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Cleard up that problem , its related to the new word press 3.4 but sliders still not showing up on home page ????

I selected Nivo and 3d but still not showing up ??

For anyone on Wordpress 3.2.1 & Up — The Featured Image option has moved into the Media Uploader. When you add an image, it shows up as an option under each individual image to set it as a the featured image.

We can help resolve that, please pm Weblusive for further support.

Just purchased!

Can you email the codes to set the SINGLE BLOG POST to Full-Width or how to set it.


Hi, could you please PM weblusive with your login details, he will set it up for you.

Hey, is there a way to remove the title from the slide?

Hi, to remove the caption, add this in the end of style.css file: .nivo-caption{display:none !important}

Nice Theme, but where are the shortcodes??? Would’ve been nice if it was built in.

Also seem to be having a problem with the following:

1) Blog page layout broken or missing some code

2) Having trouble changing setting in ‘General Settings’ specifically with the 9 backgrounds (dark) option – they won’t take

Hi, could you please PM weblusive for assistance.


I just discovered that there is NO page navigation for BLOG page. I have more then 20 blog post and set the READINGS to display only 6 at a time. My other themes would show at the bottom a “Page 1 2 3 4 5 NEXT ”. But this theme doesn’t have it, you have to set the readings to display 20 posts all on a single page, not what I was hoping for.

Am I missing a step or something, please let me know.

Or like this theme that has a “Load More post”.... http://demo.designerthemes.com/adapt/

Thanks, Also please help me setup the Single Page post to Full-Width.

Thank You,

When do we expect to hear from Weblusive back for support after we contacted him. I wish there was a video or something, and a help doc that shows the steps needed to solve this. The help doc that comes with this doesn’t really do much.

I’m on Wordpress v3.4

Not sure if this theme is Wordpress v3.4 ready..

What are the *Required Plugins for this theme, there is something missing that doesn’t function right with ALL of us who bought this theme.


Beautiful theme…something may be missing however. I’m using the Coda slider and the title comes through, however in the html you also have subheading text…but it won’t show up and it doesn’t show up on the example page either. Is this a bug?

Cosmopolitan Modern, Sophisticated Wordpress Theme

Additionally can’t get the Google map on the contact page to work. In the FAQ you mentioned going to this link for instructions but this link is someone’s personal blog?


Hi Ken,
Just pm Weblusive and he can help resolve any issues your having.

Everyone PLEASE READ !

Do not install WP-Pagenavi. this theme comes with it’s own and will conflict with the stand alone WP-Pagenavi.

1st I was worried about support, since I had to email Weblusive for support. I know that we all need things fix when it doesn’t function right, but….... BE PATIENCE and within 24 hrs. Weblusive will respond to your email and fix your issue if it’s a simple fix.

I gave him FULL access to my website & FTP so that he came make all the fixing he needs without going back and forth with more emails. Remember to give him screenshots or details of what you need fixing or have problem with the theme.

I wroke this up morning and Everything was fix. I couldn’t get pagination on my blog page, he told me I had install WP-Pagenavi and the theme has it’s own which cause the conflicts.

So happy as I luv this theme and now I can finish working on my site.

Thank Weblusive for the support & ignitethemes for the theme.

Happy customer here :)

Thanks Kris :)

Gave you guys 5 Stars :)

Hi there, I just bought “Cosmopolitan” WP theme. But now I have two questions. 1. Slider on home page: In the general settings of the theme I chose “Disable slider” for the homepage. I set a static page as homepage with sidebar but it still shows the slider area and arrows (without images of course). How come? 2. In the theme demo the text areas have a white background. How do I get this? I really would appreciate your soon answer. Thanks.

Please pm Weblusive for assistance, also include a link to your site with user/pass,

Hey man, thank you so much for this Theme, its amazing and really did the trick for me. I am so busy with other client projects, I had no time to revamp my own site, you theme was an amazing find!

I do have a question that. I cannot seem to get the profolio items on my main page to go to the next page, I click on the “1 2 3 Next” section but they dont move. Is this a known issue? If so, can you please help me resolve it? Thank you in advance for all your assistance in this matter. Cheers!

Hi and thanks,
We can help you with that, just pm Weblusive for assistance, make sure to include a link to your site with user/pass

How do I change the background on this?

Also- Is there a way to add soundcloud music playlist?

Are you asking pre-purchase questions or support? if support can you post all questions with the purchase account, we need to verify purchase.

Hi guys, I have just a short question. Is it possible to use a Cufon font? Cheers, Micha

Hi, we haven’t added Cufon support intentionally. If you check the markup the Cufon creates, it’s really not good from SEO point of view and especially after Google Fonts API has appeared I believe Cufon use will fall dramatically overall

You’re completely right. I use GF always, too. But …. if you have a client who wants to have his “own” font :-( And believe me, there’s no similar GF existing. Thx 4 answer, Micha

my footer is not formatting, its going as a single column off the page; even the though 4 is picked

We can help you with that, just pm Weblusive for assistance.

I have a quick question regarding styling. Where do I go to change the color of the page tabs when you rollover the main navigation as well as the sub menu drop down pages? Right now when you roll over the tabs the text turns white and when you rollover a drop down menu The text turns white and the highlight bar turns Grey. I would like to change the color from grey highlight to a blue or some other color. Can you tell me where to go to change this since its not included in the theme options? Thanks!

Hi Brad,
Open style.css, go to line 2086 and edit with your color. Then just upload to your webserver and replace the file.

Hey Ignitethemes thank you for the fast response but I tried your directions but it didn’t work at all. I even cleared my cache and cookies with no luck. I was using another theme first on this project called Smoke but their were issues with the theme and the person who designed the theme ended up taking it off Themeforest so I ended up going with yours. I do still have the theme Smoke and on that theme I had the color of the navigation and sub navigation exactly how I needed it. I was wondering if I reactivate the Smoke theme can you look at the link and let me know if you would be able to change the color or tell me how to do it to match it so it is the same way on Cosmopolitan? I would even be willing to pay you to do that. Let me know. Here are the details on how I wanted it to look

Here is the link on how I would like the Navigation Color and sub navigation colors and rollover to look like – http://bgdigitaltestsite.com

Colors used – Main Navigation color #FFFFFF. Once you rollover The main navigation tabs the text color turns to #f1f1f1 and there is a blue square box that highlights behind it as #46c3c4.

Sub Navigation Colors used (drop down menu styling) – Here I am looking for the same basic thing where the Page Names are displayed in a white but the background color will be #624c60. Once you roll over each one I am looking for it to change the background color from the purple #624c60 to the light blue #46c3c4. Thanks again!

hmm in that case please pm Weblusive and he should be able to help you, thanks.


Is there a way to change the heigth of the nivo slider on the homepage? Thanks!

Hi, please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks

In the theme demo the text areas have a white background. How do I get this? Thanks.

Hi, please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks


I have 2 footer items, but my 2 items are aligned to the left. I would expect the footer would be divided in 2 sections, now my 2 items are on the left half of the site. Is this expected behaviour?