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Beautiful work. Amazing featureset for such a low price.

thank you, yes, i don’t know why they priced it so low.

I assume the author sets the price!!

hehe no :) we don’t… reviewers do

thnx, feel free to buy then :), its cheap as flu :D

Do you have a similar for wordpress?

Hi, for now no wp for this one. Sorry.

Logos slider not working !

yeah preview url was an update behind, zip was ok, no need to redownload. is fixed now. thanks for spotting.

How can I upload my own logos? Do I do it on teh PSD or on the PHP .

Please let me know, love your template.

Hi, thank you for purchasing, to replace the logo just overwrite the logo.png file found in _includes/images. Same goes for the rest of the images.

just following up on your question, did you manage to change your logo/images ?

I am trying to integrate a Jquery dependent navigation (details for the method here:, but the thing doesn’t work. When I include Jquery.js it breaks the HP cycle so neither works… can you check where the conflict is?

well jquery is already included, no need to load it again. try it like that. if it doesnt work please supply me a link so i can check it out.

Tried this previously and did not work. The page is on local server so cannot show it to you. Have emailed you to discuss further and share the page code.

use this one: it integrates ok, no jquery needed just the script. altho i’ll be carfull with it the forrm is loaded right after the tag.. , you should load it in the body.

let me know if it worked pls.

Worked perfectly, many thanks for the help.

Pages not fully loading when integrating into the site. Can you check for integration issues?

Have emailed you the embed code.


oki will get back to you shortly, need to test that.

I can’t reproduce the errors, the code seems to be loading fine, i mean no errors, i think you have to ask a prog bout the more detail stuff in there. But as far as conflicts between theme and the plugged js, there are none. Its the implementation.

Also be sure to read the docs from this thing carefully, it seems it need some configuration before it works :

Also, what would you advise for the best search script to integrate? I am using codecanyon script for this but have pretty basic js skills so how do I get a GET function to work with your search box as follows, without breaking the layout:


As far as my prog skills tell me, you’ll have to tie in the form of the search with action calling your php search script. with form action=”scriptname.php”.

Hi There,

Where do I change the map location.


never mind found it in contact.html

sweet theme! any chance you have a full-width page for this one? I’ll try my hand at taking out the left sub-menu…thanks and keep up the great work.

many thx…also am having a bit of an issue with the accordian slider..I added a few more slides, adjusted the accordian css to add more slides there..however, it only shows the original 4 slides..any ideas?

hmm weird, can you mail me an url so i can check it out ?

I am using the Corporated template for 3 website for a company. Very clean code, very versatile and good documentation. Bogdan has out done himself.

thanks :)

hi – what functionality does the php version add that you said is included? does it have an admin section so someone can add content for the blog section?


Its modular, header, footer, sidebar are modules, also you have a config file for all site’s paths and some other things, makes life easyer for editing. There is no CMS functionality tho.

What do you suggest for managing the blog? Lovely template!

Hi, thank you, i’m not sure what you mean, can you be a bit more detailed ? :) Template is html not WP or CMS .

Without a WP or CMS version, how can I maintain the blog page that you created? Other than manually updating all the html?

Well, you would need to integrate it in WP or a CMS for that. Thats why it’s called Corporated HTML , and it is in the HTML templates Category.

This template is the best one I’ve purchased here so far. It’s very well coded and really easy to customize. Great job!

Honestly, I think the reviewers priced it way too low, given all the features included and the great design.

I especially like the request-a-quote-form, I was looking for a template including one for quite some time. Glad I found yours!

5 stars!

Thank you very much, i tried to include as much generalized stuff as possible, yes the price is very low, seems to be the trend really :).