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Nice Job with this template! I can’t seem to get the search function to work, can you please help?

Thanks for the prompt response. I’m not an expert in PHP and Ive tried messing around with it, but I can’t get the search function to work. Do you know of any tutorials to program the search feature or at least get me pointed in the right direction?


Will look for some, and get back to you with some usefull links.

Found some, both rely on google, haven’t tested tho:

Hi Bogdanspn, Loved your NOVUX which I bought, but haven’t used, yet. So, no surprise this template is a great value, and really beautifully organized-you have a super system. It is perfect for new start-up site I need to turnaround fast-but there is still plenty of room to grow.

Keep up the terrific work, and I hope to see more of your templates on Themeforest.

Thank You very much, will try to keep it up :)

Hi bogdanspn, I’m not an expert in CSS . As I can do to make the page about us see a single large image and not two.

Great job!

Thank you very much in advance.

hi thank you for purchasing, could you send me a mail via my profile i will mail you back instructions and code, code pasting here is not so usable.

bogdanspn I need to include datepicker function for one of the fields in the form “request a quote”. What I have to do? Just include the piece of code with the function as shown in the example of jQuery ( Help me please.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, yes for that to work you will need to include the jquery.ui lib.. with the css theme for it and all. —you can pick and choose here what to include in the lib As for the theme i would rec. Smoothness, since its grey and will fit the corp theme.

After that you will just run the datepicker and apply it to the field you want according to the datepicker ui example.

If you need more help on it please send an email via my profile, also an url of that form would be good.


I bought your template Corporated and i am using the accordion slide but its having a problem in IE8 and IE9 . This is the link to the website for you to look at: It displays fine in Firefox and Chrome.

Do you have a css fix for ie8 and ie9?

Thank you very much in advance.

Patty Worldwide Optimize

hi, thanks for purchasing, ya i see your menu is moved out of place in ie, will get back to you later today with some solutions.

ola, i think ie has its own mind about the css changes you did, anyway an easy fix would be to create a conditional css for ie only and play with the ” #navigation a ” class, it seems ie adds more padding there as firefox, so maybe adjust the left right padding on it to make it fit in that width. Also i wouldnt use myriad, and arial black on that, why not use normal arial, just a suggestion. Let me know if it works, if not mail me directly via my profile page, i will guide you thru.

Hi Bogdan

Great template. Can you advise me how to move the menu to between the logo and the slider, at full width?



hi, yes, do you have the site up somewhere ? url maybe ? or should i show you an example header with that change and you’ll take it from there ?

i made a simple custom modification for you, please email me via my profile page, i seem to have lost your email address, i will email you the code back.

Hi thank you for purchasing. That one is more complex, it would involve a lot of .js modification and work, either that or change of scripts to something like the one used in that template.

Hi Bogdan,

very good template! Where can I find homepage social icons you used other than Facebook, Twitter and RSS ? I need Linkedin, YouTube and possibly G+ too…

Thank you very much! Paolo

hi, they were custom made, will do you a psd with the ones you need. please send a direct mail so i can mail them back to you.

Check line 140 on your demo!

thanks, left over from an analytics update. not present in the packaged theme :)

Hi bogdanspn,

I’ve added a < form >< /form > tags on the search field but it doesn’t look good. take a look at this

Please help.

hi, add this to your style.css at the end

.search form { border:0px; padding:0px; margin:0px; }

should take care of it.

thanks, but the alignment still not good. see here –

I can’t add a simple form code tags to the search field if the alignment is not good. please help.

add the form tags to contain the whole <ul></ul> list.

thank you :)

Wow, the Corporated theme is really beautiful bogdanspn, I love it! It’s so… un-templateish! Some of the other templates on Themeforest just all seem to look the same but this one has its own uniqueness. It’s odd because Novux has always been one of my faves (if I ever get around to redoing my own webiste, I’ll use that one), but I see that you designed Novux as well – it looks like I just like your general style of designing. That is the case with many authors, I either adore all of their templates or don’t care much for any of them. Just ‘followed’ you so I’ll be notified of new templates that I’m sure I’ll love! :) The only problem now is that I like the look & feel of Corporated so much, I dont know whether I want to use it for my clients’ site or for my own! lol I’m just not sure if I can give it up! :) Anyway fantastic and excellent work, you are a very talented designer!

Thanks for the kind words :).. new stuff is coming soon.

I’ve purchased this template and had time to work with it a bit…it is AMAZING ! Very clean and easy to read code, helpful hints and smileys – yes :) in the HTML comments…doesn’t get any better than that. This template is so beautiful and has so many cool features that I had assumed customizing it might be somewhat complex but I think the way it is coded makes changing things around SO easy. All around awesome, easiest template I’ve ever worked with…without question I am now purchasing the Novux template as well. I don’t know how its possible that this thing doesn’t have about 4 quadrillion trillion sales by now!

My only question so far.. some of the external links (in the small footer @ bottom) have the rel attribute of ‘external’ – but I’m not familiar w/ that. Depending on where the link is going, I usually mark these either follow or no-follow. Is there anything special I need to know about the external rel? THANKS (:

Thank you very much :)... rel=external is used instead of target_blank wich isn’t supported by html strict doctype. so its a little jquery fix to open pages in a new window for external links.

Hmm okay thanks for explaining. So, would it be possible to have a link that has both a rel of external AND is a do-follow link? I know I can’t list the rel property twice… what if I had Visit the site But I also wanted to make that do-follow?

you can add both, separated by a space :

rel="external nofollow"

Ok thanks, so a DO follow would just be rel=”external follow” – not “rel=”external, follow” (with a comma), right?

Also just another quick question, when the forms are submitted I see the green success message with the checkbox that says “Thanks! Your email was successfully sent. I check my email all the time, so I should be in touch soon.”

How would I change the text in that message so it would say something different, for example “Thank you, your request has been submitted and we will get back to you within 1 business day.” Would I need to change something in the send.php mailer script for that?

ya. no comma.

for that contact message, look in contact.html (or contact.php for the php version) .. this line:

$(this).before('<p class="success"><strong>Thanks!</strong> Your email was successfully sent. I check my email all the time, so I should be in touch soon.</p>');

its html code so you could change that to whatever you wish there. no need to change send.php

Hi Bogdan,

Sorry to bug you again; just a quick question, I am using the cycle slider for the homepage, how would I slow the slider down just a little bit, maybe by just 2 or 3 seconds?

Also, do you have any idea what I would have to do to add an option for someone to upload files via the contact form (for example they upload an image or upload a text document) by browsing and finding it on their computer and attaching it to the form. What I am trying to do is have the file they attach be attached to the form submission that comes thru to my e-mail. I know this is probably out of the scope of your support, am I correct in thinking this would require me to setup MySQL? Just trying to figure out if this is worth me messing with or not. :) Excited to get done with this site so I can purchase Novux next week!!

Hi, its not bugging :), anyway, look for this string in on your homepage :

<!-- start load cycle slideshow --> ... speed: 400, // speed of transition timeout: 7000, // timeout of the slide ...

you will find all stuf related to cycle there. there is a timeout and a speed setting, play with these an make slow down a bit.

for the second one i will have to google a bit, i’m sure you wont need any mysql but i think you will need some php. will get back to you on this.

found something but it would have to be merged with what is there, .

Ok great; that worked thank you! By the way I changed the success message for the forms without a problem and changed the e-mails in send.php and send-quote.php from your e-mail to mine; then uploaded the site and the mailer scripts to the web / domain and filled in a few contact forms just to test everything out…I did that approx. 12 hours ago but still have not gotten any e-mails, and I also checked my spam folder and the contact form submissions are not in there either. Am I doing something wrong?

hmm, could be many things, paths issue, php version, giddy smtp server etc, can you send me a direct email with your url ? usualy is one of those things.

is just sending you the URL enough or do you need to be able to look at the folder structure and all of the files?

I’m not sure what version of PHP I ’m using… my domain does support PHP in general though, its Godaddy deluxe hosting; I can’t recall if its windows or Linux.

The email address I am trying to have the forms send to is also the email that goes along with my domain (this is godaddy’s webmail product) so I’m not sure if its imap, pop, smtp etc. Both of the contact pages and both of the php mailer scripts are in the root directory of my site so in the html code for the forms I have form action=”send.php” .....etc. for example. Should this be form action=”/send.php” even though they are in the same directory?


try it out, had users wich reported somethign like that. i’m not familiar with godaddt hosting, but its usualy something like that. unless its a restrictive smtp server wich requires auth.

thanks for posting this..I will look into it; not sure though because I’m not very familiar with PHP . But, did you mean that I could merge the PHP code on the zymic page with what is already in your mailer script?

yeah, if you can, unfortunately i’m no php coder myself, but i can help out if needed.