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Hello, awesome theme!!!

i just have a quick question, I want to display the current logged in user name before the first menu item. every time i add the text it pushes the menu items down.



How dou you add it?

It needs some CSS styling. Please provide link to your site. Thanks!


I am trying to add a page section, I have added it in page section and it is saved and published, however it is not showing up in the menu section and therefore not on the website. I cannot figure out how to get it on the menu or why it is not showing up as I have followed all the instructions to set up a page section correctly via the support and help forums. Please advise on what the issue could be.



Proceed to Appearance > Menus. Create a new menu and set in Theme Locations box as Top Menu. Then choose Page Sections that you want to see at your Home Page and add them to Menu (if you do not see the Page Sections list under Pages list, open the Screen Options in top right corner of Admin Panel and check them to appear).

If you have other question please let us know.


how can i make i all the headings titles as “Title Case”? I dont want all the headings to be UPPERCASE.



If you need all headings in lowercase, use following CSS code (Theme Options > Styling > Quick CSS):
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h5 { text-transform: none; }

Where do I locate the CSS to change the colour of the loading page before the main home page displays ( where the loading icon is shown )? Currently it is set as the twilight but I can’t find it anywhere ( currently developing in the child theme ). Thanks!


For changing preloader’s colors use following CSS code:
.l-preloader { background-color: #fff; }
.l-preloader-bar { background-color: #f2f2f2; }
.l-preloader-counter, .l-preloader-spinner { color: #444; }

Paste it at Theme Options > Styling > Qucik CSS or in your style.css file at chlid theme.

Hi, really love using this theme and thanks for all the quick support so far! Is there anyway of changing the portfolio shapes from square to either circles or diamond shapes? As in do you already have a template for this that can be used on the corsa theme or is it going to be more complex by customizing the theme myself? Additionally also on the portfolio section, is it possible to just show the enlarged close up image on the page without the smaller featured image being there to click on?

Many thanks in advance for your help!


It’s not possible to use other shape for portfolio items at the moment. Also at the moment lightbox is not working for portfolio items. We will consider implement of this feature.

Many thanks for your reply, will look out for updates in the future.

Hey Guys,

Love the theme, just wondering if it is possible to have a ‘Click for More’ on team member icons (Email, Socail etc) as they hover over with the mouse?

I would like the custom link to read this, and would include ‘Email’ etc for the others if this was easy.

Thanks, Chris


It’s only possible to add custom icon with custom link. Use Team shortcode as on following screen: http://prntscr.com/2vovsd

Please check your email for some header problems I am having.


I’m overlaying the counter on top of the first fullscreen slider and the numbers aren’t counting upward like they do when loading anywhere else from the page. Is there a script in the slider that is preventing the number counting animation from taking place?

You can see an example on the first slider here: http://quitmumbling.com/dml/


Slider is not preventing this animation. But as those numbers are placed at first slide, they are already in viewport of browser – and they start to count when they just appear. Thank you for your feedback! We will consider improving this behavior in our future releases.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.


HI! could you advise me on how I can change the font of the text on the home section of the paralex page? I would like to select from a list of Google fonts. Thanks in advance! Denis

Hi! Go to Theme Options > Typography and there you can choose any font from “Heading Font” list.

Hi Upsolution!

Im working on my portfolio items right now and there are plenty of preview options but i would like to have the “extended project” from the preview and have a responsive vimeo video instead of the first picture so that the video takes up two_thirds of the row and the text beside it one_third and that it scales with the rest. Any way to do this?

Right now I just put the htlm embed code in it but that overlaps with text when i scale.

Or you could also tell me how to make a portfolio item with multiple scaling vimeo video’s with text beside it.



Enable Full Width content for Protfolio Item: http://prntscr.com/2vpzyq After that your Portfolio Item will display all of your content including shortcodes from Visual editor.

For vimeo use Video shortcode: http://prntscr.com/2vq0z8


You rock! Thnx for the awesome support


Great theme guys!

This may sound silly but I am finding it quite difficult to understand how these ‘page sections’ work. For example, I want to set up a page, let’s call it PAGE 1, then on that page I want 3 sections, PAGE SECTION 1, PAGE SECTION 2 and PAGE SECTION 3. What I don’t understand it how I can join these page sections together, how do I link them? I looked at your documentation, but couldn’t really find any info that helped me. Is there a way you can simply explain to me? Unless there are any video tutorials anywhere?

One other thing, the site is quite slow to load, any ideas why? Here’s my test link http://www.jestercommunications.co.uk/web/

Sorry if I sound simple, I don’t have that much WordPress experience, so any help would really be appreciated.

Thanks, Giles


As I see on your site you figured out how Page Sections work. It’s simple — at “Page Sections” tab on your WP admin you can add, edit or delete page sections.

For display these page sections use “Appearance > Menus” tab. There you can set up what page sections will be display on the main page. If your “Menus” page does’t contain “Page Sections” block, click on “Screen Options” button at the top right corner and enable “Page Sections” there.

Hi! Is it possible to make the circles smaller with the icon’s in? I just need them to be slightly smaller and it won’t work by altering the circle=”1” value to another number. I changed the header logo section using css code in the styling section, I assume the same needs to be done for this?



Add folowiing CSS code at Theme Options > Styling > Quick CSS:
#locations .w-iconbox.iconpos_left.with_circle .w-iconbox-icon {
    font-size: 18px;
    height: 44px;
    line-height: 44px;
    width: 44px;
#locations .w-iconbox.iconpos_left.with_circle .w-iconbox-title {
    margin-left: 60px;
you can adjust these “px” values as you want.

Hi, thanks for the response! However no matter which px value I change this only appears to be changing the placement of the font and is not altering the size of the circles?

Please provide credentials to your admin dashboard, so we can investigate. Use our profile contact form: http://themeforest.net/user/UpSolution#contact

Hi, I use your them,e but there’s something annoying me, How can I add multiple picture for portfolios (at the same times, not one by one) ?

Thanks for your work ! Regards


Portfolio Items are just WordPress pages, so you can add Featured images to its only one by one, like at Blog Posts.

Ok then can i make a gallery ? and if it possible, how can i make a gallery? (didn’t see it on your documentation)

You can make Image Gallery via default WP functionality: http://prntscr.com/2w942g and there you can Create Gallery.

Hello! Is it possible to add several markers to the map?


Unfortunately it is not possible to do out of the box. If you have basic HTML/JS knowledge – we can give you example of code which you can place instead of map shortcode


That would be great ! loking forward to buying it and getting in touch again, thanks!

Hi there,

Is there any way to speed up the loading time of the site? A number of people have mentioned it to me.




Please check your mail – I’ve replied to email you sent us earlier with solution that we plan to use in next update.


Hello! The menu of my site appears to be broken. When I click on the menu items, it does not redirect me to the page sections of my website. Can you please help?

Site: http://www.suzi-pratt.com

Never mind, I figured it out. It was a plugin!

Thank you for the beautiful theme! I agree with the previous user though—speeding up the theme would be appreciated :)


Great theme!

I have a problem though, I can create page sections, here’s the live link http://www.jestercommunications.co.uk/web/ but I don’t know how to create a page that then uses all 3 page sections I’ve created.

So I created ‘TEST PAGE 1’, and I want ‘PAGE SECTION 1’, ‘PAGE SECTION 3’ and ‘PAGE SECTION 3’ inside my TEST PAGE 1. How would i actually do this, how do I link a page to a page section, etc?

Is there a video that can show me this? Again, sorry if it sounds silly but I really am struggling with this concept as it doesn’t seem very intuitive to me.

Thanks, Giles

Hello! I answered you by email.


I’d like to show the ‘list’ of portfolio items page wide, as it is shown in the demo. How do I set it up like that, as now it is set as 4 boxes, not page wide.

Cheers, Tom

Hi! You need put your Portfolio shortcode into Subsection shortcode with full width and full height, see example:
[subsection color="" full_width="1" full_height="1" background="" parallax="0"]

[portfolio items="" category=""]


Awesome, thanks!

Hello, on my notebook in Chrome the video backgrounds work fine. On my desktop computer in Chrome the background is messed up (Screenshot: http://postimg.org/image/s4ww8boyd/ ). This is independent from the viewport (doesn’t work in fullscreen, neither smaller). In Safari the video background works on both devices. In Firefox it doesn’t work on both.

Do you have any solution?

Thanks, Flo

Hello! I couldn’t see this bug on a few desktops. It seems that it’s your browser issue, maybe some browser extensions make it. Try to catch this issue on another desktops.

Thanks for the answer! You are right, an divx browser extensions for improving the performance at playing html5-videos caused the troubles. I think it was installed with the divx web player. Maybe you can add an hack to avoid this issue.

If more requests will come we consider this issue, but not now. Thanks for understanding.


How can I change this attribute ... I can’t find the style=”margin-top: 124.5px; in css files. Can you help me?

I need to ajust the text “Talenthouse is a home of creative collaboration…” on this page http://th.chrismarquez.mx/


This margin calculates automatically depending on screen height. For pushing your content higher just add Separator shortcodes (with invisible type and big size) below your “Join Talenthouse” button in your Home page section.

Thx for the info m8 :)