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Really nice design! GLWS and drop me a message if you would like to convert it into Opencart.

Thanks :) Check priv.

Really nice first PSD… Loving so much the style & the colors that I could eat it, haha :)

GL with sales and welcome!

Thank you so much, i really appreciate this ;)

hi that a great work . i like too match.

Thank you :)

This Theme looks amazing, very fresh and professional.

Thank You so much :)

Best of luck!

Thanks :)

i must say : One of the best eCommerce designs. You seem to be very professional. kee it up with the great work .

i love it :)

Wow thats just really… very nice to hear it from you :) Thank you

beautiful design.. good luck!

Thank you ;)

intends to make this theme in html or html5? would be a good thing, it is very beautiful.

Thats hard to tell at the moment – but if i will be sure i leave a message ;) Thanks :)

Thank you ;)

Thanks ;)

Love your work! :) Can you HTMLize this? Looking to buy it but with HTML. Also do custom design? Meaning as per our requirement?

Thank you :) HTML will be available on this weekend or next week i guess. About custom design, write me a mail from my profile form ;)

Are you working on an HTML/WP version?

Well, not exactly me – but yes, as i said before, html/css will be availavle in a week, and then we will develop it to WP :)

Sorry, I’ll try remembering to read the other comments first

Thank you :)

amazing theme. Nice work

Thank you :)

Is there a turkish language system in it

Repeat – it seems I have issue with my email. Do you interested in partnership for WP themes development? I am willing to negotiate the 50/50 terms. You can give me permission via themeforest website. So the themeforest team could see and support the reliability of the contract. Thanks.