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Also, the footer shortcuts are not properly aligned, they are higher in the footer bar, than the copyright. And the style in the demo theme is with white text en without underline, I want that also, but i cannot find what I am doing wrong in the css. You can have a look at http://dansmetonsmee.salutemedia.nl

Hi I’m having problems on setting up de 3d piecemaker can you help me out to make it work

Thanks in advance

Hi, please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks

cosmopolitan general settings wont save any settings I put in, what could be the problem

Hi, please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks

Hello !

I’ve got a bug on cosmopolitan (homepage widget – cosmopolitan information widgest) : title is showed 2 times in each widget (4 widgets). Do you know where i can fix it ?

Then i’d like to know where i can spécifiy the number of blog posts on home page (default is 4 i think)...

Thanks a lot.


Hi, please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks

Hi, I tried contacting webclusive, but no response. Multiple problems:

-4 homepage widgets (like the demo) don’t take html. So to make a text area (widget), for example with an adress, I want to have enters
, but that doesn’t work, so my adress looks bad -same goes for hyperlinks, I guess this is the same problem

-the twitter widget is buggy. 30% of the times, I don’t see any twitter feed.

-homepage: i don’t want any text on the homepage (but i do want the 4 widgets) and also the ‘promo text’. Now I have a white space in between of the 4 widgets, and the footer widgets, I want that like deleted.

-I want the text in the sliders a) another color b) not there, but right above

-contact page, I use a widget as sidebar, but it is not aligned with the contact page (its i think one enter above).

Please be patient, thanks.

I just want to leave a comment to say that I purchased this theme and was trying to get the navigation styling look a certain way for a client. I contacted the designer of the theme and he ended up making modifications to the theme to get it exactly what my client was looking for. I can honestly say this is the best support i have ever received on a theme and I would recommend anyone who is thinking about purchasing this theme to do so because it is not only an awesome theme but the support is Amazing!!! Thanks a million!

Thanks Brad!! :)

Still no reaction on my problems… also, I have got another problem:

Same as another person: the footer shortcuts are not properly aligned, they are higher in the footer bar, than the copyright. And the style in the demo theme is with white text en without underline, I want that also, but i cannot find what I am doing wrong in the css. I want the adres text on the left in the footer to be on one line, and the copyright info on the right on one line, and aligned…

Hi, support is going to be down for the next 10 days as Weblusive is on vacation, meantime make sure to thoroughly read the documentation as many answers to questions can be found there.

Hi, How can I change the word “portfolio” in the item url to “courses”. I renamed the menu tab, but need to change the actual portfolio item link as well. Thanks!

Hi please pm Weblusive with all support requests. Also fyi Weblusive is on vacation for the next 10 days so please be patient.

Great, so I ask for a question 5 days ago, and now I have to wait for another 10 days extra?

Sorry about that, we’ve been swamped the past couple weeks. Try emailing your questions to him, but as I said he’s on vacation so not sure if he’ll be able to get to it.


Is here any demo amin panel 4 cosmopolitan theme?

You can see a screenshot on the description page.

I’ve send a message to Weblusive a week ago and didn’t got any answer, this wordpress theme is very good and I hope the suport is the same. I have a problem with the contact form http://www.cameraman-nunti.ro/wordpress/?page_id=15 is not working.

He was on vacation, he’s back now and should get to your question soon, thanks.

Hello, my name is Kevin. I just bought the theme but i can not get any of the slider to work. It does not show up on te homepage, i am using WordPress version 3.4.1 at the moment but also tried version 3.4. I have tried several settings but nothing seems to work. I have also followed the insturctions you have provided in the beginners html file but that method doesn’t work either.

Can you please help me to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Kevin van Wonderen.

Hi, please pm Weblusive for support, thanks.

Is there a little pdf or something that goes through how to edit this template so I don’t have to ask a million questions? if so where do i find it. Thanks!

There’s comprehensive documentation included with the download.

I had GREAT help today from Weblusive. He fixed all my problems! Thank you very much.

Dear Developer, what am I doing wrong? I have installed template correctly, and I have also imported the dummy content, but the complete layout is crashed?! http://s7.directupload.net/file/d/2978/3qolnw5y_jpg.htm

What I am also wondering about: Where can the .psd file be found??

Hi, Please pm Weblusive with all support questions, thanks

Hi, I have installed the theme twice, as I keep getting errors. I have enabled the ‘static content’ element for the home page, but the text does not appear. A page not found error comes up, and the error is also up near the menu.

I have a few other questions too.

Hi, Please pm Weblusive with all support questions, thanks

I’ve bought the theme and wrote weblusive about some issues, he answered me 8 days ago and since then i’m still waiting the issues to be fixed. I wished the support for this theme was better and quicker.

We’ve been swamped sorry. Please be patient we’ll get to it.

Is this theme responsive?

Need help. I import the sample content but my site doesn’t look like the demo. What am I doing wrong? I would like to have the demo website as a sample to change the content to my liking.

Hi, Please pm Weblusive with all support questions, thanks

Hi there,

I have a few issues with this theme that are mentioned before and for now i will contact weblusive, but is there a change you can put the solutions to the questions/problems in the comments, instead of refering to weblusive? That way we can all learn to solve it and you don’t end up with fixing the same problems over and over again…


Roland STD3 – the Netherlands

Possibly if there are many repeat questions we’ll add Q/A to the FAQs