different then whats in the theme, did you change the script ?

Hi, Your template is nice one. Thanks for such nice & creative template. I have four questions to you. Will you please help me…. 1. How can i add a background image in this template ? 2. How can I set my texts, Images & forms in the middle of your body div? 3. How can I change the background color in this template? 4. Will you please help me with the responsive code?

Hi thanks for purchasing, can you mail me directly : please, will try and guide you there. One thing, the template is not responsive.