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Wow :) It looks tempting :)

Thank you dimka_ua_kh! Very glad you like it! :)

Awesome release, mate!

Thank you theodeku! Apreciez! :)

Glad to hear that enigmator! Thank you! :)

Nice one mate! :)

Thank you Patrik! Much appreciated compliment coming from you mate!

Hey, can i make it so that it loads on normal browsers (desktop)?

Also could you provide the background from your fossil template, would like to have a light and dark option?

Very Nice Template this one!!

It’s a mobile template, not a desktop template. So you cannot load it on a desktop. It would look bad. The backgroud is in the PSD file and in the images folder. All te best, Paul!

ohh i know its mobile, but makes life easier when coding php :S

You’re previous ones still loaded even on desktop browsers :)

anyway, i see what you did there ;)

Thanks for the amazing template :)

What CMS does this work with?

It’s a template.

Great template, but I have the same question as FabioPBX, is it possible to load the template on a desktop? I don’t mind if it looks bad, but it’s way easier while programming.


I’ve found the solution, just remove display: none; on one of the first lines in style.css

This is a good template once you remove the display: none; as pwwebdev suggested. I realize this is meant for mobile browsers, but guess what…we develop mobile sites on desktops. That display: none almost caused me to request a refund. Thank you pwwebdev, you saved me telling my client this template doesn’t work.

You wouldn’t have gotten a refund. It works when you resize your browser, so guess what? You can edit it on your desktop! Thanks for the nice words! All the best!

Hello Enabled…

This is a great template. Thanks!

However, I’ve run into a problem. I am using the progress bars to show increments from the server, but the bars only increment by 10s. (On my desktop version, my progress bars increment by 1). This means that I have to go 10%, 20%, 30% etc, which ends up forcing me to round out my values and click twice just to get the progress bar to move!

Is there a way of changing the progress increments to 1 instead of 10?

Thanks for your response in advance.

Hi Enabled…

No need for a response…I figured it out. FWIW , here’s what I did: I removed the ‘p’ tag (p70, p80 etc) which was forcing the percentage to stay as 10s…and I replaced it with a ‘width=”#” tag, with the number (#) being a PHP server echo of the actual percentage from the database.


Glad to hear that! :)

Any chance this theme will ever be converted to wordpress or joomla?

Its a very nice theme by the way!

Is it responsive? I think its not. Please confirm. Thanks.

The sidebar of the item holds that information! :)

How I implement a date field or a datepicker? And time? It’s easy?

I thinking buy this template, but I need work with dates and times.

So, congratz for this template… it’s very very good! :-)

Hey there, thank you for your kind words, much appreciated! There are no custom widgets for time and date, those need to be custom coded. What is presented in the preview is what is on the item! :)

Hi Mobile phones started off with a blank page how can we show

Thanks for the purcahase, but, please use English! I don’t understand you!

white blank page opens index.html

Open on mobile, or resize to smaller screen on desktop! :)

I really like the clean look of this theme.

The navigation drop-down isn’t working for me and I don’t see the scripting code for it, but maybe I’m missing something.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.