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Hello guys, are u fine? I got a pre buy question, right?

Look, i tested this theme in responsive mode and you ll help me to fix it after install?

Thank you!

Of course, after purchasing just post a thread on support platform.

Perfect! ill make a custom layout here for my customer ;)

We can help with some fixes (as in the current theme) but not with custom layouts.


Great looking and a promising theme (hope I won’t struggle with many problems with this one), thanks for your efforts.

The demo content installation hangs on the backend, even without the load placeholder images.

All required plugins are installed.

My question is, can you please send me the content xml file so I can install it over a file directly?


oops, nevermind. I think I found the file in the docs folder.

there was a problem about the order data while important but it’s not important as I won’t use woocommerce.

thanks anyways!

Hi, How I can update my version and I will not miss anything of what I have now? Thanks

you left my question unanswered for 2 days in your support forum… Guys, what’s wrong?:(

Hi, im back on monday. Sorry about the delay.

Oh, okay, I didn’t know about your weekend, I’m really sorry… Never mind, looking forward to hear from you later:) Have a nice day off and thanks a lot for your stunning theme:)


mrcl Purchased

Hello. Can I please Last update Themes for mrcl@mrcl.sk

Hi! I need to change the text “Hot products” “New products” “best sellers”, is it in the code or in the database? Thanks.

Hi, you need to translate the theme. You can do that easily with “loco translate” plugin. Future questions: http://support.cb-theme.com We dont handle support in the comment section. Thanks


chauvir Purchased

I just purchased the Cosmetico theme. I am unable to change any of the settings. (install demo data, revolution slider, etc.). I just see”PLease wait” that never goes away.


chauvir Purchased

I also can’t install the Revolution Slider plugin. I get this message:

"Downloading install package from /homepages/20/d184490718/htdocs/clickandbuilds/ARockCosmetics/wp-content/themes/Cosmetico/cb-cosmetico-child/inc/revslider.zip…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

Hi there, support is handled on http://support.cb-theme.com . As for the rev slider: install it from main theme, not child theme. Or you could do manual plugin install and select the zip from cb-cosmetico/inc/revslider.zip


chauvir Purchased

Why is the Revolution Slider asking me to purchase an activation key? It is included with the theme.

Yes it is, its the dev version. Dont mind the notification.

Hi. I made an update to woocommerce and now the columns at the front end of the site are not ok. I methyl 4 columns for cosmetic products in the settings but in the front end only paarece in 2 columns … does not get any better visually.

Also always appear items that are not on sale in the paromoção tab, always the same items in any of the tabs woocommerce You can send an update? thanks

There is no ajax search in this theme.

I know that, but the the theme is not compatible the plugins ajax… And a long time is compatible, but now ist’n. you can upgrade this funcion in the future? thanks

there are a problem in the new version , on the separtor widgest woocommerce cosmetic theme for sale products it are list the produt that is no on sale. You can resolve?

I have10 days waiting for their support. http://support.cb-theme.com/6061/everything-is-out-of-place

Theme update for new woo will be online tomorrow

Hello i would like to know 2 things please: 1.- it is possible create in the home page images with name of categories similar to this example? http://screencast.com/t/9sNX1ATmHP3

2.- can I convert shop in a catalog? i don need need sell products


Hello it is impossible? please can you reply? I need this info before buy the template, thanks


kiansky Purchased

Hey there ! very nice job guys ! just a quick question before buying – how hard is to change the font type in the site does it come with google fonts plugin?


kiansky Purchased

another one – can i modify the “WooCommerce Lists” Hot Products section via the theme panel ? for example i want this section without the filter bar – can i change it really quick ?

Hi, yes you can. You can change the fonts via theme dashboard, and you can choose witch filter bar to show in woocommerce lists- you can hide the bar with one line of css- i can provide that on support.

Hello again my friends, it is possible put in vertical the PRODUCT CATEGORIES? thanks

Another question, how can get support in private? i donk like my info are public. You use Question2Answerand I dont like put url or password, thanks

yes please, are very important for me, thanks

6 days to have support, what happen Paul? still waiting

Back tonight.

I have problems with importing sliders…Can you help me?Thanks

Hi please, post a thread on http://support.cb-theme.com – I will answer tomorrow.

Hi there, after last update we faced an issue on the layout on the home page. we had product lined up 4 columns in a row, no they are only 2 column and right columns are blank. there is a “clear:both” when I take them off it looks ok but after that when I sort the products they dont get arranged automatically. I can send you screen shots if that will help.

please post a thread on http://support.cb-theme.com – include your url there.

i couldn’t log in, the url is www.evanelli.com

Already answered on support.


oeztec Purchased


i installed the theme and imported the demo content. Now i want to edit the home page. There is revolution slider on it, but i can’t fint the part (in backend) where to edit it. There’s no chance to change the slider. All i can find is the “Revolution Slider Options”, it says “Choose a slider tempalte” and there is one entry in this dropdown named “default”. But i have no slider with shortcut “default”. Wtf?


oeztec Purchased

Ok i solved the mystery. But now i get this revolution slider loading icon and it wont disappear. See here: http://hairlich24.de/

Hi there, please post the questions on http://support.cb-theme.com As for the slider- you need to replace images in the slides. It wont load without images (if you used demo content slider)

Hello, can I use visual composer plugin? https://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431 I would like modify homepage, thanks

Hello, as you know support is not handled in the comments. As for the Visual Composer- yes but you wont be able to add “WooCommerce Lists” module for example (like on our demo home page)

hi I have a problem in my page i put 10 column of image tag when i want to add another column , it never be added i dont know why

Hi, please post your questions on http://support.cb-theme.com – Will answer all questions this weekend.


chauvir Purchased

Where do I change the text on the About Us page? Your support won’t answer me!

Hi, support will be back late tomorrow or the weekend, sorry about the delay- we are making some changes. About Us page- its a normal page, content is in the page builder.


chauvir Purchased

I put in the text at one time but now I want to change it. When I edit the page, I don’t see the text. If I put in text, it shows up but so does the old text. I don’t know where that is. I don’t see Page Builder.