Discussion on Corpus - Responsive Corporate WordPress Theme

Discussion on Corpus - Responsive Corporate WordPress Theme

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roob Purchased

Corpus in combination with Firefox (Mac) does not work. Also not for the demo page.

Hello roob – thanks for writing in!

Unfortunately, I cannot confirm any issue. Corpus works as it should in all supported browsers; I have just checked Corpus’s live demo in Firefox (MacBook). If you try with a different device, I am sure that you will have no issues.

Best Regards.

Hi Corpus Team ! I hope you are well. I’m not able to find where i’m suppose to manage the integrated translations in the CMS. I’m mean for instance the text of the “read more” button in articles or also the default text displayed over the comment zone (their is a mistake). Thank you in advance for your help

Hi there – thanks for using Corpus.

An external plugin like Loco Translate could help you with these strings.

We would greatly appreciate if you use our Support System for any kind of support you need instead of the public comments as we provide support only there. Thank you!

Best Regards.


I recently contacted wpml for an issue that came up in one fo the translation. As i am using ATE (Advanced translation editor), even if i remove the button title and link from the header (Under the page options, in the original page) it still displays a link and a button on the translated one.

Here is what WPML said when i contacted them and after the investigated the issue:

“You can ask the theme author to join our GoGlobal compatibility and we will be glad to help.

You should report to the theme that the empty button from the default language page settings is not being applied same when using ATE editor. Best approach here would be to set OFF/ON settings that is then copied to translation also. So then button can then easily be snyced and displayed/hidden on both languages.”

Let me know your thoughts.

Best Regards

Hello there,

Thanks for reaching out.

We work closely with the WPML team for almost all our themes. However, I don’t think that you are facing a theme-related issue, nor that adding On/Off in our settings could be a solution here. The only workaround I can propose is to switch to the Classic editor instead of the Advanced when you need such changes. The WPML works when you use the old, classic editor. Maybe, the WPML will provide a stable solution shortly as there are quite a few similar issues – https://wpml.org/forums/topic/a-custom-field-created-with-acf-shows-old-translation-value-currently-field-i/ – no matter the theme you are using.

I hope this makes sense.

Best Regards.

Emails coming from my website (using Corpus) are not displaying properly. This is an issue coming most likely from the theme not applying style code. Please fix it. I waited for the following theme update but still not fixed. I manage other websites using Avada and Enfold and have no such issues regarding emails sent from those websites. So the issue is most likely corpus. You need to offer support for people who have issues stemming from the theme and not from us. Thank you

Hi there – thanks for using Corpus!

Firstly, be sure that we are always happy to fix any issue that we are able to reproduce with the theme as it comes to our end. However, this is not the case here so it seems there is nothing to be fixed. More specifically, we officially support CF7 in Corpus, but we only style the fields in the frontend – https://euthemians.com/themes/corpus/forms-maps/ . As you can easily understand, this has nothing to do with the way you’re receiving your emails. Hope this makes sense.

Last but not least, there is no reason to mention other commercial themes in our comment area. Thanks again!

Best regards.

Hi, how can i change the footer bar area font size? Thanks Regards

Hi there,

We would greatly appreciate it if you use our Support System for any kind of support you need instead of the public comments. We’d be glad to help you.

Best Regards.


I have updated your theme to the latest version (3.3.2) and also wordpress in version 5.7.2. I get the js errors below in the console:

1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘classList’ of null at myFunction ((index):1500) at window.onscroll ((index):1487) 2.Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘offsetTop’ of null at (index):1493

Link to the page: https://thecloudkeys.com/booking/welcoming-koukaki-home/

Do you know how these errors can be fixed?

Best Regards,


Thanks for using Corpus.

If you check our official demo – https://euthemians.com/themes/corpus/ – which is also updated, theme and WP, you will not see any of these errors. So, I think that something else causes these in your installation (3rd party plugin, custom code).

Hope this makes sense.

Best Regards.

Ok. I will check this then. Best Regards

That’s great! Cheers :)

Hello! I saw your vídeo about how to insert social icons in topbar, but there is no option for activate button cart? is adding a shortcode? Thank you guys!

Hi there!

There is an option to enable the cart under Theme options > Header Options (requires the WooCommerce). If you need any further assistance, please contact our agents – https://euthemians.ticksy.com/ . They will be happy to help you.

Best Regards.

Hi there

I am getting an 500 Internal Server error on all of our subpages.. And your Support System doesnt work for me as I just extended the Support license…

here’s what I wrote in the ticket: ​

Hi there

We are getting an error 500 on our subpages and we can’t find out what is causing this problem. Can you please have a look at our website? If I reset the htaccess the error disappears but happens 2 days after again.

I don’t know what to do and would be so happy to have it solved…

(website is zentroom.ch)

Thank you so much in advance.

Kind Regards


Hi Mario,

Thanks for using Corpus.

Our support desk seems to work fine – https://euthemians.ticksy.com/ – so maybe you should try again to open a ticket there. Without being able to check anything else, this error 500 cannot be a theme related issue. Could you please disable all 3rd party plugins and check your server settings – https://docs.euthemians.com/tutorials/recommended-server-settings-memory-issues/ ?

Best Regards.

Hi there

I deactivated the plugin “WPS Hide Login” and it seems like the error was caused by this plugin. Well thanks a lot for your help – believe it or not, you helped me so much.

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards Mario

We are always happy to help :) Don’t hesitate to use our support desk if you need anything else.

Best Regards.

I am very happy with the theme and I will move my next blog shortly as well https://synapsenstau.de/

Glad you like Corpus :)

Bad Pages in Google Webmaster – CLS-Errors

I have some observation on the CLS score and I am wondering, if you maybe have any tips or have heard of this maybe from other users.

Google reports all my pages with a bad CLS score. While Mobile is 100% fine, desktop is marked with a bad score of 0,95, for static as well as for blog pages.

Any ideas, maybe any other user that have the same observations?

Hi there – hope you are doing well.

If I remember well, you are using Corpus since 2015 and you have modified it a lot. I also think that we have discussed almost everything in your (41) tickets. Such performance issues are quite complicated and there are several factors to investigate. I am not quite sure that we are able to help you on this.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

Best Regards.


Since few months the WP Bakery on my site cannot be upgraded anymore. It’s seems like I do not have anymore the licence, which is weird cause it is included in the theme? I saw in many forums that some people had similare issues after updating to wordpress in 5.5. How can we solved that?

Hi there,

We provide support exclusively in our support desk – https://euthemians.ticksy.com/ . Be sure that there is nothing to be fixed from our side, theme and bundled plugins work as they should.

Maybe this article -https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005593643-How-do-licenses-work-for-any-plugins-that-are-bundled-with-the-theme-I-bought- – will help you understand how the license work for bundled plugins.

Best Regards.

It was working before well since 5 years alsmost now so I didn’t change anything, just the plugins updates which evolve, so if you say that it should working it means there is an uncompatibility with something as it’s included in the theme, should work.

Hi again,

I am not able to know the current status of your installation. I can just ensure you that with the theme as it is, theme and plugins update should work fine. Thanks again for your understanding :)

Best regards.

Is there a plan to ensure this theme will be PHP8 compatible? Asking for a client that is having issues with it on SiteGround hosting.

Hi there – thanks for reaching out.

Since we will keep supporting each one of themes, we will ensure the compatibility with the new versions of WP and PHP. However, we haven’t checked for issues with the PHP8 yet.

Hope this makes sense.

Best Regards.

I emailed you about this but got no response. I want to use the paid version of WPBakery, there is no tab to add the license. WPBakery says this is due to theme creators removing that. How do I activate that on your theme.Thanks!

Hi there!

There is an option to enable the WPBakery page builder auto updater under Theme Options > Miscellaneous. It is worth noting that we use our own handcrafted elements for Corpus theme so you cannot have the page builder as it comes.

Last but not least, we provide support exclusively in our support system – https://euthemians.ticksy.com/ – if you need any further assistance.

Best Regards.

Having problems with sticky header. On iPhone max devices items scroll above the sticky header. Is there a fix?

Hi there!

I am not quite sure that I understand this issue. Could you please check our live demo -https://euthemians.com/themes/corpus/ ?

If this is something that occurs only in your installation, you should contact our agents.

Best Regards.

Update for WP Bakery security issue 6.4

​There is a serious security issue with WP Bakery 6.4

I tried to update to patched 6.4.1 version today but couldn’t

Can you please take care of this before we all get infected or hacked?



Hi again – version 3.2.4 is available on Themeforest – https://euthemians.com/themes/updates/corpus/

Best Regards.

Yes thank you! Done!

Always happy to support our premium themes :)


I have problems getting the default Mailchimp forms working on the Corpus theme. Problem: the subscribe button is missing, just copy / pasting the default code from Mailchimp.

This is a test site: https://digitaleneuordnung.de/mailchimp-test/, please use “Mailchimp” to sign in.

This is what the Mailchimp support says: If you are copying over the code exactly as it appears, but the code is not appearing that way on your live site, then it would appear that Wordpress is taking out that code on the back-end somewhere. Without that code, the Mailchimp form and connected sites aren’t going to be able to work correctly; however, I don’t have any ability to see what Wordpress is doing on their admin side.

This is a screencast where I switch between two themes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dh5apdrhlbx4k8s/2020-08-04_12-34-13.mp4?dl=0

In the backend adding it as a text block it is shown properly, though the subscribe button is missing as you can see in the front end.

Best, Andreas

PS: It is even not possible to add a textblock to this site, the site is throwing errors: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3lfajajzunl6pf7/2020-08-04_12-48-13.mp4?dl=0

Hi Andreas,

Hope you are doing well.

We have discussed about many things in our support system (41 tickets) so you know very well that we are not able to provide support in the public area of TF. We will definitely try to reproduce this issue with a MailChimp form but we are not going to analyse it further here. Thanks for your understanding on this!

If this crucial for your site, the recommended way to add a MailChimp form is with the CF7 and the MailChimp extension – https://docs.euthemians.com/tutorials/mailchimp-with-cf7-in-fildisi/ (it’s the same process for Corpus).

Best Regards.

Sure, I do remember. I also remember that you told me, whenever I consider something a bug, I should use this forum here. What I do now.:) I am not asking for support, just bringing this issue to your attention … I am not en expert here, but my personal opinion would be that this is quite a basic feature. Copy the code, add it to your site and get what you expect.

That’s correct. And this is why I wrote that we will check it even though I wouldn’t call it “bug” as it is not a theme feature.

In any case, you already have a great alternative solution for your MailChimp form.

Best Regards.


I received a message from Envato about a Corpus update couple of weeks ago, though the Envato marketplace app didn’t t trigger any update. So I am a little bit confused on the latest version even more if my “status” in Corpus themes shows Corpus v999.99. According to your changelog the latest version is Version 3.2.1.​

Can you briefly advise me what to do? Any ideas, why the update wasn’t offered by the Envato marketplace app and why I got v.999 in my status report?



Hi Andreas – thanks for reaching out.

As you already know you can see the theme changelog file here – https://euthemians.com/themes/updates/corpus/ and the way to update Corpus on this article – https://docs.euthemians.com/tutorials/envato-market-wordpress-plugin-for-theme-updates/

If you have v999.99 in your installation, I guess that someone changed the theme version in style.css file of your installed theme. This means that you will never be able to receive the 1-click updates. Alternatively, you could try the manual method – https://docs.euthemians.com/tutorials/how-to-update-corpus-and-its-plugins/#how-to-update-corpus-old-school-method – to update Corpus.

If you need any further assistance, please use our support system – https://euthemians.ticksy.com/ . Our agents will be happy to help you further.

Best Regards.

Hi, I downloaded this theme through Elements. I have been attempting to change the pictures in slider revolution. I assumed I needed to upload the slider revolution zip file that came with the theme, but I get the error that there is no slider_export.txt file. I don’t see any other place where I can change the slider pictures. Thanks!

BTW: Since I downloaded it through Elements, I’m unable to use your support system. Elements help sent me here. Thanks!

Hi there – thanks for downloading Corpus.

Despite the fact that it is not a theme related issue, support is not included for themes downloaded from Envato elements – https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000629166-Item-Support-on-Envato-Elements . If that helps, maybe you should check in Revolution slider knowledge base.

Best Regards.

Is there a way to disable the feature on mobile devices? Thanks.

Hi there,

We would greatly appreciate if you use our Support System for any kind of support you need instead of the public comments. We’d be glad to help you. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.


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