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I was hoping for self hosted audio/video ~Cadenza is one of the nicest themes on Theme Forest, I would love to use it on my trading sites, can’t without those features, was thinking you mentioned your next theme would incorporate self/hosted, well nice work on Cosmopolitan also!

Hi, we are definitely going to have self hosted audio/video for Cosmopolitan. Just check back once again in 1 week, it will be available right with the next update.

Just a awesome theme, clean. Debating on this theme and another theme that is suppose to be release soon. If that other theme doesn’t cut it, then I’m getting this theme for sure!

Good luck with sales.

Good luck with this file, looks wonderful, nice job. :)

A beautiful theme – as always :)

Love the theme! Question… could this handle woocommerce? Have you our anyone else tried it? Would love to buy but need an commerce element.

Hi and thanks! We are planning to add e-commerce support in some point (and Woocommerce is a really good candidate) however it is quite time consuming task to have it fully integrated so can’t name an exact date, please check back periodically for updates if you’re interested.

Hello, this is a great theme.

Before I purchase, I need to know if its possible to remove the recent posts columns in the contact page, is this possible?


Hi, sure, what content is there is completely up to you, you’re not limited with any predefined widgets.


I see there is a Blog Post w/ sidebar. Is there a function for Blog Post w/ Full Width?


Just wanted to see if SINGLE POST can be displayed as Full-Width. As a photographer I need it full width on single post, Blog Page is perfect. I like that style. Just single post is where I would like to be able to have it full width.


No problem then, we can assist you in making the necessary modifications to single page code.

Just purchased!

Can you email the codes to set the SINGLE BLOG POST to Full-Width or how to set it.

Thanks!! :)

Looking really good. Good luck with the sales :)

Hi, Nice theme, just wondering how you get the top bar to be transparent like on the sample theme. also noiticed on the sample theme there is a shadow and line around the whole content area. How do you get that to show?

Hi, everything’s already in place it just depends on background, for example the grey background obscures the visibility of shadows and you can’t see the transparency. Just try with some background like in the demo and you’ll see the difference. (for your reference, you can find the main background used in the demo in /images/backgrounds folder). Additionally, I’d highly recommend importing the sample content to have the website like in the demo, this will also give you a solid base to start working with. All the process is described in details in the Workflow => Setup guide of the documentation.

Hi, I have found out why it wasnt showing, If Internet Explorer is running in compatibilty mode then the theme wont diesplay the shadow, transparancy or the thin border line. Also I m having problems getting the hope page to show more than one portfolio item. I am usiing the template “home page with portfolio” as the static home page and I have created a portfolio category and ticked the relevent tick box on each portfolio item, however t will only display one portfolio item at a time.


You have to make sure each item is assigned a category and that you have chosen the corresponding categories in page template, via checkboxes.

Also the dimensions for the nivo slider in the documentation say nivo slider images should be 860 X 300 , however the images dont go to edge at the size, Im finding that they work better at 960X420, is there a way to change the heigh size for the nivo slider and also is there a way to hide the slider tiltle from overlaying over the nivo slider. also can you confirm correct size. thanks

Regarding the slider images, it’s 960×400, sorry for the misprint. To change the nivo slider size, you can add this in the end of style.css: #slider{width:960px !Important; height:400px !important} (change the values to the ones that suit you best). Note that all your slider images should be of equal dimensions. And to remove the caption, add this – .nivo-caption{display:none !important} If you have any further questions, please contact weblusive

Im having trouble getting a custom background image to not repeat.. i want it to stretch just like you live preview. Any help?

In demo website we use static background. Please go to Cosmopolitan => General Settings => Styles and make sure you have set “Yes” for static background image field.


This theme is impressive! Really gorgeous! My respect….

Please I’d like to know if it is compatible with Woocommrce plugin in order to create an online store.

Thank you very much. Best regards.

As mentioned earlier we are planning to add e-commerce support at some point , so please check back periodically for updates if you’re interested.

So far it’s looking awesome and the backend is very nice to work with.

The Coda slider appears to be sliding a little jerky on Chrome. Any idea might be going on?

Hi, not sure you might want to play with the settings. If you need further assistance please pm Weblusive

Hi, I purchased this theme and It just won’t work with me. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but this is how it’s showing up. Could you help me please? http://nsroff.netau.net/wordpress/

Hi, I checked your website and seems you’ve figured it out? Can you confirm this?

Yes, thanks! It was really simple. AMAZING THEME ! THANKS!

Question, is there anyway to remove the transparency on the main body content? So as not to let the BG bleed through?

Hi, just add this line in the end of style.css: .box {background-color:#fff} (or change #fff to anything you find better). If you’re using the dark version, do the same for dark-theme.css.

I am setting up Sliders but on “Set featured image” there is no place at bottom to selct Set featured image, so no slider images are showing, I do have WP 3 .4

I chose Niva slider, by the way, Screenshot 6: Click on “Use as featured image” link on modal window. I dont get the Use as Featured Image selection, only insert into post selection