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Excellent Support! Excellent Theme!

Beautiful theme and excellent personal experience with the support! It was instant! Both times.. Perfecto! Very happy with this purchase.



Thanks David :)

Hi there… wrote you guys for support regarding images and the shadow shortcode. Thanks.

Hello again!

Thanks for the awesome customer service! Your input really helped with the shadow shortcodes :)

No problem nerdybears :)

I have purchased this theme one month ago. I wrote a PM to weblusive but didn’t get any feedback. I have added them in Skype. No Feedback. I am just frustated now, nothing is working and no support :(((((

Hi, sorry to here that, can you pm me all your questions and I’ll look into it.

It seems we already answered your questions 11 days ago, make sure to check your spam folder in the future. Below was our response:
Hi Nikolay,

Could you please explain your issues in more detail? Judging from what you wrote, I'll try to give some guidelines until you send a more detailed list.

1) For sliders, please make sure you have followed the Workflow => Setup guide section of documentation, 90% of buyers get issues with sliders because of not having followed it. I'd highly recommend importing the sample content as well, to have a solid base to start working with

2) For blog, please make sure you have assigned one of 2 blog templates to the page where you want to display your blog posts.

3) For footer, it's set in Cosmopolitan => General Settings => Footer part. It's just a standard menu with ul li  structure, you get the idea here.

Hope this was of a little help, will wait for your further questions.


I have a problem with my contact form. This is the message I receive after entering all the requested fields: Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /public/sites/www.atelierbeeld.nl/wp-content/themes/cosmopolitan/contact-form.php on line 31

Please advise, suggestions are change eregi into preg_match but that doesn’t work as wel. Maybe there is a new contact-form I could use?

thanks, Hella

Hi please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks.

Hello, I have a bit of a strange issue… I installed your theme and everything that is wordpress related works. However, since this morning anything that has to be modified in the “cosmopolitan” tab cannot be saved… It gives me a 404 error.

What may be the problem? Thanks, Regards.

Hi please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks.

Hi! I am having some problems with the side bars (in all the pages) and with posts (blog page). Seems like parts of the text disappear when I use columns or justify…

Do you have any idea on what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Hi please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks.

Ok… I guess there was some problem with the installation that was messing up the side bars… now it’s working well.

But… I’m still having a little problem the columns on the blog page… doesn’t work properly. Also, the Bold and Italic aren’t working at all.

Another question is about the shortcodes for the image attached… could you please send them to me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks.

hi, I seem to have ran into a little problem and been trying to figure it out but cant get to the end of it, if you could help i would appreciate it.

I seem to be having 2 homepages instead o one, how could i get rid of the one with the 2 blog post and only keep the one with the video from vimeo if u click on home link at top you will see..


Also as you can see i have added a link Daniel’ Motors on the homepage, how do i go about adding another right beside it instead of underneath.

Thanks in advance

Hi please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks.

Hello ingnitethemes,

first of all i would like to say that the cosmo theme is drop dead georgious. I really love it. By now I have set up our website and adjusted it to fit our needs. I tried to write weblusive for some troubleshooting but didn’t get a response, so I am trying it this way.

Our webadress is: http://www.zinser-dentaltechnik.de/relaunch/wordpress/ (un: zinser pw:dentaltechnik)

These are my questions: 1. How do I switch the dd/mm/yy settings so it will be in german language? For example a blog post now reads 17th Nov. but I want it to be 17. Nov.

2. How do I set up a footer with some menulinks in it (www.zinser-dentaltechnik.de as an example)?

3. Only in IE 8 the landingpage is not loading correctly. It is cutting some letters in the promo box and the menu is not highlighted when hovering on it. Can you fix it?

4. How do I set up a menu point without a link and without the ability to click on it?

5. Do you have a shortcode for google+?

6. How do I change the language in the contact form, so it is not saying Message but Nachricht and not submit but Senden?

Thank you very much in advance for any help.

Kind regards


Unfortunatly Weblusive did not respond to my mails… sad but true…

Sorry about that, I’ll look into it. Keep in mind also some of your requests might be out of the scope of support.

Hi Fabian,

Really sorry for the delay and thanks for the kind words. Let’s go through all questions:
1. You should edit loop.php for that and change the date format.
2. Here’s a code from the demo website markup for your convenience:
    <div class="crumb_navigation">


            <li><a href="#">Home</a></li>

            <li><a href="#">About</a></li>

            <li><a href="#">Features</a></li>

            <li><a href="#">Portfolio</a></li>

            <li><a href="#">Blog</a></li>

            <li><a href="#">Contact</a></li>


3. I’ll need to check this live in order to send you precise instructions (for line-height issue). I checked your website but seems another theme is activated there.
4. By adding custom url item in Appearance => menus and setting # as url.
5. No, you should specify “icon” parameter to set your own icon url for [social_button /]
6. Please check the “translation” section of the documentation for a detailed guide on that.

Hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions and once again, sorry for the delay.

Hi there,

where i can chose the menu style, now my menu appears without any formattation.


Hi please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks.

hi, how can I create a single page with the text divided in two columns? thanks

Hi please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks.

I have the Promo text, location bar and search on the home page (with filtered portfolio) below the slide and widgets I dont want it there and the Promo text below this search bar is a duplicate of the one above. How do I get rid of this?

Hi please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks.

Hi ignitethemes, I recently purchased and installed this theme on http://www.greensourceweb.com/gsencorp/ and as you can see it doesn’t look correct at all. I have imported the data, reinstalled and reimported and nothing works. Can you please provide some guidance on this issue? Thanks!

Hi please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks.

ignitethemes, I pm’d Weblusive and haven’t heard back. I installed this theme as-is and my server meets all the technical requirements. I would expect your help with this since it is not working as advertised. Can you please take 10 min to login and see if you find any issues?

Send me an email.

Hello, I sent an email about week ago and another few days ago.. You are probably busy but my timetable is almost at the end, so I want to make sure you have gotten my email?

(email sent to: levonmanucharian@gmail.com) - Noora, Noorasdesign

Send your email to me if you like, I’ll make sure to pass it on.

mail sent to you, hopefully you can pass it on and I will get my answers asap (I´m at the end of my deadline!)



I have the theme installed here: http://fantasyadvertising.ro/fanta/ No installation errors but I get this, though. I would appreciate some help.


Hi please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks.

You mention documentation is included in the download. Where? No documentation in my zip file.

Inside the Theme Package there is a folder called “Documentation”, inside there just click on index.html


first of all, very nice theme! I have one question, I want to have a slider with approximately 4photos on the “under construction site”, under or above the counter doesn’t matter. I manage to get in one photo but not any slider. do you have any tip or idea how i can do or get it to work proper ? you can check the website here: http://showcase.gabriellahennings.se/under-uppbyggnad/

thanks in advance! best regards/ Gabriella

Hi please pm Weblusive for assistance, thanks.

Pre-purchase question: I would like to know if the template allow to manage different languages.

Best regards

Yes it does.

Hi, I sent you an email a couple of days ago regarding some issues/questions/problems. I was just wondering if you have seen it yet.

(email: alexander@triple-a.nu)

Best regards


Hi, You might wanna check your spam folder.